Cat Kingdom Mod - Purrfect Villagers!

Ohh this is so cute! Gotta put a fluffy blanket inside it to be perfect! <3

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Perhaps this is would make it a “comfy bed” :wink: (comfy box)


@Bella_Chatlotte here is your treehouse as promised!

The template can be downloaded here:

I will upload the video of me designing it in a few days on my youtube channel and announce it in the thread.

I used red colors for the ancient oaktree, since we dont have the dark green colors in the builder or the terrain color mod… they can always be changed at a later date, for now it is a placement color.


I love it!
You can upload it on the templatewarehouse! :smiley:

Yeaaah, I notice that. That’s why my treehouse attempt was leafless. :confused:

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I have edited my post with the link then :slight_smile:

I hope the new editor will have alot more functions on the colorchoosing side of things…

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Ok, so I have been busy lately, but still working on this project! Come take a look and gimme your opinion on this!

Purrfect Villagers

Kingdom’s Lore

We can’t delay to address to this issue: we need to know why and how Kittenlings exists. First, we need a theme. I decided to go after the Gypsy Theme, and let the Egypt Theme for another time.

  • Gypsy: A traveling people traditionally living by itinerant trade and fortune telling. Gypsies speak a language (Romany) that is related to Hindi and are believed to have originated in South Asia. They worship many gods of many different religions, mostly depend of what country they’re based in.

I like this theme cause we can play with a lot of colours and shapes and mix different concepts from different european/asian backgrounds.

New Professions

  • Papercrafter: New starter profession, like Carpenter or Potter. The PaperCrafter will be able to transform silkweed in paper (that will be used to craft beds (cardboard boxes), and a sort of decorations items), and wood in plywood (that will be used on construction and to craft tables and chairs). He holds a square sieve as talisman. The workbenches are 3 in total: grinder, sieve and cullender, and compress machine. The first one is a feature that will be introduced later in-game, as soon the Papercrafter reaches lvl 3~4 (it’s not decided yet). In early levels, the Papercrafter shatter silkweed by hand. The Grinder will improve that work by x3 times faster.
    Main problem: how to link it to other professions? What tools can the Papercrafter create to give origin to other professions? What about wearpons?

  • Glazier: that basically craft colored glass. (this needed to be discussed with @YetiChow)

  • Fisherman: (this needed to be discussed with @BrunoSupremo)

Old Professions: What will change?
The mod will introduce some new objects to create the kitten-gypsy atmosphere. Some of them I want to ask permission to use some preexistent models from a few modders in the SH community.

Since cats have a general non-gender looks, I want to emulate it on the basic model. Yet, I see that it can bug the game’s main select functionalities a bit, 'cause it works on two-base shapes, the female and male variants. So, my idea is to offer the slim (Luna’s Model) and the chubby shape (Thor’s Model) of cat bodies replacing M/F options. If the player want to address gender to their “Kittenlings”, there will be F/M hair and accessories available for both models on another mod as you see below on “cosmetic features”. About fur colors, there’ll be at least 5 fur color bases: B&W, White, Black, Grey, and Ginger. Check “Cosmetic Features” down below to see more about fur features as a aside-mod.

This is a part that I need to learn how to implement or get someone’s help implementing it for
Me. Also, the tail mood animation is plenty of work, probably could be also a complementary mod. I will adress to this issue in the future with more details.

That will be needed to create houses and workshops that dialogue with the ideal of a cat-gypsy village. Purrfect buildings needs a unique shape and colors.

  • Wagons
  • Treehouses

Custom Map, plants, critters and objects

List that will be break down in the future:
Custom plants: catnip
New critters that can befriended: Mouses, Spiders, Geckos and Little Birds
Map: (this needed to be discussed with @BrunoSupremo).


