Trapper+ Mod [1.2] (Thread closed)

Greetings everyone! :merry:
I’m happy to share that I’ve finally took some time to finish Trapper+!


Trapper+ is the first in a series of mods that aim to improve the depth and gameplay of each profession in Stonehearth by enriching their crafting processes and giving them more complexity with features akin to a somewhat more realistic experience.

For this mod the leather making process is now broken into different stages - some requiring crafting and others requiring time. In the end, to compensate for the added complexity, the ratio of furs-to-leather is increased, which means that you’ll produce more leather from less pelts now. But the production will require you to go through over the new steps which are basically the following:

Drying > Cleaning > Tanning

Added to that, the Trapper can now perform some butchery actions like slicing larger chunks of meat into smaller ones, building a smokehouse that can be used to produce jerky and other smoked goods and also craft some decorations like animal rugs.



Animals will now drop raw meat instead of edible jerky and fresh pelts instead of regular fur pelts. The meat can be used in cooking or smoked in a smokehouse while the pelts need drying on a drying rack if it is a large pelt (Boars, deer, wolves, cougars, foxes) or on a hanging drying rack for small pelts (Rabbits, raccoons, squirrels)


The trapper itself is now a crafting job with its own crafting station and crafting window. There the trapper can handle the cleaning of pelts, building of drying racks and tanning tubs, smokehouses, some decorations and also several butchering commands. Added to that, the Trapper can now create hats that will slightly improve their work abilities using the pelts of animals they hunt.


Fresh pelts dropped from dead animals require drying. Drying them only requires them to be stored inside a drying rack or a hanging drying rack (depending on pelt size) for a time and then it will be automatically dried. Workers and any other hearthlings with hauling capacities will help handle the tannery facilities to ease the trapper’s workload, however after the pelts are dried they will require cleaning before being tanned, and that can only be done by the Trapper through their crafting menu.


When a pelt is cleaned it will become Rawhide, which will then be automatically carried by haulers into Tanning Tubs. A Tanning Tub is built with wood and tannins that can be obtained by extracting tannins from wood itself (or other organic sources like tree saplings). Both carpenters and potters can extract tannins from oaks and acacias but the trapper itself can do it more efficiently. After spending some time inside the tanning tubs, Rawhides will become Thin Leather - which can be used as leather or woven into bolts.


Every animal drops raw meat now and it can be used in cooking. To obtain jerky, raw meat needs to be smoked inside a smokehouse and any type of meat can be smoked. Certain larger pieces of meat like Pork or Mutton can be sliced into several bits of raw meat for more efficient usage should you care more about quantity than quality. All the butchering jobs are handled by the trapper.


Trapper+ has one submod:

  • Trapper+ Taxidermy (1.0) (Steam Workshop / Direct Download)
    Taxidermy adds a new workstation for the Trapper: the Taxidermy Studio, which can be used to mount beautiful life-size displays of animals and wall trophies, among other things. Taxidermy was originally part of Trapping+ but was moved into a submod per request of some of the testers that preferred to have the stuffed animals as an optional item. Please note that neither me nor this mod mean to support hunting and the displaying of dead animals in any way and just aim to to reproduce real and historical techniques.


There are a couple of planned features for Trapper+ like the addition of new leather types and more uses for leather and perhaps new animal byproducts.


Trapper+ requires the Dani’s Core Mod to function.
Steam Workshop / Direct Download (Older versions)

This mod should always be compatible with most mods as long as they do not override basic functions of the game or the Trapper class controller.


This mod is completely compatible with Stonehearth’s localization, it is in English (en) by default but also includes a Brazillian Portuguese (pt-BR) translation.


Steam Workshop / Direct Download (Older versions)

(August 23rd, 2018) v1.1

  • Updated the Trapper’s LUA to Stonehearth’s most recent version. (Oops!)
  • Added a new craftable item for the Trapper: Fur Coat
    Fur Coats can be worn by Workers and will work like a Winter Worker Outfit, removing the
    negative effects of cold weather. Unlike the Winter Worker Outfit, however, Fur Coats do
    not provide the Worker with the “Devoted” buff, being a cheaper solution for the cold.
  • Made it so that carnivore animals can feed on raw meat.

(August 21st, 2018) v1.0

  • Initial release

Credits, License & Contacts included in the ‘readme’ file.
Special thanks to BrunoSupremo!

