Modding for dummys

Afternoon All.

Iv been playing the game for a while now and all i can say is I LOVE IT!!!, i play this more then WoW and i played that alot, im intrested in making my own mods and building templates aswell as just having somewhere to try out some mad ideas, i no nothing about modding but would love to get it a try, so any info people can give me will be amazing.

Keep up the good work everyone…


Afternoon @Martin_Topliss :slight_smile:

Here are some readingresources to get you started :

Have a great day and good to see yet another SH fan :merry:


Beyond that, if you copy stoneheart.Smod from your stoneheart/mods folder somewhere, rename smod to zip and snoop around inside you might learn a thing or two!

Beyond that, editing an item or weapon is usually the way to learn more complicated stuff :slight_smile:

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also, if you have any specific questions dont hesitate to ask, there are a surprising amount of modders active on the forum here.


Thanks for that, i will give it a look over.

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Thanks qill look into it.

Morning all.

Been awhile due to work ( that dam thing that gets in the way of building ),i will post screen shots here to show updates as well as get ideas and info on how to improve. any help is always welcome. for some reason the foundation dose not seem to work in build mode, unless i am missing some thing


Also just off the top of my head, once you use the hole tool and remove blocks can you put them back later on or do you have to use the block tab, Just thinking of making frame works then tinkering with that to see what ideas come up?

If you use the selection tool (the arrow) and select the foundation, you can grab the blue arrow (if i remember the color correctly) and lower it down into the ground.

If you make a hole in a wall for example, the you need to fill it with the slabtool or use the undobutton.


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Cheers i keep this all in mind.

Does this thread still have to do with modding?

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yes and no, i be asking questions about all sort as they come up thro this thread.

if you have other non modding questions it would be best to create a separate thread

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