[Mod] Color selectable item

                      **Color Selectable Item Mod**

I cant be the only one who gets annoyed by the bright yellow object selection color.
I personally prefer fast selection and that one covers the whole item in yellow. Too much immersion breaking to me.

So here is a mod to change the color to soft transparent white.

Install Guide:

  • Download file from link below

download link Selection Color Mod

  • Extract the zip-file to your Stonehearth/mods folder.
    Default it is: steam/steamapps/common/Stonehearth/mods

  • Ingame you have to go to ‘settings’ and enable ‘Fast Selection Effect’

Changing color/shader:

Because I know it is all personal preference, here a guide to change the color.

  • Go to the mod_SelectObjectColor file located in Stonehearth/mods and open it. It contains 3 files, a manifest and 2 shader files
  • Open the selectable and/or transparent files
    You can open it with notepad or any other notepad variant

selectable.shader file is for the color of all the selected objects in the world.
transparent.shader file is for the stockpile color when selected.

In selectable.shader file you change the first 3 numbers out of 4 (They are RGB colors, Red, Green and Blue respectively):
The lower the values, the more transparant the color is.

selectable.shader file:

transparent.shader file:


wow @Miturion… even if I didn’t prefer the updated effect (which, I do!), I love how you spelled out the issue you wanted to address, and then very meticulously described how you went about implementing it…

+2 internet points to you my good man! :smile: :+1:


Ya, I thought some persons might like pink as selection color. :smile:

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Neat! :thumbsup: 

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I wasn’t aware of this, as I never used the fast selection. But now I think I’ll always use it.

On another note, I like that tag, it proves useful to differentiate between mods topics and topics about modding like questions or tutorials. We could use [Tut] or something too.

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That is actually a good idea to do that consistently. I will change my other mod titles too.

Nice! This’ll mark it way easier to notice selected stuff. Plus it looks cool too.

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