Colors Mod by Chimeforest (Old, as was fortold)

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  • Dark Purple Dye, the first ever Stonehearth Dye! Made from Pure Berries.
  • Dark Purple cloth and Comfy Bed also included!
  • Dark Yellow Dyes for Nihonjin!
  • Undyed Comfy Bed

I don’t want to change the feel of stonehearth, just give it a little color.
As more cloth Items are added to the game I’ll add them to the mod.
Future updates will include more dyes and a new class. AND will also incorporate the Color Gathering Mod-Idea.

All recipes are handled by the carpenter for now.

The dyeing process is currently as follows:
Berries -> Dye -> Dye + Cloth = Dyed Cloth

This is a side project for my other mod, I’ll probably be switching back and forth.

Compatible with:

  • @Avairian’s Nihonjin Japanese Reskin Mod
  • Any other mod which doesn’t overwrite the comfy bed, specifically it’s recipe.


  • More Dyes
  • Color Source Map
  • Instructions for other mods to become compatible.
  • Enamels
  • Super Secret Something
  • The Outfitter Class
  • Uniforms

For more info see post nine.

If you have a particular color you would like to use for your mod, let me know and I’ll try and add it sooner rather than later!


If you’re going to use Dye as a crafting material, yes, it could be elaborated by someone else. I see a Dye Maker a bit too much…unless you’re going to use dyes in many other things that don’t involve cloth. I don’t know if in the future we’ll have transparent/translucid voxels, or voxels which we can change their color programatically instead of having many models with the different colors.

For simplification, I would attach it as a craftable item the weaver can produce. they take regular Cloth and add what ever ingredient you need to make the color you want.

I remember the weaver having several coloured cloths and threads. If I’m not mistaken the ingredients for the recipes of the weaver will probably have wool and cotton(or other plant fibers).

Here, in one of the videos of Modelling the Weaver, at 1:01:30 approx. Tom says that the guy who makes the dyes would be probably the herbalist. So I vote for the herbalist to make the dyes :laughing:

If you want to simplify for releasing the mod faster, attach it to the weaver, then =/


nice work!!

i suppose it could be a joint effort… the Herbalist creates the dye from berries, etc., and adds it to her outbox… the Weaver can then collect it when making the mattress for the comfy bed… :+1:


I suppose that makes most sense =)

I really wish I had more time to catch up on the dev videos =/

I did have the idea of coloring armor and swords… but that’s farther down the road… Also, enameling is a much different technique than dyeing.

Translucent, glowing, metallic, and color changing voxels are all on my secret wishlist for stonehearth =]

Thank you =)
It’s always nice to hear your approval ^^

I believe I am going to start with dyes in the weaver class until the herbalist comes around, and then switch it over to the herbalist where it belongs.

Question 2:

For the primary colors for dye, should they be RYB, as is traditional… or RGB/CMY which is scientifically more accurate, and yields more varied colors.

I don’t plan on adding too many colors(for now, eventually maybe as far as tertiary or quaternary… maybe), and I am leaning more toward tradition… But I like to hear other people’s opinions. ^^ If you don’t mind.

you know you’re on my shortlist of “favorites”… :wink:

I’d definitely agree with your approach to the colors as well… will the weaver (and eventually the herbalist) be utilizing something like a mortar/pestle to create the dyes?

I didn’t know, I am humbled. =)

I would be shocked if the herbalist didn’t use mortar and pestle! (or at least a cauldron or something =/)
As for the weaver, I’m not sure… right now, the weaver animation is just fiddling with his/her hands. I’m not sure if that will be the final animation or not. Also, I’m not sure if you can change the animation based on what is being crafted, It would look pretty silly if the weaver used a mortar/pestle to make cloth, lol =P

There may be a way to do this with code… there probably IS a way, but I haven’t delved into the code that much yet.
Could probably put a json tag in the recipe and then tweak the weaver lua… I may look into that, but since weaver is only the temporary crafter of dyes, I may not =/ Or I may… just to see if it can be done ^^

Ok, so… I just got a lot of creativeness flowing through me and here it is. I’ll update the first post in a bit, but right now I just need to get everything out without having to bother with reformatting what I already have.

