Any chance of fishing being added?

Just as the title suggests i know you guys mentioned maybe adding fishing as a hobby for the hearthlings… however if you want to give water a purpose fishing would be a great way to do that… and shouldn’t be that hard to add right?


Would love to have some fishing too :slight_smile:
There is a mod that adds a fishing class with the Biome Mod Archipelago

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You know they are probably going to revamp farming, trapping, and herding at some point, I could totally see this getting added in with that kind of update.

What makes you think they will be revamping those systems?


Because they have gotten much better at coding since the last time they worked on those. I’m sure after the builder they are going to want to look at everything else and revamp elements for the sake of optimization if not to add some more features. With that water block you could easily do something with irrigation or just having water near by making crops grow that much faster.

As much as I wish that Radiant kept working on this game their whole life, the sad truth is that it won’t feed them for the rest of their life. I do believe at this point they’re just trying to make a full gaming experience out of what they have. They do not have the time to revamp things that are working nominally fine at the expense of having less time to make things e.g. endgame content.

That said, don’t let that discourage you from modding the game into whatever shape you wish!

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They are a business. I don’t expect them as individuals to keep working on this forever but in all likely hood they will expand or merge with another company and keep producing product. Updates happen even after a game is “done”. I’m just being realistic. Chances are good someone is going to keep working on stonehearth whether that be the original developers or new teams that are brought on. Considering how successful stonehearth is it would not surprise me to see them expand into more games even if its only as a collaborative studio. (Assuming they haven’t already)