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Greetings and welcome! :merry:

As mentioned somewhere else, I think it was about time I created my own little modding corner for when I have updates, news to share, ideas to talk about, pictures to post or just general sillyness :merry: so please feel welcome, take a seat by the hearth and let’s get started!

Dani’s Core Mod

The Core Mod is the “heart” of many of my mods. It contains necessary common systems, features and other tidbits. You can read more about it on the Steam Workshop page.
It is also available for any modders that wish to use it as a base for their own new systems and mods! If that is your case, feel free to ask for support or any questions on this thread :jubilant:

  • Latest Version 1.3.1 (February, 6 - 2020)


For a collection with all my mods, you can head to the Dani Mods Collection on Steam Workshop.

Released Mods

Clicking the names will take you to their respective steam workshop pages.

Game Mods

Template Packs

Direct Downloads

If you’d prefer to download them directly, you can also access this folder on Dropbox. Please note that after updating the mods it might take a while before I upload the updated versions on Dropbox - so always check the version on the file name!

Upcoming / Being Worked

These are the mods that I’m currently working on, mostly. Please note that unforseen issues and such might arise any time - including real life or even lost interest :glum: - so being here doesn’t mean it is coming anytime soon! But hopefully it will, right? :jubilant:

  • Leading the ACE: Authorized Community Expansion Project
  • Cooking+ (An expansion to the Cook similar to how Trapper+ works)
  • Trapper+ Frontier (A submod for Trapper+ featuring a new biome and a faction centered around hunting and trapping)
  • Greenhouses (Glassworks submod)
  • Updates for Primitive Armory (Bolas and slings!)
  • Much more…

:warning: Due to the current focus on the ACE Project, all other mods and personal projects might see a slow development. Sorry about that! :glum:

Mod Ideas

These are mods that I have at least a solid idea about, might have started working on, prototyping or maybe created an asset or two. They’re mostly eggs that I feel like working on in the near future and as such I should probably leave them here cooking and maybe even getting ideas and suggestions :merry:

  • Skål
    Taverns and festivals, a new night life for your hearthlings! New Class (Bard); songs and dancing by the fire, brewing of beverages like beer and mead. PARTY HARD!
  • Empire Rise
    Nobles and bastards, titles and glory. Many will rise, most will fall - will your hearthlings be the ones to bring back an empire as glorious as the fallen Phoenix Empire?
  • Doggos & Kittens
    Extra breeds and types of pets!
  • And many more…


And finally, I’d like to also share some of my favorite mods from other authors and artists and my contact information should it interest anyone :merry: Feel free to hit me up for anything: support, information, ideas, partnering up for projects or just silly chatting :jubilant:

Favorite Mods

Please also note that these are more likely to get compatibility features and patches for my main mods, should they ever become necessary!

Among many others, these are probably my favorite mods! :jubilant: Thank you all for your great work! You’re all an inspiration to me. :merry:


E-mail daniangi@gmail.com
Steam DaniAngione
Discord DaniAngione#3266
Discord Server Draconian Argentum
This is a diverse, multi-cultural and fun “personal gaming server” that I created to gather the most adorable peeps I meet across the universe. Feel free to reach me there, it has otter pics! :heart:

Support & Tipping

Do you like what I do and appreciate the effort put into making my mods? :merry:


And just to get it started, some spoilers from the upcoming Trapper+ mod :smiley:

I’m having some extra bit of trouble to re-work and re-adapt everything to the newly added Northern Alliance - especially since animals had their loot and such reviewed and most of them now have relevant loot (since you can hunt) and I need to add them.

Other than that, it’s not far from done! Should be ready for release soon-ish :jubilant:

Features include raw meat and fresh hides, you now have to dry, clean and tan hides to create leather; cure meat and sausages inside smokehouses to create jerky and other goods; some extra decorations like animal rugs and special trapper hats that gives different bonuses each like extra compassion for creating pets or more speed and diligence for work efficiency.




Or maybe hats that add a trait. Boar - Glutton, Deer - Featherweight, etc.


