Mod for fishing (request)

i think we can all agree that there are large and small pockets of water in the game and even in biome mods. So i think adding fishing or a fishing job would help with the food supplies and new foods. If its possible, the fisherman or woman could ride on a small or big boat; and they could find small. median, or big chest in the sea to get look ( gold, ingots, and others.) The boat size could carry only a sentence amount of people ( smaller the boat less people it can carry and less storage to hold, bigger the boat more people and more storage) .

If your a modder try this out this mod could be lit.

if you can text me or what ever
thanks yall !


Maybe with this I can finally have my dream town of no farmers living on top of the desolate mountain lake :slight_smile:


[SPOILER]Like i know is Froggy on this, but the main issue is that you need a new code to let the fish spawn into the water or to declare that the fisher can only harvest in water [/SPOILER]

I suppose you could have a swimming hearthling set out crab pots like the trapper but only in water tiles. That’d be cute!

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Mouth is shut on this :merry: I know things are happening


One day we’ll be in the cool kid club too haha. :merry: