I'm new and i havent had time to review all the suggestions on the fourms but ive had some ideas

-maybe I’m just impatient but is there a way to set a priority for the gathering of resources.

  • recipes for tools which increase the efficiency of certain crafting professions i.e. tongs for blacksmith, higher grade chisels, and better saw/ hammers.
  • fishing or maritime jobs (just a thought, would be nice for exploring, or building a lake town)

I’d also like to say good job to the team I impatiently await the full release i know great things take time and it looks amazing!

What do you mean ‘priority for the gathering of resources’. Ai priority is hardcoded. You could give priority yourself by giving just one order at a time.
I could see upgrades for tools, or a tier system, be a thing in the future. But currently is quite easy to gain xp and max out.
Same for fishing, probably a future thing. But you could take a look at this mod for now.

  1. This is likely coming in the next alpha release!

  2. Check the archipelago mod :wink: @BrunoSupremo did a… Supreme job and I don’t think you need to be playing that biomes to get the fisherman class from it!


They said fishing would not be added as a way to get food or whatever… but it may be something they add for hearthlings to do when they dont have anything else to do/on a break.