I need some coding help

Hi There!
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and… i’m here to ask for some help…

As you may know, i’m a modeler and animater rather then a Coder.
I would love to learn some code just for the mod, but i’m kinda busy practicing as a future artist.

So, i’m here to ask for some help.

Honest is busy with a project that i’m helping on, and it’s a lot of work for him, so i don’t want to bother him with this.

i’m looking for someone that can code in some new mobs – probably with a faction & animation dedicated for them

and you could help me on future updates if you know how to make camps and campaigns (but we can always Ask @Froggy )

sorry for the mod being late
but i need your help!

Symbol Out!

hmmmmmmm a new campaign and then some triggers? that would be the easiest way i think ^^

stonehearth\data\gm\gm_index.json (here you can enter a new campaign) then just make a copy of the goblincamp and change the infos (name - triggers etc.) it should be very easy (but im a very very very bad modeler -.- so i dont have models to test it xD)

PS: OK i have models BUT i dont want to try because my models gives me shivers and fear … YES THERE ARE VERY VERY BAD ^^


I’m going to do this for the Candyland mod soon (I hope).

So perhaps I could help you when I’m at it. (It’s only the code, after all, so it shouldn’t take much time)


If you need any purely-code bits like AI actions, components, or services let me know and I can help out as well :smile: