How to start modding

Goodmorning guys,

I am new to voxel games modding, where is the best place to start. And wich tools should i use?

Thank you from a noob :slight_smile:

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Hey there @Albino_Borito, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:!

Your question is very broad, can you narrow it a bit? What exactly are you looking to mod?

I want to add a new class, or start with something easier like an adding a simple item.
Pretty much learn how Creat voxel based items/characters.
wich tool do you recommend?

For creating the voxel models themselves, you have a few choices. Check out this topic from a few days ago:

I would not recommend starting with a new class. A craftable item is a very good place to start, at least to get your feet wet. I’d recommend looking at the Startermod on the dev teams Github. You can see how an item is added to the game, and model your mod after it. I’d also recommend opening up the game itself, by renaming stonehearth.smod to and extracting. (Make sure to copy this somewhere else, as having both stonehearth.smod and a stonehearth folder will cause issues during updates). You can then dig through all of the games files!


Alright i will start there. Thank you for your quick response!’

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still dreaming about someone to fix the sacred grove biome for A18 <_<

As mentioned in the Sacred Grove topic, no one can fix and share the mod other than the original creator without express permission. If you want to fix it for yourself, by all means go ahead, but our modding rule prevents sharing.


Mhm yes, with my full respect i understand that, - id do it If i understod anything haha!

Im a carpenter, fireguard, i make army trucks, i drive a glorius s60… - i do alot of tough work, - … but modding is something beyond My badassry’ hahaha!