First note: I am aware that stonehearth probably will be adding in dyes, it’s almost guarenteed I believe. If they do, I intend for my mod to mesh with what they have and enhance it, if I can.

Okay… so, My Mod will have 4 parts to it:

  1. Color Collector
  • Dyes
  • Enameling
  • The (Royal?) Outfitter Class

Part One: Color Collector

  • This part will Keep track of what colors sources you have found. After you get a Herbalist/Alchemist, when a citizen picks up an item which can be used as a color source and entry will be added to the journal: “[name of citizen] has found a color source for [color name]” and a small icon will show up in one of the corners showing the color.
  • Colors can have multiple sources. If the citizen finds a color source for an already discovered color the journal entry will say “[name of citizen] has found a color new source for [color name]”.
  • You can open up the color map/cube to see what colors you already have… It will look something like this:
  • When you hover your mouse over a color it will tell you it’s name and what sources you have discovered for that color. Colors which you have not found will be greyed out.
  • Note:The above cube is in RGB, but the final product will be in RYB for the following reasons: 1)Even though I dislike the color, dark orange should be included and 2) I think the greens are too similar.
    Also, I intend to add neutral colors to it somehow… maybe around the edge or beneath it…

Important–>This part of the mod will also let other other modders add their own items as color sources.

Part Two: Dyes

  • Dyes will be crafted from Color Sources by Herbalists.
  • Dyes can be used to craft colored cloth, thread, and fibers.
  • These in turn can be used to craft colored items such as beds, clothes, etc
  • Other modders who wish to add dye-able items will easily be able to do so!

Part Three: Enameling

  • Enamel will be crafted from Enamel Color Sources by Alchemists.
  • Enamel will have it’s own color sources and color map.
  • Enamel can be used to color metal objects, such as armor and swords.
  • Other modders who wish to add enamel-able items will easily be able to do so!
  • Note: Most of the enamel color sources will probably be minerals.
  • Note: There will be fewer enamel color sources then regular ones.

Part Four: The Royal Outfitter

  • This class will be along the upgrade path which starts with the weaver.
  • The Outfitter is a profession which takes dyed fabrics, enamel, metal, armor, swords, etc and creates uniforms for your soldiers and citizens.

What could be more impressive than your entire army decked out in your royal colors? Nothing, that’s what!

  • Citizens and soldiers who wear similar colors to each other and are close by will receive a small moral bonus.
    (See… it’s not just for looks!.. well mostly it is, but, it will also provide a bonus :smile: )
  • I plan to incorporate this class with my Nobility Mod Idea With the outfitter class you will be able to declare Nobel/Royal colors and citizens/soldiers who wear these will receive another small boost! Opponents who aren’t properly outfitted may receive a small moral… umm anti-boost? when facing your intimidating army!
  • Each profession will have their own recolored uniforms (Example: The weaver will still have the belt thing and the carpenter will still have the apron and belt pocket, but her/his dress/shirt could change color)
  • Other modders who wish to have the outfitter create uniforms for their classes should be able to add them without too much trouble.

Well, that’s it, now I’m off to create the nobility mod idea page… then back here to edit the first post… then maybe some sleep :sweat_smile:

This mod is turning out to be bigger than I expected it to be…

Anywho, I plan on working on parts 1 and 2 first… then later incorporating 3 and 4, as these sections seem to fit together.

What do you think?


Interesting idea. As you’ve mentioned I hope you do not get disappointed once we see something similar (at least the color gathering and coloring) in the game.

I like especially the idea to open the mod to others. That is something I am also looking forward to in the mods I might create.