Models, Outfits, Cosmetic Features, Building, Animation:


Basic Kittenlings:
  • Finish Chubby Model (DONE)
  • Finish Slim Model (DONE)
  • Start to work on at least 5 fur color bases: B&W, White, Black, Grey, Ginger (DONE)
  • Add stripes and patches (being inspired on very popular cat breeds, like siamese and tuxedo) as a complementary fur feature. (DONE)
  • In the future, I’ll take custom fur requests, like myself that own cats that have a very peculiar fur pattern, and I will name the custom fur after the cat’s name and provide the download file for everyone if the person who requested it allow me to share it.

Cosmetic Features
I was thinking of offering the possibility of a deeper customize Mod for the Kittenlings. All the six features below can work as a complementary mod for this one, probably very alike how LocksofManyMOD works. That said, I want to give the player the final decision to use this cosmetics-feature or not.

List of cosmetic features:
  • Muzzle shape, color, and size.
  • Nose shape, colors, and size.
  • Tail shape and colors.
  • Eyes colors.
  • Paws finger’s color patterns.
  • Not sure if ears will be custom, since for now I can only see it working as a feature of the base models itself. (Chubby has wide ears and Slim has narrow ears).
  • Hats, bows, collars, necktie, bangs, ponytails, glasses, and etcetera.

New Outfits

New outfits for every working class (chubby and Slim versions):
  • Worker
  • Carpenter
  • Weaver
  • Herbalist
  • Cook
  • Mason
  • Potter
  • Blacksmith
  • Engineer
  • Trapper
  • Sheppard
  • Farmer
  • Cleric

And new armor versions (cause I’m not sure if the current armors go along with those cat’s body shapes).

  • Footman
  • Archer
  • Gladiator


New textures:
  • Plywood walls (at least 3 variations)
  • Plywood roof (at least 2 variations)
  • Carpenter
  • Weaver
  • Herbalist
  • Cook
  • Mason
  • Potter
  • Blacksmith
  • Engineer
  • Inn
  • Tavern
  • Small Plaza
  • Street Patterns
  • Main roads
  • Alleys
  • Dirt roads

Basic Animation Pipeline (I need help to break this down!)

  • Walk, run, and the mood animations
  • Talking (add here all the positive and negative interactions)
  • Particles

List of collaborators

@Kittyodoom: Models (way more beautiful than mine)
@Hamnisu: Coding
@Fornjotr : Buildings
@YetiChow: mindblow ideas FTW!

Thank you so much for everything so far! <3


looks great! you might want to correct the Manson class to mason? :yum: Regarding the buildings and so on, tell me when you have made a colorpalette (with codes) and then i will use them in the future for the buildings :slight_smile:

The current tree in the treehouse is orange, but could be any color you want, even just the green that the normal oaks have now? Same with everything else.

Great work with the lists and pipelines here!


I’m more hurried about shapes than colors right now. But yeah, I have to take care of this at some point. I need to know what kind of map they will live, so I can imagine what colorpalette we will use on buildings and clothes. Cause I don’t want to choose colors that don’t mix well with the vegetation and such.

Done! Thank you! :kissing_heart:


Did they need their own biome? I thought temperate would be good.
If not needed, we can simple add the plants and map details needed for them into other biomes, so whatever biome they are in, there will be catnips and custom critters for them.

About the fisherman, no problem. It is added to all kingdoms by default.
And I’m actually working on the class right now, redoing the fishing mechanic.
If your cat models have the same body shape as the hearthlings, you need to do nothing, the class will be automatically ready and working for them. If not, all you’ll need to do is create the outfit for their body shape and add a small piece of code into the fisher class. It was what I did with the goblins, they actually have a smaller fisher outfit added for them.


Thanks Bruno! I think that you sort of settled my issue about maps.

Ohh, nice! I love it! Thanks!

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Some time next week, I could start setting up the basic structure for some code and various functionallity - we’ll add models and specifics down the line.

Once I start working on the basics for this profession, hopefully my mind will start spitting out all sorts of ideas of what it can/should do. If this will be the case, I’ll make sure to keep you posted on any bright (and non-bright) idea I can think of!

