Kitty’s Gone Quiet

Heya, all

Some may have noticed that I went poof! for the last little while.
The good news behind that, is I finally found a job! (yay!)
The bad news that goes with that, is the fact that after spending long hours that are draining physically, socially, and mentally, I am barely even gaming currently, much less modding.

So I wanted to put the offer out there, that if anyone wants any of my content to use in their own projects, wants to finish or update my work, etc, please, feel free - consider anything I’ve made and posted open source as of now.

If anyone would like my unfinished work for some reason, I can make a point of scavenging through my WIP storage on my next day off and posting all that content.

Much love to the wonderful community here; I’m sure I’ll be back once I get better adjusted to the job, or some other future point.
The Cat always comes back


Take care of yourself, Kitty! <3 Good luck!

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Well take care kitty, I’d love to see you back but care of yourself :slight_smile: we’ll be here making cool stuff (early spoilers, with a ton of help from findersword finally my nordlings will have a custom campaign) I hope its a fun job :)?


Congrats on the job!!! Here’s hoping everything works out. Best of luck :jubilant:

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Best of luck Kitty!

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Good thing you found a job though! :slight_smile:

Everything will get better in time, stay safe out there :smiley: We’ll be here when you are back :3


hurray for the job, but what happened to the lovely colour mods?? they are no longer available! I would happily use them still

@Tracy_Talbott little accident on kitty’s side while cleaning up, they might come back eventually :smiley: (if she can find her backups)


@Kittyodoom hows things going by now anyway kittycat?

Not been home much; issues with personal life / family (mother & her husband), plus new relationship… and working 6-7 days again, because I’m an overly caring masochist…

Sorry. I really should just turn over my notes to someone >.<


Try to not overwork yourself much… :smiley:

And stay well!


Relax kitty, we mostly just want you to be OK :wink:


Hey Kitty, I think I just replied to your old post, oops. I am terrible with forums now, I tend to resurrect old posts.

Anyway, glad you found a job and other interests. I liked your art and your models.

Best of luck…

Wizard Max.

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