[Mod] Settlement Decor Mod [Download available]


The purpose of this mod is to add new items that act as decorations to make settlements seem more interesting and fill in those blank spaces you may have. The mod adds over 80 new items and also an extra profession to the game in the form of the gardener that can be promoted using the gardener’s trowel. New items are added to the carpenter, mason, blacksmith, weaver and potter and some recipes depend on the biome you are playing in. It also adds new plants for each biome.

Please post any suggestions or bugs you experience here related to the mod

How to install

.Locate your Stonehearth mods folder if you use steam this may be in:
Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods

.Add the settlementdecor.smod file to this folder

**Download here **

Settlement Decor mod V1.50

The mod can also be found on the steam workshop, simply search for Settlement Decor.

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Just tried it out… if I run your smod-file, I am not able to promote a worker to the carpenter. Also I am encountering some troubles with the stockpiles (after placing one, the placement-tool is still active and i need to aboard it).


Interesting, I did experience the same bug with promoting a worker though this only happened with older versions so I will look into that as for the placement bug I’ve never had that problem before but I will try and replicate it.

I think I now know what causes the bug when promoting a worker it seems that if you begin promoting one then click out of the UI the process stops and the UI gets stuck on the carpenter bench though you are unable to promote a worker again.


Great objects. That will keep those perky goblins away. :smile:

I experienced that bug sometimes too.
There are several solutions that worked for me.

Just selecting another worker and promote him. May need several tries.

If the promotion screen ‘hangs’ you need to restart the game. I also did a manual process kill of chrome.exe in taskmanager. Then restart the game

Fullscreen and with your own screen resolution works almost flawlesly for me.

And promote him with pushing buttons with a 1-2 sec interval.


nice work! the hero statue looks great! :smile:

im curious, as this seems to be the only way to load mods, that means you can only have one active mod at a time (currently)… surely some of our modding geniuses will remedy this? :wink:


RP cough cough. I’m not a fan of these “Let’s replace the stonehearth.smod” “mods” as I think that most of these things should be possible as standalone mod using RP (or, whenever Radiant implements proper mod loading, that one ;)). Minus all changes to JavaScript and HTML perhaps, but I’ll dedicate this afternoon (… and evening) to getting around Ember.

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or dear lord, what was i thinking? a thousand apologies! and for this transgression alone, and in no way should this be considered a bribe (heaven forbid!), i do hereby award you +2 internet points…

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@SteveAdamo @RepeatPan I was planning on using RP however I wasn’t quite sure what adjustments I would have to make, though I have had a good read through about what needs to be done to get it working now and hopefully when I release the new version of this mod it should work alongside RP so there wont be a need to delete stonehearth.smod. Really this will become essential for all mods as more mods are released and people want multiple mods installed at once.

Also a quick note for anyone having the issue of being unable to promote a worker to a carpenter I may have a fix though it will sound like the most pointless fix ever but, it did work for me when I was working on the mod and I have no idea why. The fix is to simply extract the modded stonehearth.smod so you have a normal stonehearth folder then zip it up again and change the file extension back to .smod don’t ask me why this works but it fixed it almost every time for me so it might work for you.


that is most definitely peculiar, but if it works, why not? :smile:

thanks for the tip…


let me know if it works


Sweet! Good job @The_M :thumbsup:


So I have an update on the bug of being unable to promote a worker to a carpenter after opening and closing stonehearth many times testing all kinds of potential causes it seems I have found the problem and was wrong before, and I hope others can confirm what I have found . It seems that this issue occurs if you press the button to promote a worker then very quickly after click a worker you want to promote it seems the game cant handle it going too quickly like the other confirmed bug of pressing the hot keys too quickly to build a carpenter the game cant keep up. Now this seems to be not only a problem with my mod but with the original stonehearth as when I tested it I was able to replicate it without my mod being used (it also seems to occur more often if you use the hot key to promote a worker). The difference was however my mod seems to make this issue worse as the amount of time between pressing to promote a worker and clicking a worker when using my mod was slightly longer to still be able to cause the bug.

So it could be possible that the more recipes that are added to a profession the more likely this bug is to occur. I will try and confirm this by adding a bunch of random recipes to the carpenter and seeing if the problem occurs more often or if the time between pressing to promote a worker and selecting a worker becomes even longer to still cause the bug.


carrying on from earlier on trying to find the cause of this bug I can now confirm that adding more recipes causes this bug to occur more often as well as some other bugs such as the bug you mentioned @voxel_pirate where the placement tool is still active after placing a stockpile. In fact when I increased the number of recipes added to 14 this made the game very unstable to the point where all icons would always remain active after using them and it became impossible to promote a worker to a carpenter every time I tried. So it seems adding too many new recipes right now is a bad idea.


Without having looked at any of the related code, I think there’s a different reason for that.


Please share I would very much like to get to the bottom of this


Like I said, I haven’t looked into it at all. But by default, JavaScript errors are not logged anywhere visible. If you install RP (and it is compatible, should be if you didn’t modify too much), they would be logged into the stonehearth_mod_server.log. It sounds odd that the system would “just break” if one added more recipes, but I’ve seen a lot of strange bugs in my time so it’s not entirely impossible.


It logged the error as “ERROR: .http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/game/promote/promote.js:39: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined” I checked the code it was referring to though as for fixing the issue well I with my limited knowledge I would probably cause more harm than good.


I have added more items to the mod bringing the total now to 15, and I think for now I will keep it at that until more professions are added so that I can add items to those. While I wait for those I plan on trying to improve the look of the current models and maybe adding some other functions to them besides being just visual. I have also had the idea of adding my own profession which would be a Gardener as a lot of the items I have added are garden furniture and this would allow me to add even more variations on those without filling up the carpenter crafting menu, let me know what you think.

Download: Settlement Decor


oh man, this is all sorts of awesome… I am definitely going to give my workers some comfy recliners…

happy workers are productive workers… :smile:


Updated to be compatible with R34, to install just simply put the Settlement_Decor.smod file into your Stonehearths mod folder.