Hearthlings on an Isle - Town of Mechanis

So, I really loved the story threads, even if they did keep dying (Kitty seems to have some bad luck with her games!), and decided to try one of my own!

Here is the roster:

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Here is our destination!

Seed, for those who want to try it yourself (be sure to grab the biome mod!) is 41378556 - though if you try it on one of the two native biomes and get really cool results, let me know!

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Hey! We picked a good one, eh?

First things first!

Starting storage area - check!

Carpenter: Check!

(I don’t care if it’s a bug, that sudden buzz cut from the goggles is awesomely hilarious to me, I’m keeping it)

Trapper: Check!

Gather ALL the things!

Carpenter Bench, go!

Trapping Grounds, go!



That’s right, Blu Jangle. Be one with the mining!

Your hands are burly and generous, good sir! We thank you so much for the food, you have no idea!

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Tish loves her work so much, she is literally more lively from doing it!

Seriously, how awesome is this bug? @Wiese2007, @Kittyodoom, you just don’t know how brilliant this is to me!


Yes, Blu Jangle, it is time to take that hoe, and show a good time!

Because the way to the ladies’ hearts is through their stomachs. And we shall have an amazing garden;

If you mess with Blu’s garden, he swears by his pretty straw bonnet that he will end you

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This is one mineral rich little island mountain!

Not awesome, not at all :stuck_out_tongue:
You enjoy it all you like, I look forward to when @Wiese2007 figures out how to fix it


for the headgear, “transparent”: “false” replaces the top hair, “true” should render both, if I remember correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

The Problem is that this isnt an own entities and is in the clothing layer so that doesn’t work xD


Sorry to abduct your thread, Mykie, it was pretty amusing so far!

I am less sorry for abducting your seed, that is a cool little setup and I want to try it for myself.

(Yes, I know I had an Island story going… been extra unfocused lately, need to get my meds refilled…)


Sigh, I forgot to save. Autosave is my friend, but one that cannot save me if I drunkenly forget to ever hit the button… #RIP alongside @Kittyodoom’s worlds…

Yea, well, my worlds have the same problem as everything else right now…
…I ran out of my meds from timing issues between prescription end / doctor visit renewal, so my focus/motivation is low enough that school work is suffering, nevermind anything else like gaming…

Oha… I am so sorry. It does explain why you are more likely to start new than continue…
Mental illness is a harsh thing! If I figure out a mod, I will make a support banner. It will have the awareness, and a cat paw!