Questions about simple modding

Firstly, hello to all of the stonehearth community! I haven’t visited or played stonehearth properly for MONTHS! Anyways, I am glad to be back!

But getting into the actual topic of this thread, I am here to asking how to go about making a simple “extra useless furniture mod”. Essentially a load of UN functional pieces of furniture purely for aesthetics and decoration! I would like to know…

…1 what modelling software (preferably free) should I use to make the models?

…2 what programming software should I use to program the models to be a basic decoration object?

…3 are there any sample scripts I can use?

…4 how do I make it a mod?

…5 is there a place I can find the answers to these 4 questions and more?

Just as a side note : In case any of you know about a similar thread I made about a similar topic to do with this, I made this thread to ask about the MODERN methods of modding, as I assume that it has changed!

  1. MagicaVoxel. Ideal for furniture.
  2. You need to edit JSONs. It’s not exactly programming since JSON is a formatted text file, not a script, so any text editor will do. I recommend Notepad++.
  3. Yes. I suggest to search the forums. Scripts in SH are written in Lua. My own mod “More chests” includes a (rather simple) script to make a model animate when someone is nearby (it causes a chest to open - like doors in vanilla SH).
    Note that you mostly don’t need scripts for static decorations (fences, chairs etc).

Thank you , I will definitively look into it!

-1. I prefer VoxelShop, because it’s easier to use (all the features are similar to the ones of Photoshop etc. and I could start without having to read a manual or such, whilst it was hard figuring some out in magica) and has more features from what I’ve seen, but I prefer Magica Voxel for Renders.;
-2. I think Mel did a good job at answering this question…;
-3.-5. GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_basic: A most basic starter mod to get you going!


Does the starter mod still work in A20?