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Seeing as half the forum has shifted their efforts to the ACE project, I don’t think people will complain. Hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:


Edited the OP!

  • Added some of my mod ideas (but not all!)
  • Updated what is being worked on and added a notice about ACE

But most importantly…

Dani’s Core Mod updated to 1.2!

(July 30th, 2018) v1.2

  • Cleaned and fixed for Stonehearth 1.0
  • Added a new color_map in preparation for other mods.
  • New functionality added: a secondary Proper Cooler for the Cooling Service

and finally - not the update you all deserve but the update you all need:

Glassworks updated to 1.1!

(July 30th, 2018) v1.1

  • Fixed the issue where the stone windows added by Team Radiant would be overriden by my own Stone Windows.
  • Removed the Stone windows from the Mason. Entities have not been removed to not break existing saves.
  • Changed all the glass stone windows, arch window and glass arch windows to the new stone furniture style created by Team Radiant.
  • Added a recipe to make sand from stone for the mason and one to make sand from clay for the potter. Both operate on a 2:1 ratio and should fix the issue of the mining loot tables not working for certain biomes.
  • Added support for specific biomes including the new official biome (Arctic) and some popular mods like Archipelago Biome, Savanna, Lorki’s, Canyon Biome, White Cliffs, etc.
  • Significantly increased the drop rate of sand on all biomes.
  • Slightly increased the drop rate of Obsidian on mining and significantly increased it for gold and silver
    ore nodes. Now you have a reason to go hunt them ores :merry:
  • Fixed some stuttering and crafting issues.
  • Fixed a couple of localization issues.

Examples of the new stone windows:

Thank you all very much for the support, as usual :merry: :heart:
And I hope you enjoy it!


Trapper+ finally released :smiley:

Link added to the main post:

Trapper+'s submod, Taxidermy is also out!

Here’s a couple of pictures from that one:

Have fun everyone, and remember to enjoy your Warm-wolves!


A very little teaser for what to expect from the next mod :merry:

Have nothing much else to show yet, as stated on the original thread, been dedicating most of my free/modding time to ACE at the moment :jubilant:

This will be quite a simple mod at first, I suppose. But I love the potential! :merry:
Anyway, that’s all for now.

Oh, and I was asked about donations (!!! :heart:), something I did not think of before - but because of it I added a Ko-fi “Buy me a coffee” tipping button to my thread and my mods. Sorry not sorry :flushed:
Things in Brazil aren’t the best at the moment anyway and every little counts, I guess! :merry: So feel free to use that if you wish :3

Stay warm!


dani, why do you and i work on the same ideas at the same time XD? (but i gave it up because it didnt look good when i fiddled with it) if you need some smoke effects for those…let me know :stuck_out_tongue:
(put an opening at the bottom with smouldering embers and a fire when in operation! you know you want to!)


GLASSWORKS updated to 1.2!

Not a big update (again :expressionless: ) but a very important one since it solves two very game breaking issues that were definitely plaguing the mod.

Here are the official notes:

September 23rd; v1.2

  • Fixed the issue with the Glassmith’s Bench where it would sometimes stuck the crafter.
  • Fixed the issues/typos that were preventing mining drops to function as intended. You should now notice a much increased dropping rate of everything; sand, salts and Obsidian. Please note that Obsidian is intentionally rare and will very rarely (if ever) drop from regular rock. For more promising prospects of finding it, you should seek Silver and Gold ore veins. They have a much increased chance of dropping it.
  • Added three new pieces of storage/furniture, one for each basic crafter (Potter, Mason and Carpenter). These new shelves can hold up to 128 items but only salts or flakes, becoming a very efficient way to storage your overflow of salts. Please note that they require glass pots to be crafted.


GLASSWORKS updated to 1.2!

November 11th; v1.2.1

  • Fixed the issue with the Glassmith’s Bench. Again. Hopefully for good this time! :jubilant:

For it to work, you’ll need a new bench! So destroy your old one and craft a new one :slight_smile:

Just editing to add:
Alright, let’s try this. Third time is the charm, right?!

GLASSWORKS updated to 1.2.2!

November 13th; v1.2.2

  • Fixed the issue with the Glassmith’s Bench. AGAIN!!! This time for good!
  • Slightly increased the drop rates for some salts. They still only drop on actual ore nodes, though.
    For example, if you want Titanium salts, you need to mine iron ore blocks.
  • Added Large Pots for all salts and Large Urns for all ashes and common minerals. These work like resource piles, you have to harvest them for their resources, and once they are finished you get the empty pot or urn as a drop.
  • Added recipes for such pots and urns. They can be bought from Town Level 3 Traders but you can also craft your own if you wish. Potters will craft the urns and masons will craft the pots - as weird as this sounds. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is it!
Let’s hope it works this time! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone :smiley:

Finally finding some free time to update my personal mods after ACE’s release and initial rush…

Just wanted to share the progress on something that I’ve always wanted to add but didn’t have the proper knowledge back then… Still not finished but looking nice already :merry:

Other than Bolas, the next version of Primitive Armory will also include Slings, Javelins (can be toggled between one-handed spear or ranged/thrown) and maybe these weapons but for goblins! We’ll see :jubilant:

Stay well :smiley:


Looking forward to seeing what you make!