In Honor of the 130,000 Year old Mastodon, I will suggest Fossils and Archaeology

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Here is how I will suggest this.

Early Life, as Prehistoric Neanderthals…

Imagine life for these Heartlings, life before Carpenters and Knights… Modern Day Varanuses and Goblins… Well the goblins haven’t really evolved much… But you see where I am going, we should have the ability to study the past, and such use it to improve on the future!!!

##All Hail the Helix Fossil and other things…

"Hey, whats this shiny Rock? it has weird markings on it"
We should have Fossils and random old stone tools drop from Mountain Mining, or Dirt Mining, Or just. MINING! Some axes may shine light into their past… some Fish Fossils may strike wonder in their hearts. A Triceratops may ultimately make them pee themselves…

##Rewriting History with Careers
"My job as a paleontologist is to play in the world largest sandbox and look for rocks…"
We shall have an entire new set of Classes in the Job Tree, Digger, Archaeologist, Paleontologist, and Fossil Dude. That last one was stretch… But essentially when these workers find bones and rocks with fish carved into them, they have to study it… and give us insight into the world, and depending on the biome (Temperate, Desert, Tundra) You may have a big discovery…

##The Mastodon goes there Bob!!! Using the fossils as Decor.
Admit it, you want, or wanted a lifesize Dinosaur Skeleton in your house at one point… at least these Hearthlings can, Open a Museum, have Private Collectors, open a Souvenir Shop, call it Memories of Time… Sell overpriced Shark Teeth, Rip off little kids 50 Bucks of their money, sorry too personal. Place them like normal Furniture. The Higher level means you can stop putting small Trilobites on your desk and lift that dinosaur skeleton into your house and have it watch you when you are asleep!! Yes!

##Publishing your Lifes Work, a Novel
Yes, after all of your conclusive findings, proving that once Neanderlings roamed the Temperate Landscape, found the Long Lost Varanus Species that is ten times bigger than today, figure out that Fishing is a Long lost invention by the ancestors. And how we ate. You need to publish it, and such have your weaver or carpenter craft a Journal. So when you publish a book finding, it attracts scientists who will be more than happy to trade fossils and Data (Think Mobile Traders, but for History, yeah I know, Great Right?) Eventually you will have, depending on where you started, Temperate Goblin Skeletons or Desert Fossils from long ago, complete the Collection.

##What happens now, the Future of Gameplay.
Well, now that you have successfully gathered info about the Past, showcased it, published Findings, having Goblins Steal it, taking it back, having a Varanus Eat it, Taking it back, and Traded it, what now? Well, thats where the Past ends, the Present finishes, and the Future Begins, because you can select what to preserve (Think Tapestries, but fossilized, I know, not the greatest Analogy, but Screw it) and when you load up a new world, maybe a new update wipes out your previous town, well after Millennia after Millennia, you can study YOUR past, can’t remember what you named a Hearthling in A17? mine up the remains of a lost town and find his name, lost a recipe over generations? Dig it up, your future resides on finding the past and reverse engineering to fit. In order to progress, you need to force a hearthling to Fossil Dude or other rank, and study it, and use that knowledge to make new tools!

##Closing Statement

If you got this far, and understood my gibberish, have A :cookie:


Thanks for a great read and the cookie :merry:
This actually sounds like a good and fun idea! A new new thing that would bring something to the game, that are not evolving around the building, trading or fighting, but then again ties well into all of them. If this makes it into the game at some point it would be great.


There’s no real problem in finding fossils bit by bit and craft them together into a big skeleton (exept making the models for that)
But connecting past events to your active game sounds impossible (or it will get a fiction of storytelling).
But i really like the idea of collecting dozens of bones of an varanus fossil to have it standing in a great hall lightened by oil lamps.
And some little pieces to be placed on tables in a museum like building…sounds great

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I really love this!! As a historian this idea makes me very happy :slight_smile:. I have no idea if it would be possible though. But collecting bones to make a ‘ancient’ animal would be so much fun! Any idea how to work this out?

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Is a good idea would make the game better. I find fossils and archeology cool

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I was so inspired from this idea that i wrote a first concept for fossils. But imust say that this will be far down the road for me. My jeweler mod goes first.
And i must learn how to influence the happiness of the hearthlings with carried or placed items.