Well, I’m not sure about adding a trait (if it is possible. Might be) but many traits only add/change certain stats or values which is pretty much what these ones do. :merry:

BEST HAT :smile:
That’s actually interesting, some of them do make work more efficient but maybe reducing compassion could be… interesting? I’ll see what else it influences and consider :slight_smile:

By the way, the current hats are:

Squirrel (Trapper lvl 2) + Speed
Raccoon (Trapper lvl 3) + Speed, + Diligence
Rabbit (Trapper lvl 4) + Speed, ++ Compassion
Wolf (Trapper lvl 5) ++ Speed
Cougar (Trapper lvl 6) ++ Speed, ++ Diligence


True, after I posted I was like ooooh maybe a combat hat for the trapper. It could add a Leader of the Pack attack where all the trapper’s pets swarm a mob. They’re small so they’re not gonna do much damage (more like a damage over time) maybe +1 damage per pet, and you wouldn’t have to add combat animations for each pet.
Just slap a particle effect similar to this fightcloud on the monster being attacked.

This would add an actual benefit to having compassion and collecting the lil buggers instead of just looking cute and devouring your food supply.

Was just thinking you could try a hat that adds Fetch and causes pets to haul goods but that would probably be an AI nightmare lol.

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I really like this idea but I must say I wouldn’t even know how to start implementing it :flushed:

Shame on me :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, they do plan to add proper Hunter and Animal Trainer classes, so perhaps that would be better fit for these?

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Heh, shame on me for even throwing it out there. For all I know it may not be possible without breaking stuff. :laughing:

Are they planning on adding a proper Hunter class? I wasn’t sure if they instead opted to tie it to all the combat classes as it currently is with the NA. I could be wrong, and it could just be a temp solution. I know they’ve mentioned Animal Trainer on many occasions, and that would definitely fit them better.

I can imagine it wouldn’t be that bad, to be honest. Maybe could start by copying/re-purposing some of the villager AI from town defense mode and then inject it on animals through a buff that could be “cast” on them by the trapper wearing this hat through an aura spell of sorts :smiley:

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Updated the thread with my favorite mods and their respective links :merry:

And here’s a little sneak peek on the slightly updated Trapper+ UI with pretty much all its content already in place. It’s almost done! Just need to finish tweaking, correct some issues and finalize a compatibility patch with another mod… (smoked fish, anyone?)


Looks amazing! @DaniAngione

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Ok i am beyond hyped for your upcoming mod, that will be a day one subscribe for me :stuck_out_tongue:(and seeing if my nordlingmod will be compatable (its the kingdom based version of my viking mod :wink: )
also OOOOH i made someone favorite list :smiley: /small party

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Worked with @BrunoSupremo and added compatibility to Archipelago Biome mod!
Get ready to enjoy some tasty smoked fish!

Also reworked the smokehouse filters to allow all curables at once (jerkies, sausages and fish) and added a crafting recipe for raw sausage (Trapper). The raw sausage can then be either cured and turned into a mid-tier food item (Smoked Sausage) or used by the cook to create the Roast Sausage that is already in the game albeit impossible to craft.


Does this mean it’s time for us to start hitting the refresh button over and over on the Steam Workship waiting for your mod to pop up? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very soon™ :merry:

But probably not tonight, sorry :forlorn: still struggling a little with the loot tables, there are still not fresh/raw pelts/meat dropping so some of the mixintos are either failing or not covered :content:

But other than that - yes, it is mostly ready!


Haha, no rush. I honestly figured it was gonna take a lot longer than that! Figured with recent window issues you had your hands full. This gives us all more time to fuss with the NA. Here’s hoping all goes smoothly and that you’re enjoying all the hard work you’re putting into modding. Thank you so very much!!

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Gave myself a little R&R tonight since my brother and a friend wanted to play… :smiley:
Spent most of the game session designing a building - really happy with it! Might end up becoming a downloadable template if the hearthlings manage to actually build it :flushed:


holy shit that looks badass. though the vibe its giving me is somwhere bween nordic and asian :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, yes - I feel the same. The “raised” stone base and the main building surely give an asian vibe to it. I’m considering building it in a hole now (forming a moat) and making the ground level more even with the courtyard level.

The main inspiration came from Winterfell/Castle Black tho (the courtyard and the roofed battlements) and the main building and its side stairs are mostly inspired by slavic architecture as seen in Kingdom Come: Deliverance :smiley:

I guess the blue adds to the japanese castle vibe as well, but my whole village in that game has blue roofs so I had to keep the style :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Just wanted to say that I’m very sorry about Trapper+ that is almost done (and the very needed Glassworks update) but due to unforseen events I’ve shifted my priorities a bit towards the new community project Stonehearth ACE :jubilant:

We’re mostly on a setting up and organization phase and, for that reason, things are being very busy. But as soon as I find some free-free time, I’ll see about finishing and releasing Trapper+ and updating Glassworks!

Sorry again and thanks for being understanding :merry: