[A24+] epicdude312's Biome Mods

Funnily enough, I had that planned for today! I’ve already made models for palm, kapok, mahogany, and rubber trees. Might add more, but the fog in the treetops is a nice idea if I can figure it out :slight_smile:


I don’t think that’s possible with terrain gen right now – as far as I know, the game generates terrain using a heightmap, so you can’t have overhangs and caves right now. Radiant will probably add caves into the game around the time Clan Amberstone gets released, though :slight_smile:

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if you cant, ask the guy that made the taiga biome, he’s got fog evrywhere

Can’t wait for some natural caves :smiley:

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Jungle biome is coming along well! I definitely need to make more types of trees and make the jungle denser, as well as add some fog, but I like how it is starting to look.


I wonder if you’d consider having some massive “trees” (similar to the structures in the canyon biome) for people to build platforms/bridges/treehouses between and among them.

Exactly what I was thinking! I’ve plotted several new large trees for the biome. Right now the largest tree you can find is a kapok tree - I’m going to make ancient kapok trees, as well as ancient rubber trees, mahogany trees, and fig trees. I’m also going to liven up the jungle floor with new jungle plants and some smaller trees.


I think the grass color might be a little bit too bright :thinking: Maybe… One can’t really tell without playing with the map.


thinking the same, though some of that fog might help in taking the edge off.


I’ve given the Savanna a test run and while there are wax and sugar plants, there are no flowers for healing. Also while I’m having no trouble getting stone, clay seems a bit scarce.

Huh…I’ll look into that when I have time. I might’ve forgotten to make a custom mining loot table. The missing plants is a known issue and I can’t seem to figure it out.

I looked at them because I thought it was weird and your custom mining is set to 200 for stone and that’s it. As for your plants, down past line 400, you need to add entries on the layers for more than just wax plants and trees, sugar bells, silkweed, and boulders. That’s all. Wax plants are just pretty afaik.

Yeah, I saw that. At first I thought it was an issue I’ve been having with some of my other biomes, but I guess it was just a screw-up on my part. Will fix it before too long.

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No worries! I just think it’s a clever biome and would be especially good for MP as you said.

Welp, A29 is out, so I updated the title because the mods work with this version.

EDIT: Guess it was just A29 in the changelog. Now the title should say A24+.

i love these mods, may i suggest that you make an islands biome full of bright baby blue water small bits of tropical islands, landmark abandoned docks, tropical forests and occasionally a volcano island

@BrunoSupremo has done that far better than I ever could – check it out here: Archipelago Biome 🏝️ (for StoneHearth 1.0)

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Do all of these Biomes have there own seasonal cycles as of 1.0?

Not yet, I’m planning to update them before too long.

where the link to download this biome …this snow biome