Hidden stuff in the files!

So I was poking around in the game files, cause im lazy and would rather copy,paste,change for my mod idea rather than rewrite it all, and i found some items in there that hadnt made it into the game, like i noticed:

  1. tiny leather ball
  2. Goblin housing
  3. the wolf, mammoth, and pet collars
  4. bucklers, or shields
  6. iron sword, which i guess isnt craftable anyway

why, why @sdee have you guys kept the mace, at least, from us?


Goblin housing is pretty cool.

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Well, show some pictures, and how to find the items in the game’s files!


iron sword

its all in the entities files, just poke around in the different subfolders, for me it was /mods/stonehearth/entities/subfolder


Don’t forget the sheep! I love the sheeps :smiley:


It’s more about “haven’t made it into the game yet” as in “deliberately been dropped.” Except for the sheep, which was in, then out again.


This is like treasure hunting.

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Indeed, these files were there from long time ago.

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I knew of the Mace and sword but not the other stuff!

Are they fragments or are the files fully usable? I wouldn’t mind seeing a mod which added these into the game… I wouldn’t mind see my little villagers and goblins use spiked maces - I also wouldn’t mind seeing goblin housing and sheep :stuck_out_tongue:

they should be usable to an extent, bug they are probably buggy as hell

Pretty much! Of course you are welcome to mod them back in as you like.

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nice. didnt know about the goblin houses myself.

But the wolf is in from the beginning of alpha 1. Animated and full scenario and buggy as well. I remember modding it to a crazy camel :smile:


I hope these files get preserved before they are eventually removed… I really wouldn’t mind adding pretty much everything contained… the leather ball may be left behind though lol

Once I get a bit better at the actual modding I think I’m going to try to plug in some scenario where I can get a goblin hireling to join the village and they can build a little goblin hut and run around with their spike mace :smiley:

So many little possibilities contained in here… this find is a modders treasure trove.

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Goblin mercenaries would be so awesome.

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There are six yet unmade items, and Radiant Entertainment is 2 words… 6 divided by 2 is 3… Half-Life 3 Confirmed?!

But in all seriousness, cool find. I hope they’ll make it into the game in a few updates! :smile: