Rebirth of Dinotopia

  I have had watched this games development for quite sometime, and this game has only begun to extend its limits with so many fine and amazing ideas and creative imaginations. I would like to offer my idea for a modding option the game, and a few people may find interesting. If anyone has ever seen, read, or heard of the books, or movie ***Dinotopia***, you can guess what my mod option would be like, for those who haven't heard of this story, here's the author and creator James Gurney.

Behind The Story

  I simply suggest this for of mod for those who would enjoy playing more peacefully, with special "dinosaur based" mobs, both to ride and tame. Of course since every game needs a villain there can also be carnivore and bandit based hostile mobs. These mobs could have a ***Paraworld*** style of armor, and could also be used for the more war based kind of gamers who find peace as an understatement. :smile:

ParaWorld Trailer
ParaWorld Trailer

As seen with both videos, the game mod could have different “regional based” dinosaurs, such as Ice Age animals, for Snowy and Mountain ranges, to Feathered, and scaled dinosaurs near forests and deserts.

What do you guys think of this idea for a mod, Any mob creation ideas could also be interesting to see as well…


Whilst I am not familiar with Dinotopia, I am familiar with Dinosaurs!

A dinosaur mod would certainly be interesting, and would be pretty awesome, I mean who doesn’t like dinosaurs?!

Would they replace or supplement existing animals? I can definitely see a t-rex titan happening.

Using them as beasts of burden would be pretty useful, just replace the mammoth with a triceratops.

I suggest you see the video then, the movie is quite interesting, and im curious about the books. The mobs could both replace and supplement the existing animals. For example make Cows Triceratops, Make Goblins normal Bandits, and make Zombies Raptors or any small or Medium sized Carnivore. And you have the idea of regional based dinosaurs down pretty well. Triceratops for mammoth, and the carnivore hostile mobs could be saber cats, Cave lions, etc.


welcome aboard @time31795! :smile:

i havent read the books either, but i’ve heard a number of favorable reviews… regardless, i like the general idea for the mod though! :+1:

Thank you very much, just think about it for a second. A world where your villagers can create a utopia with different kinds of Dinosaurs, Mesozoic and Ice Age, Go to war with rival bandits and wild dinosaurs. Even the farm where they could be held could be a hatchery. If were lucky to have some large flying mobs, even have a few pterosaurs to ride. :smile:

I have the first book and have seen the Tv movies. This is an awesome idea for a mod !!! so excited about this idea :smiley:
I’m quite dinosaur mad still from my younger years so year definitely excited about where this is heading.

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Aaah i remember watching those films when i was just a kid! The nostalgia :heart:

My 3 year old is already asking for “more Dino Riders daddy!”

single tear I’m so proud.


My only reply to this that I could think of would be similar tears in my own eyes. Having saurian and human workers doing projects together. Instead of golems, you would use larger dinosaurs like the Stegosaurus or Pachycephalosaurus to act as the muscle in larger projects. To see the footprint alphabet, and in particular a monument with the Code of Dinotopia inscribed into it:
"Survival of all or none.
One raindrop raises the sea.
Weapons are enemies even to their owners.
Give more, take less.
Others first, self last.
Observe, listen, and learn.
Do one thing at a time.
Sing every day.
Exercise imagination.
Eat to live, don’t live to eat."1

If it wasn’t clear already, I was entranced since an early age by the society created in Dinotopia.
Now there is one thing I would like to point out: hostility and the lack there is - or should be - on the player side of things. You will notice on the list above that it says “weapons are enemies even to their owners.” We should take into account that this society is a peaceful one, with hardly even defensive weapons. I would strongly protest any kind of hostile troops or weapons in a mod like this.

  1. Gurney, James. Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time. Atlanta: Turner, 1992. Print.

I understand your concern, but this game will have hostility no matter what. I simply suggest having hostile mobs and war in the mod, cause I’m trying to let a wider range of players also try the mod. The players style will ultimately shape how the mod plays out. As well as a peaceful play style, I was thinking there could be different armor types for either a more peaceful defense or intimidating offense.

There will be an option to play without anything that would be hostile/ game ending … a “for fun” mode if you like.

So, not sure if that changes anything for you :slight_smile: you could just have a peaceful mod!


Will there be a mode without combat?

Yes! When you start a game you will be able to choose whether you want to include monsters on the world. So if you just want to zen out and focus on the town-building aspects without having to worry about some giant red monster stomping on your sand-castles, you can totally do that.

[source link]

Excellent to know! Then we really can have both peaceful, and an optional hostile mob selection. Also we can have the rabbit people as the dinosaurs, though that may cause some complications and we would have to have some tamable animals become dinosaurs as well.

Unfortunately I can’t find a rabbit in a dinosaur costume … internet, you have failed me.

I did however find this, and it made me laugh. Just pretend it’s a rabbit and not a dog.


likewise… best i could scrounge up:

unless you count this, which isnt a rabbit… its just pure awesome:


i raise you this one


This is just fantastic, I really want to make a few of these dinosaurs for you guys with the programs everyone else is using, though don’t you need the game to do so?

no sir… you can just head right here, and grab the free version… enjoy! :smile:

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Excellent! I will begin working as soon as I can, and with your guy’s support, I will create mobs worthy of the name Dinotopian!

It has bee a long couple days work, but the first Dinosaur is complete, Give a warm Dinotopian welcome to Triceratops!

Give me any tips or ideas to improve him. :3