Isola Isles [Modded A15 unstable]

So, since I couldn’t sleep… let’s go again!
Rest assured, I will be picking up the Isola Sands game from the Day 1 save, but right now I’m a bit discouraged from it due to that mistake. So after skimming through the forums, I decided to give the Archipelago biome mod a try.

Start on Develop 2871 of Alpha 15.
Mods included:

Well, not our original landing destination, but if this plateau is good for an Ancient One, then it is certainly good for us!


Day 1:

Since our landed, we have gone straight to work. We have cleared the way around the Ancient One (Yes, @8BitCrab, they will forever be the Ancient Ones now ;)), and set the most base of storage down with the intent of setting up a warehouse forthwith.


Thorunn has taken up the role of carpenter, and Lela that of farmer.
Someone has misplaced the trapper’s knife in our travel and setup here, meaning that for now, none can hunt. This is a rather harsh blow, but we will push on. Fira Barker has taken the sword, patrolling our starting area to watch for any trouble that should stir.

A simple boardwalk design around the outer edge of the main island inspired Lela to plot out walkways around the farming plots for the crops.

The leader intents to rewards this innovation by making the partially encircled plot of land the site for the farmhouse, and has begun design work for it. Fearing it to be too much work for Lela alone, Katrina was assigned to help her temporarily.

Midday, it was revealed that Kathlyn was still carrying the knife, and was promoted to the role. She has already set about lying traps in several locations around the island.

In the early evening, Thorrun decided she wanted to try sculpting stone for a while, and swapped in the carpenter’s saw for a masonry chisel. The leader found this odd, but was not one to discourage a budding artisan from her fancy. So she merely asigned Thomas to temporarily fill the now vacant role.

The leader largely suspects that Thorrun’s actual goal is the blacksmith’s hammer, if just for the sake of wielding a hammer like her namesake…

As night falls, the leader settles for a temporary arrangement of beds out in the general area, so that tired workers can get some rest rather than risk collapsing while they go about their duties.


Qucik question,
Where did you get all the mods? Looked for them separatly or on one site where all the mods are listed?

Btw, Nice to see some storyline with screens :slight_smile:

I went through the site, under the “Modding” category. But if you want the particular ones I’m using, feel free to follow the links in the first post!

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Have you played Virtual Villagers? On that game the Island is called Isola too. It is a funny game with an interesting story line. (you control a group of villagers in a mysterious island, like here in stonehearth giving tasks to them)

I have played the entire series; Isola translates to “alone”, and is one I often use on my solo-play worlds since I tend to take refuge in them either when I’m feeling lonely or need to be alone

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