Fisher Job 🐟 + Archipelago Biome

Hi everyone. This adds both a new job, Fisher, and a new biome, Archipelago, to your game.


:arrow_right: Steam Workshop::Fisher Job + Archipelago Biome

If you can't use Steam, then (and only then) click here for a manual installation

:warning: Place the downloaded file in your stonehearth/mods folder.


New class: Fisher

Works in any biome. Can ice fish in Arctic. Required to harvest the oysters in the Archipelago.
Will get small and big fish, and capture crabs using traps. Also has a few craftable items and decorations.


A fisher can also craft a boat dock (high level merchants can offer it too). This special dock allows hearthlings and monsters to cross over from one side to another of the water using boats.

Biome flora and its items

Wood, fiber, herb, food, all themed. Palm and Papaya trees has new a mechanic, you harvest it for food, but if there is no fruit yet, it will harvest for wood (cut the tree).

Biome fauna

Ambient mobs, neutral animals, hostile monsters and custom themed skins.

New recipes


Every crafter has at least one added recipe.

New Templates and build block colors

Basic templates, ships and sand color added to the builder.

I hope you like it! :jubilant:

  • Biome background image art (seen at the kingdom/biome/difficult selection screen) is an edited version of the Arctic biome art (made by Radiant).
  • Captain Miranda hat (tricorn) edited from @JackWESTCustoms free models (OpenSource Models)
  • Palm trees inspired (almost a pure copy) from game “Crossy Roads” (seen in Brazil themed levels). Coconuts inspired from that game too.
  • Flower garland made by @Averest (with small edits for symmetry and better positioning)
  • Coconut and Papaya harvest icons made by @Stmpnk
  • Boat model made by @Pandemic

Great!!! I have add it to my German Translation and my list :smiley:

But i think cactus and acacia doesnt fit to tropical :wink: so perhaps a new trees like palms?

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I’m not a 3d modeler, so I just used what I had already in game. (We have a palm tree in the game files, but we agreed that we can’t use unreleased content in our mods, I think the images used are already stretching too much that rule, even if heavy edited)

What I did with the flora was ignore the name acacia (which would never be in those biomes) and focus more into the looks, there is plenty of trees that look like that in those kind of islands, cactus are common too. It really depends on how you imagine it :stuck_out_tongue:


something like this

i want to be there … live there … and die there … i need my own island :smiley:

If you want i can try to make the some … but im also not a good artist (for this i have @Kittyodoom xD) more a realist :wink:


Kudos for respecting the authors. And thanks for this mod, this one that looks awesome! Need to try it out later.

Is there a way to traverse islands without building giant bridges?

Archipelagoes are one of my favorite terrain features ever. I love playing on them in Civ for all the naval warfare options, and in Minecraft for the building inspiration, and…

Glad to see I can soon add Stonehearth to that list.


Was thinking more in this kind

But having palms would be nice too, can’t wait for Radiant to release it.[quote=“Wiese2007, post:4, topic:19962”]
If you want i can try to make the some … but im also not a good artist (for this i have @Kittyodoom xD) more a realist :wink:
If you want, we can test it and see how it looks.

Nope :stuck_out_tongue: You can use ladders, or maybe if you have talent and enough patience some kind of ship or port connecting both sides…

Having naval technology would be nice in this map.


This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

nice this will make for a challenging game.

After this we would need a super hilly or completely on montains map type.

This is wonderful! how long did it take?

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cool in coding,but not in offence this mod is still awesome but it an island(aka stranded deep)
suggestion try to make a only mountain-ny volcano biome or a thick swamp.

to moderator:no, this is not attacking the author.this is a suggestion/review of the mod.

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Very nice! Downloading it now - if you’d like, I could take a stab at designing a tree like that between classes tomorrow

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I noticed a rather large bug where workers get stuck in walls… a lot. Dunno if its pathfinding or the generation :frowning: It happens occasionally in the desert but way less often.

Also this happened:


I try to make a Palm-tree, if you like it, you can add it :slightly_smiling:

palme.qb (27.2 KB)

or this one, or both:

palme2.qb (27.2 KB)

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I’m going to check it in game later.

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architree.qb (78.0 KB)


first try

with large upper palms

which one is better?


I’d say add some curvature to the trunk, but I like both.

something like this?

facepalm_cur.qb (21.1 KB)
facepalm2_cur.qb (21.1 KB)


THEN: Mix it Babe xD

spirowiese.qb (21.1 KB)

spirowiese2.qb (21.1 KB)