I will of course make sure to tell you about anything else that comes to mind once I start “forming the basics”.

I know I’m not listed as a helper when it comes to animation, but I’ll reiterate my previous statement regarding the tail.
Try to break it down into 1 (max 2) “tail animation(s)” per mood-state; possibly more for Content.
Make the tail into 3-4 sections that are easily movable around eachother - this will (imo) ease the animation process a whole lot!


You’re most welcome to use the glazier idea; in fact I would be super super happy if you could do it and prove how awesome Stonehearth would look with glass to build with!

Related to your ideas with a papercrafter: have you considered making it related to the weaver? The way that really early paper was made was actually to weave strands of reeds/papyrus together (Silkweed is a great stand-in for papyrus though!), and then beat that into a kind of paste and let it dry. Eventually that turned into grinding the fiber into a paste and pouring it out into very flat sheets to dry, and that’s when wood became more popular as a fiber-source rather than reeds.

What I’m thinking is that instead of having just a “paper crafter”, you might want to make the class an “artisan” instead – someone who creates works of art and some functional items, not necessarily just from paper. Their talisman could be a little toolkit rather than a specific tool, so it’s perfect for a travelling/nomadic people; instead of having their initial crafter require large tools for a single job they could have small tools for a variety of jobs. They can then, for example, have a recipe for a carved wooden box bed (think like a baby’s crib, but for a cat) or a large basket, as well as being able to carve a couple of tools for other crafters (e.g. being able to carve a mason’s chisel and mallet, the potter’s cutter, the herbalist’s staff, and the cook’s spoon), they can have some small furniture (stools, wooden boxes like a cigar box or mini treasure chest, a basic earthenware vase/pot, and of course their crafting stations.)

Their crafting stations could be more generic artist furniture, but still make total sense for working with paper as well as other products. A mixing table with bowls for water and paints works equally well for making paper, basic pottery, paints, and so on; an easel/drying rack allows for drying paper as well as painting designs on it even for hanging up other items to dry, and there might be a carving/sculpting table for, well, carving and sculpting. This can include sculpting with papier-mache, which opens up a whole new world of things for your artisan to craft!

The cool thing about the artisan as a class, compared to most of the other classes in the “vanilla”/unmodded game, is that it makes sense to have new recipes and whole new branches of artistry unlock at later levels and as new crafters join the town. For example, early on the artisan can use fabric, wood and stone; but once the blacksmith comes online they can also use metal ingots to make fine metal sculptures or figurines. Once the engineer is up and running, the artisan can use gears combined with other basic things (such as the early-game wooden boxes) to make something awesome like a music box. With the glazier up and running, plus silver ingots from the blacksmith, the artisan can make mirrors. So, unlike with other crafters where the focus is all about levelling up to unlock better recipes; with the artisan it’s about combining the best parts and products of all other crafters with the skill and patience to create truly glorious works of art. I reckon that fits perfectly with the gypsy theme – quality over quantity, and tying the community together in harmony rather than the different professions “competing” for work.

If you implement the artisan idea, then most or all other crafting classes would branch off of it – the artisan can make the class talismans for the other classes, but still requires appropriate materials; so e.g. they can’t craft a carpenter’s saw until they have metal ingots for it. Of course, this makes trading more interesting and important; since an artisan with an appropriate level can still take a traded-for iron/steel ingot and use it to craft a carpenter’s saw even if there’s no blacksmith yet!