That’s all! Hope you like it and feel free to comment or report any issues! :merry:


Damn nice dani, I do love how you made the stuffed animals a submod :slight_smile: (yaay for options and limited clutter!) will give it a spin soon :slight_smile:

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This looks amazing! As usual.

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This is a good side effect but the reason is actually slightly funnier (and weirder!)
The people that tested it for me was slightly disgusted with the mounted animals. Which I understand, I’m not a big fan either - but felt like it could be an interesting addition. Well, the option is there for whoever wants it :slight_smile:

Aww, thank you :heart: :merry:

Yeah that’s kinda how I look at it too: it’s interesting, but would I really want one in my houses…?
I think I draw the line at skulls, taxidermy has always been a bit of an odd hobby from my point of view. Might be because I have to handle taxidermist and permits in real life :’)


New, small update to fix a couple of issues and wrap up something I had started already :merry:

(August 23rd, 2018) v1.1

  • Updated the Trapper’s LUA to Stonehearth’s most recent version. (Oops!)
  • Added a new craftable item for the Trapper: Fur Coat
    Fur Coats can be worn by Workers and will work like a Winter Worker Outfit, removing the
    negative effects of cold weather. Unlike the Winter Worker Outfit, however, Fur Coats do
    not provide the Worker with the “Devoted” buff, being a cheaper solution for the cold.
  • Made it so that carnivore animals can feed on raw meat.

Enjoy! :merry:


This looks so Cozy together with the Fireplace from Nordlingmod and my houses :smiley:


Hey Dani i think this item is part of Trapper mod right?

seems to have naming issue

no thats mine, ill fix that once i get home :’)
(its odd though because i intentionally kep the default naming scheme for cloth armour…)

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Hehe i have so many mods its hard to know now :smiley: sorry Dani

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Do you need to use your mod namespace instead of “stonehearth” at the beginning?

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as far as i know: NO, as long as there is a correct piece of text at the location given.
i just wanted to use the already existing text from the EN.json from stonehearth
but if that gives issues -shrug- ill just make my own entry. that way i can use shed to check it.

I don’t see “cloth_armour” in the stonehearth en.json. There’s “cloth_padded_vest”, but that’s the closest I could find.

thats probably it them, i may have been to vigorous with the ctrl-f replace :stuck_out_tongue:

If you mean an item to be a replacement of an already existing item (for example, this cloth armour to be a replacement of the game’s Padded Armor for your nordlings) things are much easier if you just make their .json a mixin of the existing item + your necessary changes (like graphics).

All the rest, like the catalog, will be collected straight from the stonehearth item and work perfectly. The advantage of this is that you also make sure your item stays “compatible” with mods that make changes to the stonehearth armor pieces (for example, change material tags or other values)

Dani, have you by any means played Haven & Hearth? You keep stealing ideas I was going to steal from that game.


Yep. :joy:
But wouldn’t say it’s only from there. I mean - if anything - these are “realistic” (although simplified) methods and techniques from real life that are present in other games too.
But yeah, I do appreciate the gameplay they created for a lot of things and indeed take some inspiration from them, but also from others. Trapper+ for instance adds a couple of stages to their leather treatment (like cleaning the pelts) which I’ve learned mostly through research but also by “watching” leatherworkers from Kingdom Come: Deliverance, for example :slight_smile:

hides behind the corner waiting for mulberry mod

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Silkmaking is planned indeed :jubilant:
I have a big Drive docs called “mod ideas” where I literally keep a huge list of all things I plan to bring to SH - and indeed many of them are similar/inspired by HnH.

For example: cheese making. I’m totally doing that alongside my planned “cooking/food revamp” which will combine all those mods together (trapper+, cooking+ and others I didn’t talk about yet) in a way that they’ll work super nicely when all subscribed, becoming something like Stonehearth Cafe but with much more depth and content.

I also plan to improve upon some of their ideas, for example, I want to create a wine system similar to the cheese one, so you can have different wine types and aging and such (not just plain wine);

But yeah… You were surgically accurate in your comment :jubilant:

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The real question is: are wandering Russian killer NPCs planned?

Jokes aside, I was thinking about a way to implement food point system, it is something truly original. Extrapolating it from RPG to town manager scale could have interesting consequences.

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