We’ve had a short discussion about a simiilar mod in the past. Maybe you can get some additional opinions / ideas out of that:

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That discussion actually (in part) is what inspired me to make this mod (also, I like colors, and having options) I got several ideas from that post, such as the color collecting and other modders being able to add their stuff in. (I think I linked to it in the first post… but I could be wrong =/ ).

I’ll definitely give it another read over to see if it inspires anything else! :smiley:
Is there anything there which I haven’t mentioned or you think I should add?

Well, as you are already expecting that some kind of this color-mod will be implemented into Vanilla Stonehearth… I’ve liked the idea mentioned in the other thread where the amount of colors you have collected is influencing the amount of colors displayed on the screen. You would start with a black and white version and increase the colors as you find them… but that might be quite challenging to make it work.

That would be AMAZING =O
But unfortunately, That is way above my skill level right now. And I think you would have to start editing the C++ for that kind of effect.
If someday I do get that amazing at programming, I’d probably make it as it’s own separate mod which relies on this one, since some people may not like being forced to play in black and white =/

Version 0.02 is up and ready for download!

This update’s main feature is the addition of the first ever stonehearth dye: Dark Purple!
Take a look! :smiley:

The weaver uses berries to make the dye, which can then be used to dye cloth and make the bed.
Be sure not to use up all your berries making dye :sweat_smile:

Also in this update I added some icons and models that were missing from the pre-release weaver set.

Download link: here


So you need to harvest berries to create the dye and this is the requirement to craft the bed? Nice work!

Thanks :smiley:

But only for the purple bed, You can still make the regular undyed boring comfy bed of course =)

nice work! :+1:

as im stuck at work, someone toss up a quick movie of this “in action”… purple is my daughter’s favorite color, so you’ve just made one little SH fan’s day, for sure… :smile:

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Looking very nice! Definitely looking forward to this!

Can you give us some more information on how the enameling process is going to work?

I’m working on a super secret process that runs in line with these kind of things for Nihonjin. Maybe once I flesh it out a little more we can do a little work together. :smile:

@SteveAdamo Purple was my highschool’s color :smiley: Also… it’s currently the only color in SH besides brown and green =/

@Avairian I am a fan of super secret processes =]
I’d definitely like to work with you once you get it fleshed out!

Currently this is how I see enamels working:
Special mined minerals (Enamel Color Sources) are used by the Alchemist to make Enamel, Which in turn will be used by the Outfitter who will use a small forge to enamel metal objects.

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I fiddled with the Color Cube and here is the result:

What do you guys think? Really critique it! =]
Very soon I’m going to be making the final version and after that it’s be hard to make any changes.

I kinda miss the blues and greens in the old one, but I also like the oranges in the new one.
Maybe I should make a square with RYGB in the corners? but I like the cube shape, it’s very voxely…

I Played around with the square idea and here’s what I came up with so far:

I havn’t thrown out the cube idea completely… but this square thing looks promising :smile:

In Order of creation:
4: A perfect color cube with RYGB, However, it suffers from too much green. I have perfect color vision and I have trouble telling GGGG(full green) and GGGY(the one right above it) appart. Which means that they are too similar.
2: I tired adding in some neutrals with mixed results
1: I gave the neutals their own little square, however this square has no green-yellow.
3: A variation on 2, I moved the brown in between orange and goldenrod, and filled the rest with green/yellows. no grey or white, and the brown interups the color flow.
5: A variation on 4/3. I extended the green and the yellow. all the colors flow, and it doesn’t look to weird. If i used this one(or 3 or 4) neutrals would get their own square/cube

Opinions on these and the cubes?

In other news, R34 is out… (oh gods … is, is that a pun?)

Aaanyway… the latest update is out on steam beta. And it includes mixinto and override. Using these (and a little creativity) I’ll be able to make this mod a stand alone!
This is what I’ll be working on tonight and maybe tomorrow depending on how things go.