So, I found a thing

After being told how to look through the files stuffed within the stonehearth.smod and radiant.smod files, I came across a folder named “default_object”. I went into the folder and looked at the JSON file. It said the object was “Mysterious.” I then opened up the image file and found this wonderful thing.


this is currently the place-holder image for objects that dont have an image in the town journal.

P.S. you probably shouldnt post all the interesting things you find in the files, just saying :wink:


I won’t, just wanted to post this here cause I’m a major Portal fan and nearly died when I saw this.

then make a portalmod for us :wink:

I ain’t no modder, best I could possibly do is make a texture pack, though I’d need to see how I could change the textures of the game.

i believe the current way isnt just making a “texture pack” you would actually have to mod the game to make it work or something like that…

@Relyss knows more about this then me :blush:

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Well most of the blocks in the game look like solid colors so a texture pack probably would do anything, you would want to change the models. Voxel editors arn’t that hard to use

exactly! you have to change all the models to make a “texture pack” for stonehearth, @Relyss and @Avairian know more, as they are currently working on some