This would change up the class progression quite a bit, and I think that would give your gypsy cat people a cool vibe. One really nice effect would be that the artisan’s tools get “handed down” each time you promote a crafter, so the new crafters start out apprenticing in all crafts rather than just one. They spend some time finding their favourite or best one, and learning basic ideas of creativity and “artistic beauty” rather than rushing straight into how to build a table or beat ore into ingots. When an artisan reaches level 6, and they’re surrounded by a whole town of crafters able to supply a range of materials, they can craft a new artisan’s toolkit and the cycle completes itself :jubilant:

So yeah, that’s my idea for a theme-appropriate starter crafting class, as a way to tie your paper-crafter into all other classes. It seems like a really complicated change, but the way I visualise it is very simple – instead of a tree with a worker at the root and then carpenter making the first lot of totems, in this idea it would be more like a spiderweb or mandala (or even a dreamcatcher!) with the artisan in the center.


I… am speechless.

@YetiChow, you gave me so much to think!!! Thank you!!!
If is not too much to ask, can we draw together this idea on a chart flow?
I need to be honest: I’m a bit scared of how well you seem to see it. Maybe I need to read it x10 to get the whole idea, but seems like you have a lot of ideas that you don’t even started to scratch. I’ll start to break down your wall of awesome ideas in small brick and see if I can make it more visual. I’ll send it to you later and we can start to work on your idea! :smiley:

I was almost forgetting to thank you for give me permission to use this idea! Thanks! :kissing_heart:


yeah, I was worried as soon as I submitted that post that there’s too much info for paragraphs there. I’ll have a go at making the start of a diagram/flow chart later to make it clearer; but please don’t wait for me if you want to get started yourself! I just kind of have a visual in mind (like I said, a spiderweb or a dream catcher) which I want to try and bring into visuals for my own clarity.

What I got to thinking about as I was writing that is that the whole gypsy theme really lends itself to “shaking up” the basic gameplay a little. I like playing a “camping” style in the early part of the game, building small temporary buildings (they look like tents!) around the firepit and setting everything up like a campsite, keeping things small until I have all my crafters equipped. Then, I pick a final place to settle and start building, and I rapidly expand from that small camp to a village and then a town. I think that could work really well as a way the kittenlings play – in the early game they have the Artisan to do a little bit of everything, they don’t need workshops they just need their caravans and the knowledge and skills which have been passed down through generations. It’s only once the camp grows large that they want to settle down and build permanent homes, workshops and so on.

But I’m looking at this from mostly a story perspective, it might not translate super well into actually playing… or at least, other people actually playing this way. I think I’d enjoy it, but then, I like to do odd things sometimes when I play hahah!

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I’m starting to sketch it right now. I’ll send you a link when I finish.



Quick update:
I got Qubicle on Steam recently, and I have been playing a lil bit.
For now I’m more concentrated on make the shapes work and make they look fluffy and smart than fix colors.

Osiris, the Grey. Cleopata, the tuxedo, Luna and Thor remade on Qubicle.

@Kittyodoom, I’ll upload these models on Google Drive as soon as possible so you can do your magic on it!


“They see me rollin
They hatin …” XD
Hey guys! What’s up?
Gotcha some wheels for the caravan! \o/ woooo~
During my research, I learn that wheels are a big deal for the Romani people.
They even got one on they flag!
So I started to model something that can be used as a building part or decoration.
This is the first model baseline design:

Simple Wheel:

Fortifield Wheel:

Fortifield Wheel (Fine version):

Next thing on my moddeling list: gypsy cat doors! :smiley:


Hi guys!

I know that I promise some doors, but…
I stumbled on some gypsy vardos interior photos that show a lot of wall and lighting decoration and I got immediately inspired. :blush:

“How to make the “glass effect” (semi-transparent) and lights on voxels” ~google search ~ :sweat_smile:


wow @Bella_Chatlotte! the center tapestry is really nice! (they all are, but the center one really pops out!) great work :slight_smile:

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Hey @Fornjotr! Thanks! <3
Back in college, I was knew for my passion for patterns. This gypsy theme is perfect for someone who likes this kind of stuff. But I can’t deny that create patterns on voxel/pixel art is a bit of a struggle for me, since I’m so used to draw in a traditional way. I’m happy that someone is impressed by these, cause I was a lil insecure about it.

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