Mod-Idea: Color Gathering (with back-end for other mods)

In case Stonehearth is not offering a feature like this already, I would really love to see this one…

The core of this mod would be some kind of a collecting game. Different colors would be “hidden” in the world. Once they are discovered, they will be added to the players “color map”. This color map would be created with an open and well documented interface / back-end, allowing other mods to access it.

The result would be some entertainment in the game by itself. But second (and not less important) it would allow other mods to access a color map and decide based on that, which customization-colors/-options should be made available to the player. More discovered colors would mean more customization options. If the game has a simple dyeing system in place, this mod should offer an option to other mods which one to chose.

New colors could be enabled by defeating monsters, killing creatures, finding treasures, harvesting fruits and vegetables, etc.

Maybe someone volunteers for that one :smile:.

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I never did receive an answer to [url] this [/url].

Collectable colours … definitely an interesting spin on things! Would be quite interesting!

sorry my friend, but you completely lost me there… can you elaborate, or give me an example of “finding a color” and perhaps “using” the color? :confounded:

@Geoffers747 Why not moving your question about collectibles on the Q&A-list for Thursday?

@SteveAdamo So let me give you an example. Let’s say the player starts with a poor selection of colors, no fancy ones. However, he would love to make this crazy purple shirt for his knight. Unfortuantely, the requirement for the shirt to be colored purple, is to have purple color. To enable this special option of coloring, the player needs to move out into the world now and find “purple color”. Purple could be a super-unique color and can be only found in some treasure chests from mean trolls. You want purple? Better get your army equipped and attack the troll camp next door… there might be a chance to find treasures, but also purple color (in this case maybe a vial). One the color is found… :star2: and a message pops up that you have just learned it.

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i think its an interesting concept just not sure how it would be managed without interfearing with the modability of the game.

ahh, right… my apologies… i suppose i was over-thinking the idea… not something i am accused of very often…


Not sure if this would be an issue. If, as a modder, you like this feature and was thinking about implementing an option to color your items (or whatever), this mod would help you. If you do not like it, you do not make use of it and implement your own deying “sysem”.

Maybe saying that the mod should overwrite any existing deying system can be misunderstood… will correct it.

Update: Btw. the “finding colors”-part should be rather easy to implement. You will need some new color-items like vials and include them in the loot table of… whatever you want to drop it. Actually even the management of a color map should be not that tricky…

really we hadn’t noticed LOL :smile:

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Good point … isn’t that cheating though? Ha.

… I would consider it as a small thanks for the moderation of this place here. But if it gives you a better feeling, put it on the voting list… or ask Steve to replace his question with your 2nd… or use your mighty power to change the rules and allow 2 questions per person ^^.

I think it is your wording is confusing. You say finding colors but you mean finding dyes.

I’ll ask it, moderator privilege and all that… :tongue:

Agree. I’m getting old and my English is not very good looking :weary:.

Haha, I should have tried to question whether you meant colours or dyes.

I took you literally and thought you meant actual colours around the place.


Ok… all you native speakers are confusing me now and I am not sure anymore which word is right. What a difficult language you have ^^.

Please educate me…

Dyes are the fluids which you can use to color / colour (see how difficult it is!) stuff and color / colour (uff) is a chemical attribute of an item, right?

If this is true, I mean both. The mod should manage a color map, with colors a users could use to dye stuff. To activate a new color however, he would need to find dye in the world. Sounds weird to me to find a “color” in a treasure chest or to hear something like “Look, this troll just lost his green!”.

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likewise, but after the re-read and new example, i understood it to mean dyes… guess i should refrain from the early afternoon daiquiris…

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Yer I’m claiming tiredness.

I genuinely thought you meant like colour tiles. And I imagined them spinning around your screen and being like this magical thing you’ve occurred.

Perhaps we should make a mod guys, the game is completely grey scale, you go around, find colours and every colour you find is added to the game.

I’m leaving, and I’m taking my bad ideas with me.


Ok, that is definitely not what I have had in my mind :smile:. But a cool idea somehow… enjoy the rest of today.

Well, I don’t actually dislike the idea, especially as a mod if not having the colors you want seems like a bad idea to the community or devs. One way to have it work would be getting dye from intelligent creatures, whether by mercantilism, or by blatantly robbing them for their sweet dye.

Another way would be specifically seeking out plants, animals, and minerals that had interesting colors and having your naturalist/clothier type villagers process them into dye. Historically, for instance, the aforementioned purple dye was a luxury because it only naturally occurred in a certain species of predatory snail that only produced tiny amounts of the dye. So in that case, you would have fishermen or divers seeking out snails and getting a small amount of nifty dye for a lot of work that you could use yourself, or sell for a lot. (It was recorded as being worth it’s weight in silver in a lot of markets.)

Of course, this is fantastic to some degree as a game, so you could say, hunt down pixies or fairy dragons or some rare herb to get your fancy color. Of course, going from the design goals that would maybe cause you Problems if you over played it.

It’s also possible we could have dye cash crops like indigo.

Again, only if we wanted to make it an actual effort to get color. People might simply find it more “fun” to be able to do any color they wanted in their game, and that’s alright. If that’s what people have more fun with, then that’s what we should do.

Although personally, I do tend to think that it might also be fun to have standard colors that you just naturally get with certain kingdoms, but if you want fancier variants of clothes or more luxurious stuff for elite members of your society or trade, you should have to work to get mats for it. Both in the sense of better cloth and metals, and stuff like dye.

Or again, maybe that’s not fun. The increased cost of the item in general could absorb the “work” and expense in general of the fancier stuff.

if we reference the weaver post again (or was that in another topic?), we can see that there are definitely going to be options to shear sheep for wool, and in some form or fashion, dye that wool various colors…

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