Some updates on stuff

Hi there!
Symbol here.

since @8BitCrab was kinda confused if the Mod is still being made,
and i was a bit inactive in the forums

i thought i should make a update post for all the things!

this is written in mobile, so excuse some typoes


First, The Mod

The Mythical creaturs mod is NOT Dead
it’s kinda in maintenance(if that’s the right word)

Our Cody People are a Bit bussy with some stuff and i also have some problems that are blocking my ways a bit

@honestabelink is Busy with the New vresion of StoneVox
and dibughing some featurs in the previous versions


@DaiMoGui is busy with general stuff (school and ect)
he’s been gone for a while but i’m still gonna work with him whenever he comes back
(as long as he’s willing to)


I’m not really busy…
But i’m kinda influenced by the others (not to blame them though)

The Golem was being made untill i ran into some problems with SV
the program was unable to load the large Golem and that way, the modeling is… paused

Honests new version and fixes will contain some memory improvements that i am sure will solve some problems (good work! on everything!)

while thats being fixed
i figured i should make the Phoenix, witch was the second wanted creatur

But quickly found out that i have NO experience drawing a Proper Bird Letting alone a Peacock (witch i think is the Phoenix)
And i wouldn’t really consider the Harpy ‘a Bird’

But the Mod IS being worked on
so don’t think i just gave up on it

with the new scenario feature i have some good ideas for the whole thing, and is a secret what exactly i’m planning on,
but i’ll pretty clearly kill my Cody people in the process considering how complex it’ll be



And now! Art!

as you may know i sed i’ll try to mimic @Goldmetal 's style

witch i am Trying, but turns out it’s waaay harden my usual mimicing

i only managed to draw one in four and i’m considering Re-Drwing him/her
so…that’ll take a while

But i also Draw Ponies!(i’m secretly a Brony)
So if that okay i might post that

But drawing only one thing is a bad idea

so i’ll be drawing various stuff
maybe they’ll be some StoneHearth stuff?

i’m kinda making my own StoneHearth Style as well, so it might take a while until i upload anything really…

anyways, that about sums it up!

if you have any other questions pleas reply on this post with it, i’ll try to reply to it with a answer when i can

Symbol out!


Even though i like the update wouldn’t it make more sense to post this in one of your other threads? :slight_smile:

But thanks for the update again :slight_smile:


I agree, but it’s general discussion anyway :confused:

Neither goldmetal nor hyrule_symbol have their own topic, and they posted a lot of things. It could be a good idea to make them, especially for us fans to have all their creations collected on the same place, like a gallery.

(I still have pending to add my mods links and a few drawings to my Qubicle collection thread…)


good to hear from you, though i wasn’t really confused more of curiosity jumping in :wink:
i for one am really excited to see more stuff from you :smile:

Oh, my apologies if that was offensive (if it was)

thsi mod is gonna totally burn out pur Cody people (maybe a exception of @Froggy , he animated the wind… thing with pure code!)

But yes, i never really finished anything i ever worked on, Ever, but this one is something i want to finish, so you could look forward for this

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not at all! i simply was making things clear :wink:

Not at all :slight_smile:
It was just a thought that would make keeping track of your posts easier for other people :slight_smile:


I… was talking to Mr. Crab (?)

but still, Yaaay!

and thanks for the note