…maybe i spare some time for little fossils
…the bigger ones will be a lot qubicle work

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If you need help, im here bud. Just shoot up a Direct MSG

I was sketching out a plan in my “Notebook” I.E. the place where Uncensored (Naked) Artwork, normal art and Game Modding collide and here are my 2 things

  • Have a Township type thing (The Upgrading of a Town) Except where you either find or “Polish” (Craft) rocks that may contain fossils, and once you have a certain amount of Bones. “Poof!” Varanus Skeleton!


  • I am trying to Implement an NPC Helper (Wont Spoil, Currently WIP) and She will help you on trying to get a huge Fossil Collection. And will guide you on your way to hunting Trilobites and Triceratops Bones or Maybe, since this thread is about a Furry Elephant, a MASTODON!

Glad to know you took this time, and effort. Where is it… AHA :cactus: nope… AHA :taco: close… :cookie: Found it!

I thought about a very minimal chance of loot from mining. Then you get specific pieces from skeletons.
Trilobite would be a one piece fossil
Giant varanus needs maybe 12 pieces
So you terraform the world to find the giant varanus skull. If every piece of the skeleton is found you can craft them together to small or giantic decorations.

Yeah, I thought of crafting them originally, but you need bones to make a skeleton, not dirt and stone, it would be weird. While I was in Astronomy (Of all places!) I was doodling in my “Notebook” and doodled farm plots, and it got me thinking

You could zone an area for a "Dig Site’ Like a farm or trapper, and have Diggers, Paleontologists, archaeologists, and maybe workers, dig the soil for fossils, depending on the area, like a mountain or near a lake, you could find huge plesiosaurs or Trilobites en mass in rock. And the bigger the fossil, the bigger the price (Up to 2,000 Gold is what I capped so far) and sell or trade for the other biome equivalent (Like Desert Neanderthaling Skeletons for a Temperate Varanus Skull or similar) and I like the minimal chance, and the crafting, but most discoveries happen by accident and such when you fins a potential Site, you need to mark it and dig it.

Or maybe have some poking out of the ground, like a Natural spawn, and you can dig it up fir specific fossil parts


Yeah would like to see skeletons half buried in a mountain side.
Some adding ideas:
Normally you can’t dig out a 100% skeleton
I thought about bones as a drop chance in mining

And i always think more on the modding side. I’m not familiar with adding newzones like a dig site, so i dropped that.
I would try not to add to much classes for just archeology. Just reducing it as much as possible and would try to have existing classes do as much as possible.

But it’s fun to brainstorm about that.

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@Chabonit Well different workers might be needed in the future, because different professions are needed for this work of field. It adds realism, but when a farmer can help in some way, im all for it, less outfit coloring and more designing fossils, I know because my family (Father side) is big into fossil hunting and archaeology. I havent even began to make the basic idea, just types of fossils and a helper kinda like @BrunoSupremo’s Island Biome, how we have a pirate woman to help us a bit. Just a resident fossil collector so far. And you can trade like one a Mun (Month) after she comes back from a far out land. So far I have her made up, I only design, not implement. So once I learn the basics of a mod structure. Ill add her in. And some sketches for some small fish fossils and a skull, not a full skeleton, but like a decorative skull for houses… Morbid but I have a small Neanderthal skull I found while out in Wyoming years back in stash at my grandpas.

I dont want to end up with 60 classes where 50 are nearly useless or just for a to specific task.
I would like to have a small amount of classes useful throughout the game.
There are very good ideas of many classes but are they useful ?
So who is essential for the fossil and archaeology tree ?

Well, what I meant was, 3 classes. A paleontologist, an archaeologist, and a Fossil-Type class I have yet to name, you can have as many of one as you want as you upgrade jobs, I just thought it would be more realistic than one class doing everything.

What about for example the Engineer being exclusive to the humans. That way a special fossil’s class could be exclusive to another race like the orcs.

If you create an exclusive class for one race, each race should have one. Fairness first.
I think we should go for that when multiplayer is going to be there by now it would cut of content to some players.

Each race would have one or more exclusive classes/items/options. Ofcourse it shouldn’t be game essentials. On the other hand, it would make every playthrough a different experience.

So what I have so far is:

An A.I. Helper/Story Line

Three Classes

Temperate and Desert specific fossils

Fossil Traders

and Obviously Decorations

I feel like this old thread becomes a bit relevant again.

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When did this get posted… And Womhumans are slightly terrifying.

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