Want to make a Mod group [Closed]

Hello guys, its BlitzFall and I am asking for your help. I do not have qubical and don’t have it in a budget nor am I good at it. The thing is I do know how to make mods and code them. So I am asking for a few people to apply to be a modeler for a new modding group. With your help we can make a basic mod adding in the following. New tools and weapons, furniture, and more to come. Now if you support me in this you will get full credit. Access to the mod well under development. Also as many shout outs as you need. So you can apply here thank you.

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can you maybe describe what this mod is about? i dont have any experience in modeling, just tried it out a bit, but i cant seem to get my head around the codingstuff…:laughing:
if you dont find any better aplicants i might apply,

Actually you might be nice to help me with the coding side if you want that. My starting goal is just to add a new food that can be crafted by the cook at level 3 and has 100 and 150 satisfaction. And can only be sold but can’t be purchased. So if you know how to modify stonehearth better than I do than I would love your help. Maybe for some reference. Cause I learned how to crash stonehearth on that mod. Granted it only took me 7 minutes.

i might have written what i ment to say in a wierd way…
ill give it another go: i just started out modeling with voxels, i usually model in reallife materials such as clay, wood and such. I find it very facinating to work with these voxels.

Its the coding that gives me trouble! my brain might be wired in a way that i cant make logic of the coding language…
ill make that apply, and see what happens :wink:

Nice! I really like the idea to design some stuff for the game. But i don’t have any experience in coding. Maybe i can be useful in modelling xD

It’s okay just make sure to apply and we might work together in some of the projects

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I am a professional 3D modeller meaning if you need something complex I can do it.

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I… think this post is about one year old there…

Also, editing your previouse posts instead of posting multiple might be better, might look a bit spammy

Hi @NattyC :slight_smile:

Do you have any previous work you could show us all? i know that there is alot of modders on the discourse that would apreciate some modeling if the style fits into their vision.

And as a modeler myself i am really curious on the aproach others take to the creation of models :merry:

Well i guess any work, voxel or polygon would do just fine. It is more a matter of your aproach to a vision of a model that gets me curious :slight_smile:
But i guess voxel models for stonehearth has a certain style and limitation that would be very interesting to see from another modeler?

Those look great Natty! And i bet that there are a few Raya players out there, that would love just a simple furniture mod with a dessert focus? What about you make a thread and use it to post some models, then i am sure some of the coders will contact you :merry: