Putting out a call for a Model-Maker

You there! Yes you! Are you more skilled than myself at Modelling with Voxels? (Probably).

If so, I need your help! I’m working on a mod right now that adds no spoilers!, but I’ve discovered my model-making skills are… questionable? I also just want to focus on the coding of it, but I need to keep making new models.

Sooooo… If you wish to help, just shoot me a message here, or if you want you can DM me on Discord. Just put in this tag to friend me. #3658.

But seriously. Even if this is your first try at making something new, don’t be shy! (You can’t be worse than me). Details will be given once you PM.


I like to model and have no clue how to code… :smiley: Could you maybe just give a small hint on what the project is about? A pink world with zombiepigs? or a new set of furniture for the hearthlings?

Yes some inputs would be really good to know witch kind of Mod you are trying to make. ps. have the same “problem” like Fornjotr. Love modeling but zero skills in coding xD

Mostly decoration stuff, maybe a new crafter class? Not sure on the crafter yet.

I’d be doing all of the coding, you’d be doing the modelling.

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As oppose to the Kitty, who has lots of art concepts and decent modeling skills…and very subpar coding abilities, ehheh…

If it needs some bit of modeling, I will be happy to help!
Also, even though I currently take Programming Classes, I can’t code to save my life for games, only websites and well, Java stuff.

Ahh sounds like new decorative Items for the Game. I really like this idea.
If you need some help I would gladly help you.

I am a professional 3D modeller meaning if you need something complex I can do it.