RGB Color Codes for Stonehearth Blocks

I would like to paint some voxel scenes using Stonehearth block colors because I think they are beautiful and work really well for the art style I’m going for. Does anyone have the RGB color codes available (or easily obtainable)?


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take a screenshot and open it in a photoeditor, then pick out the codes from there.
Unfortunately i dont have a written list over them. Looking forward to see what you come up with :merry:

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The values are stored in Hex codes in the smod folders. I’m not sure exactly which file off the top of my head, but I can look it up tomorrow.

Feel free to extact the smod folder yourself, it’s just a renamed zip folder.

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I was going to do that but I think the in-game time of day, angle, and shadowing may affect the colors that I would get from the screenshot! :slight_smile:


I found a couple of files / folders that match your description. A folder named “sourcemods” was empty and a file called stonehearth.smod. I’m not super good at finding these things. Could you help me more? :slight_smile:


You’ve found the right “file”, the stonehearth.smod. That’s not actually a file, but a renamed zipped folder. To work with it:

  1. Copy the stonehearth.smod file somewhere else. You don’t want to edit it in-place, as you could break the game, and you don’t want two copies in the mods folder as that could also break the game.
  2. Rename the file from stonehearth.smod to stonehearth.zip.
  3. Extract you new zipped folder to a normal folder.
  4. Explore the Stonehearth game files!

The file you’re likely looking for is called building_brushes.json and is located in /data/build.

Oh that is perfect! Thank you so much. Also, while looking around, I found a folder named “mammoth” and that got me so excited. haha!

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Yep! There’s all sorts of little fun tidbits of information in the files. Having a folder isn’t a guarantee of things to come, but it means that at some point the team thought about or worked on it :smiley:.