Fisher Job 🐟 + Archipelago Biome

Notice how small the models are for the vanilla trees, so something more like this might fit:

small_archipelago_tree.qb (9.3 KB)

There’s also a palm tree in the stonehearth folder that you could spruce up (pun intended).


Awesome! can you include the hut/shack as a building template (if not included already)

Great Work, yesterday i tried the new World, and its beautiful.

But im running into a problem, where my hearthlings keep running against “walls/hills”. They even try to run across the sea. they always try to walk the direct path to their target location instead of walking around corners. they get stuck in the wall. i mined away a part of the mountain and then they can pass without stucking their heads to the mountains :smile: ive never run into this bug on the default maps.

Greetings :slightly_smiling:

and sometimes something like this happens if im getting a new town-member :smiley:


A quick suggestion for TR, if I may. I dunno how you’re doing pathfinding, I saw astar and another search algorithm in the “profiler bar” in the game, so I suppose those are there.

One thing you could do for disconnected pieces of land, such as this archipelago is to use disjoint set algorithms (aka union-find) on generation and attribute different land masses to different groups. That way the pathfinding can quickly abort if there isn’t a path. And it’s very cheap to concatenate land masses if the player builds a bridge, provided you can detect it touches both sides. Or better yet, you could maintain a list of all connections between landmasses, like bridges and boats, so that they can be analyzed.

Just my two cents.

@BrunoSupremo, I don’t know how much of the pathfinding is done in lua, but given the profiler bar, I’m guessing at least the entry calls are there. Over the weekend I’ll try to take a look at the code and see if I can implement these changes. They should prevent hearthlings from trying to cross water :slight_smile:

PS: just thought about this, what if, after a few blocks are placed on a construction, upon a timeout or ultimately once the building is done, all blocks are scanned for adjacent landmasses and a set of composed? That could provide for cheap detection and evaluation of the existence of paths.

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The entry points are probably there, but I can tell you that they recently moved most (if not all) of the pathfinding code from Lua to C++ because it wasn’t fast enough.


Hmmm that’s too bad. But, we could always do the union-find before actually calling the pathfinding. I need to analyze the code to see how far this can be taken from the lua side.

Thanks for the info, though!

I must say I was sceptical at first because I thought I wouldn’t have enough space with the small Islands but so far I’m really happy with my Island life and It really gives you new ways of thinking how to use your space right. I hope you keep working on this mod in my opinion it has much potential. Thank you for sharing


This is awesome! The devs should add this into the actual game. It would be even cooler if ships existed.


Problem with the mod, the hearthlings get stuck or lost to objectives, AI pathfinding issues. on on this Bio

I don’t know when I’m going to update this. But I had changed a little the noise generator to be smoother, which resulted in larger islands and fewer pathfinding errors. (too much noise makes those error more common from what I tested)

I still have to test the new trees that modelers posted here, work a little on the terrain colors and rework the flora spawn. But first I have to fix water and dirt generation which is bugged in this map for some reason… (e.g. water floating in air, and dirt holes in the ocean)


I found a map seed I really like with this mod: 621368067.

There’s a specific island that I’ve called Dragon Island with a nice little valley spot in the middle between two rock faces, in the heart of the dragon if you will. It’s easy to defend with just a couple of walls/gateways.

Of course if you rotate it even more it looks like a Chocobo, but I prefer dragons.

I thought the placement of nearby islands would be helpful, but I’ve not had to venture off the main island since it has everything I need already.


So much water… If only we have boats to travel between islands!


looks good :smiley: like the palm trees :smiley: you will have an update soon ?

Not soon, but I will update it. When the topic is StoneHearth, I still have as a priority the build template site.

The version I have on my PC already features a few differences. Mainly bigger islands, more spread, and lots of Moais Bunny Statues, for stone which there is not much. Oh, and the bug with those low ground areas (similar to the ones left by goblin camps) is fixed.

I still need to work on the flora (trees and bushes) and stubborn water levels.


if you want any help with making those models, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


I really do hope you get these bugs sorted out. This would be an awesome addition to the game. Will definatly be following this post to see how it develops.

good question xD at the moment i cant see any update ^^ and no spyrowiese trees (expect from my own last fix) xD @BrunoSupremo if you need the files again or my changed mod - i have them still on the pc xD

also your biome needs the new line for the hardmode :wink:

I was working on a new biome, but got locked out by a few bugs. At least I learned a lot working on it.
To relax from all those errors, I came back to this biome, as this is almost finished anyway, to apply my new discoveries on it as an update.

I finally downloaded all the trees you guys posted and tested it in game, here is a picture with them in-game:


And my thoughts about the trees:


They are all good. but I’m finding hard to match it with the biome, I think there is some key differences with SH default style.
Some are too big or too bright? For me, the acacia style was enough, except it is too dark and life less, so maybe something like that, but greener?
I liked Wharp’s small tree. And Kitty’s tree is super cute, but I think it would need bigger chunks of foliage instead of single blocks.
Spiro and wiesel trees are too big compared with everything else, but I guess it can be changed via code? Not sure.

(I’m re-reading my text, I’m sorry if I sounded super demanding or ungrateful, that was not my intention :frowning: )

That’s all for new flora (don’t know if you guys think new small plants would be needed).
Now for fauna… I have no idea, does it needs something? Maybe little crabs at the beaches as critters?

And as a quick poll, what do you guys would prefer to see me working on mainly?

  • Focus on this biome and make it special
  • Quickly finish this and start a different biome (3 others in mind)
  • Why you are working on biomes? We need the template sharing site!!!

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I really love this biome but those trees I think are a little bright thats why they dont blend in that well. The colours should be changed to a more stonehearth pallet.