[Mod] Palaeohearth

Palaeohearth is a mod under development dedicated to adding prehistoric animals and plants to Stonehearth in a fun and exciting way. Hunt the most dangerous game, build colonies on islands filled with dinosaurs, ride on the backs of giant pterosaurs, and live alongside creatures long since extinct.


  • A wide array of prehistoric fauna and flora, with at least one extinct genus from each major clade of megafauna from the Carboniferous to the Neogene. Most are tamable, and can be used as beasts of burden, creatures of war and sources of food and materials, or simply as companions.
  • At least one new race of sentient non-avian dinosaurs which you will be able to either ally with or go to war against. Both options provide their own challenges and benefits for your settlements.
  • Two new realms: the Timelost Caverns, an underground complex filled with traces of prehistoric life and artifacts; and the Temporal Sea, a wide-stretching ocean occupied by islands containing widespread prehistoric life.
  • Survive in a foreign, untamed ecosystem, where even the standard wildlife can reach titanic sizes. Settlements will have to adapt in order to deal with these new threats. You can stand on the shoulders of giants, or you can be trampled under their feet.
  • As you explore, you’ll discover an insidious new threat, one that threatens the survival of your settlements and this newfound world…


The creation of the mod will occur in four phases.

Phase I (Current)

  • Production of basic assets.
  • Implementation of basic fauna and flora.

Phase II

  • AI enhancements.
  • Implementation of basic ecology mechanics.
  • More advanced fauna and flora.
  • Fossil excavations and resurrections will be added.

Phase III

  • Will add a temporary option to generate world with a prehistoric ecosystem already in place.
  • Work begins on the timelost caverns realm and modules.
  • Refinement of ecology mechanics, additional palaeolife.

Phase IV

  • Work begins on the temporal sea realm. Additional palaeolife.

The Team

  • SebastianJS (Producer, Writer, Model Creator, World Designer, Palaeo Advisor)
  • Valiance (Programmer, Community Manager, Omni-Talented Superhero)
  • Growler (UI Artist, Logo Creator, Animator)

We’re looking for the following:
-Model Creators
-Designers (Level, World, UI, etc.)
-Sound Artists
-Palaeo Advisors
-UI Artists
-Server Hosts (For a website and/or multiplayer test server.)
-Dinosaurs (And people who like them.)
-Anyone else who wants to help.


Looks very interesting there :slight_smile: . Not sure how much I can contribute to it (so much to do, so little time :frowning: ), but definitely looking forwards to seeing how it turns out :wink: .

I want to help! But I have only one skill… Does being a smart ass help at all? :smiley:

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Only if you can write witty dialogue.

I’d be happy to test for you, since am retired and have spare time to spare :smile:

the concept sounds great, and it seems you’ve set quite the path before you…

best of luck, and i’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your progress! :+1:

I don’t have skills, but I could be a Tester :D, this mod sounds amazing! I am gonna keep an eye on this Thread! I too wish you the best of luck! Don’t give up!

Great concept ! I’ll keep an eye on this one!

The setup looks very well done and I love that you alraedy got yourself a little team!
I’m sure to keep an eye on this one! Hopefully you’ll succeed! Go on!

I wouldn’t mind doing some modeling. :slight_smile:

I like the idea, no skills either, but testing i can do :wink: