Assistance With Coding

Hello! I’m seeking someone who knows how to code! Anybody want to help code a mod?

i was going to jump in and say i would do it, but i will be helping @Pandemic with some modding so i cant really “take on another job” right now.

but depending upon how big of a job this is a might take it also :stuck_out_tongue:

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I appreciate the offer though! I’m just hoping I get someone who can help me with coding this mod. :laughing:

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what exactly needs to be done?

edit: thinking about it, i better let someone else take this “job”, after all i dont want to get to busy that i cant moderate :wink:

EVERYTHING! I tried learning it and I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. I’ve broken down many other mods and tried to learn from what others have done but I still can’t grasp it. That’s why I’ve considered letting someone else code since I cannot, but I do still want to do the modeling. I love doing modeling work, I’ve actually thought about just lending my modeling hand out if anyone was interested, but I need to focus on my own mod project.

@Feashrind, I think that @8BitCrab meant like what kind of mod is it :sweat_smile:
Because there will be people who can do JSON, but not that many that can deal with Lua… (Not to mention JQuery for the UI)

And there might be a chance that your ideas can’t be modded into the game yet.

Though we respect if you want to preserve your mod idea in secret until it’s done. :sweat_smile:

Edit: This gives me an idea for another moding subcategory: request for coders / request for modelers and animators

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@Feashrind if you need help with JSON, I can help. I’m still getting to grips with Lua though.

In general if you just want to add more content, or attach similar attributes/effects/etc to content, it’s .json. To create new actions/components/behaviours it’s .lua, there’s also some .js like @Relyss said. But yeah, we’d need to know details to give you an idea…

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Just be patient and go on learning
When i first got to mod stonehaerth i had no clue about json and only a tiny bit of understanding lua. it took me nearly 4 weaks just to add some furniture and decoration. I read and read and read mods and the original manifest a hundred times. I searched for functions and references and broke through the walls of understanding lua (reading not writing) and now i got to the point to really do something nice and special on my own.

All the people here will help you understand like they did for myself so ask a lot of questions and you will learn everything you need in a short time.

that is indeed what i meant, i guess i could have picked better wording :joy:

Whoops, my mistake @8BitCrab . I should have made that clean, it’s the Alpacalypse Campaign!

Well, this clears up a lot of what I was doing wrong. I would much appreciate your help! What I’m trying to do is add more content in, at the moment I’m trying to add more plants in, but i want to flesh out a whole campaign. I sometimes think my ideas go over the over the top so starting out small with plants seems to be an easy start!