Where to start making decorative objects for the game

So I am really interested in making some decorative (uninteractive) objects for the game. I currently am not working and have heaps of time on my hands and would love to do something productive like this lol.

I saw a few articles about Qubicle but can I just use Qubicle Voxel Editor for this current project or do i require the whole $70 (over 100 AUD DX) pack?

Have also scoured the forum for any starter tips and came up with GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_basic: A most basic starter mod to get you going! which looks good.

I have a basic knowledge of html css etc (i can look at the code and edit it and understand it) so hopefully this helps me through it.


glad to see another person interested in modding, i’ll do my best to answer your questions,

you don’t actually need Qubicle, as there are quite a few free alternatives, personnally i use magicavoxel and voxelshop. i use magicavoxel to model basically everything i make, unless something requires multiple matrixes, then i use voxelshop.

decorations only require one matrix, so i would say just go for using magicavoxel as its pretty user friendly and easy to learn.

i definitely suggest downloading the startermod to use as a “base” for your first mod.

most of (is not all) the code you’ll be doing for a decoration mod will actually be in .json, which is super easy to learn/use.

hope that helps/makes sense :slight_smile:


Awesome thank you :smiley: i have no problem getting Qubicle if it has what i need at this stage. so would you say it does? I would prefer using one program if it has stuff for future projects too rather than swapping and learning another program?

Qubicle is great. You can’t go wrong with Qubicle. Especially for what you want to do

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Awesome. thank you XD, so would just the basic qubicle be okay? or would i need some of their extensions?

The basic version should allow you to ‘Import and export all supported voxel formats’. If you want to create animations later on you will have to buy the ‘Indie’ module as you’ll need obj support.


For now it will be just decorative items, non animated. XD but i will eventually challenge myself

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for stonehearth you need only the basic from qubicle ^^

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I have made a sample object to get me going and now I am trying to figure it out from a tutorial but I am wondering what is a .qmo file? is it specific for each item? this is from the tutorial tips i linked above.

I am also editing the recipe at the moment. what exactly does “work_units” entail?

not sure about the .qmo part…

that determines how long it will take for the item to be made, not sure how long in-game each “work unit” is though…

I might just leave it what it is at the moment

when i launch the game now i get something saying

c++ exception: ‘startermod_basic’ has no alias named ‘table’ in the manifest.

Trying to get past that atm lol

if i’m not mistaken that one comes from incorrect file paths, often caused by simple typos… so double check the file paths (poth the file path in the manifest and the actual file names) to see if you misspelled something

hope that helps/makes sense

yea it does thank you XD thats what i was thinking myself lol. will double check now.

Unable to find any typo but I did change this

“produces”: [

Is that linked to a specific file?

hmm… it depends on the file path, is the table folder inside another folder, such as decorations? if so i believe it should be like this,

   "produces": [

oh never mind. I got it working for some reason it required a new game XD. so excited seeing my item there.

hmm… thats kinda worrisome, a simple decoration shouldn’t require a new game… but i’m to tired to think straight enough to be of any more help right now XD

now i probably know its not going to be this simple but greating a new catagory called “decorative items” or something would it be as simple as changing the following in “recipes.json”
“craftable_recipes” : {
furniture” : {
“recipes” : {
“sample_recipe” : {
“recipe” : “file(table.json)”

Actually no its okay now not sure what I did tho

actually, i’m pretty sure it would be that simple. if nothing else it doesn’t hurt to try it!