Mod containing the fisherman job

Hey everyone i am working on a mod , which will be my first stonehearth mod , and that will contain the fisherman as a job. I want to also add some itemes that should be placeable in the water to the game , like a crabpot or clamrock. I know there is a variable in the json files for placeing items on the group (“placeable_on_ground”). My question is does something similar exist for placeing items in water and also if you have a hole that is just one block deep and filled with water can your hearthlings pass through it/pick things up/interact with objects that are in the hole and can things be placed in such a water filled hole? If anyone got some information on this stuff i would really appreciate the info’s, since i haven’t played around with the waterphysics/watermechanics to much yet.


I do not have much information on the water physics of StoneHearth. However I did make a fish scale model that you might find interesting or use to make a better one.

fish_scale.qb (356.0 KB)


Paging @Albert for water-related questions.

Also, @Geokhan that is an AWESOME fish scale. :slight_smile:


Thank you Geokhan and sdee.

Hi @Antherei - Welcome to the forum! There are currently no special flags or regions tagged to work with water. We will probably be doing more with this during the summer, though.


Did I just hear what I think I heard? Water features coming sometime late summer? NICE!

Great to hear that @Albert. So i will postpone those items then untile you got the waterstuff sorted out. Thank you for you reply and the info.

hoping that the fisherman will be a working mod, so it may be easaly changed to a prison mod :slight_smile:

I’ve been attempting to put together a Fishing MOD for the last few weeks now! I’ve been wanting to pick coders/modders brains about it, but I know you guys are busy. To me, fishing and farming are two of my favorite aspects in any variation of a survival game or city manager. . . I LOVE COMMERCE!! well, I guess, more economy? I suppose. Anyways, I would love to discuss just the Idea I have for instituting a fisherman class into the game, and how I was thinking about creating the whole fishing aspect, If you have the time that is.

Would love to hear back from any of you regarding the fisherman. Maybe we can see if what I have in mind is similar to your process?

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