I am ceasing development of the TMC mod for the forseeable future

Hi there MoonSIght here

it’s been a while, and while i have been visiting the forums every day i haven’t really been that active and it pains me to come back after so long with not so good news

i am in a not so good place in my life, and not in a depressed or broke or some sort of disaster way but i’m in a transition and it’s not the most easy of one

now i am a University student and i’m now in charge of a lot more of my life than i was a few years ago
while i do get financial support from my parents (as it is custom here in Korea) i still feel responsible for the things i do and the cost i burden them while i’m in these times

to get to the whole ‘ceasing development’ topic i need to start by stating that i’m not a very organized person - as you can probably tell by all my missed promises and frequent sight of me somewhat panicking

and now that i’m more impacted by this than ever the effects it has on me are rather obvious
i tried to isolate why this is and a lot came up such as my irregular sleeping habits leading to difficulty remembering things to do and managing time
and one of those issues was that i have WAAAY to many things i want to do
let me list a few things that aren’t sensitive that i have on my ‘to do list’ as of right now

  • make the TMC
  • manage the Ballista mod
  • attend Uni and learn Game development
  • develop a game of my own
  • help develop a game currently being work on by me and another person
  • manage myself in life such as eating, cleaning ect
  • post my art regularly on social media to spread my name
  • practice 2D and 3D animation
  • practice art in general
  • practice digital art
  • try and learn the japanese/anime esc art-style
  • play games regularly and analyze them

and the list goes on for a few more and other things that come up as i go such as Uni Assignments
and there probably a bunch more that i just simply cannot remember

as you can see sure they’re all good things to go for but i really can’t keep up with such a large number of projects and i think this whole thing contributes the most to my disorganization as i’m the type that has his mind constantly jump between thought to thought with a mix of guilt-trips for things i didn’t do
and i just can’t keep up with it

so, i need to cut back on my ambition and trim things that aren’t on high enough priority, otherwise i’ll be stuck in a loop of just constant confusion and guilt-tripping

and sadly ‘Modding/Developing the Mythical creatures mod’ does not cut as High-Priority
and the fact of the matter is that the sheer scale of this singular project has lead to me being constantly under stress(again, guilt-trips) missing focus and inefficient time spent, so in a way because of the number of projects and scale of this mod has lead to a result in actual damage to myself and my time management (not that the project itself is bad, the circumstances it is in results in… unsatisfactory results)

i need to manage myself, i need a schedule to keep myself in check and goals that i can actually reach and that are important
i need to acknowledge the things i ‘Want to do’, ‘Need to do’ and ‘Cannot do’ and be more productive in this sensitive period of my life, and i cannot allow myself to stray from what is important and also not let myself potentially have health issues due to overwhelming stress.
so along with many other things i need to let go of this for now, and it’ll allow me to free myself from its burden and it’s damage which i admittedly put on myself

so i am so sorry to all of you that anticipated this mod, even as i dragged it all over the place and took so long to even come to this conclusion, i might come back to it in the far future when SH is more complete and more known, and when i’m more experience and more stable both mentally and probably financially

and just in case you worried i really DID love this project, it was fun to think about and make ideas for, and working with other members of the community and making animations and models was great, but it’s starting to take a tole on me, the fact is that it has for a year now, but i really wasn’t forcing myself, although i was basically torturing myself willingly

as for the ballista mod although my scheduling is not complete it seems like i probably can at-least maintain it since it’s mostly just very rare fixes and updates far in-between
by the very least i’ll be handing it over to someone that will maintain it instead of me if i decide it’s not viable
the animation tutorial is still on the list but it’s very far down in the priority so it’ll take a loooong time to come, but it is in the list as long as i have some free time to spare on it

as for the assets that i had for the mod i’m sorry to say that i’m not willing to share/open it up, you can call me selfish for it but i made them with the heart that they were pieces MEANT for this mod, and my attachment to them is a little to much for me to just put out there, if you know me you know this is a thing with me
if it inspires you in any way though feel free to iterate and such from it (please don’t just copy them though, it is my property after-all)

and with that, i officially close down the development of the TMC, i thank you so much for actually remembering the fact that this project existed, this isn’t good-bye for me, i’ll be around, but just a little more lighter

so again, i’m sorry for the news, but i thank you all for reading all and for supporting me

MoonSight out!

Many thanks to everyone that offered Programming help in this endeavor, and a special thanks to @Drotten , whom helped me out for a looong time now in variouse things


Don’t feel guilty. I’m on the same boat (too many things, not much time)
Oh, and sorry for not being able to help with the mod, for the same reasons, there was always something else on the list. Though from what I’m seeing, the campaign in the game got a lot more resources and options, so those ideas for your campaign should be easier to do in the future.


:sparkling_heart: take care of yourself Moon Sight :slight_smile:


Thanks, and don’t worry about the whole helping out thing, it was voluntary and it was suppose to have no pressure to begin with

And now that you mention it i almost forgot to thank everyone that helped out!

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Thank you, i’ll be sure to take care of myself, and come back an awesome gam dev some day


This pumpkin will really miss you and your amazing art :slight_smile:.

I look forward to the day you return :blush:!

Pumpkin feels a bit better to know that *relief~


Hehe thanks! But… i’m not going anywhere y’know? I’m just lighter in load

Visiting the forums have become a habit of mine now, so i don’t think i can cut it off so soon
And i’ll probably start posting on places like tumblr when i get to the whole schedule thing, so you can probably see me there


Oh i understand your choice completely! And i think that the fact that you are telling the community about it and not just sneaking out the backdoor, shows us just how great a person you are!

Personally i want to thank you for the work you have done on the bear and all the help in the firefly clan project!

The TMC mod will always be remembered, even if you never find time in the future to complete it! You showed everyone what is possible in this SH universe and that alone has a weight that can not be moved by the biggest storm!

I hope we will see more of your fantastic art as you make your way up the mountain?

As usual Symbol, may the wind guide you :heartpulse: :merry: :heartpulse:


Thanks a bunch! And even though i’m stating here that i’m cutting time, don’t hesitate to at-least ask if you need help with animations, i’m always here

I might actually make some miscellaneous animations and models for SH when i’m tired of the regular studies to shake things up a bit, maybe even some made to be shared/open, maybe that’ll allow me to contribute to the community more

And you will see my work as i climb this mountain called independence(and life in general)
and you better watch out! Blink and i’ll be out of sight waay up that mountain


Man, I don’t even have enough time to write why I am not writing nor publishing anything. No need to explain anything, this is just a game, life is more important.


Symbol you are an inspiration.
Drop in when you need to chill-out and relax.



I also went to college last year, and I understand completely where you are coming from :smiley:, congrats on getting yourself so far as to take good priorities, (I am not that good at it sometimes). No, I understand the stress, even thouigh I still live with my parents, the university has kept me from updating Piles Plus regularly, porting mods to steam, and making the designated workers mod I want to write for a year now (where you have three prioritzed worker professions).

Good luck, and understand that you’re understood. There is nothing wrong with the choice you made!

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