Finery Mod v5.6 Jul 22 [A24+] - On Steam Workshop

The Finery Mod adds new furniture and other decorative items to the game from an internal mod I had created but decided to break into several smaller mods. This mod was mainly driven by the lack of different looking furniture to go with the different wood types.


Finery.smod v5.6 for Stonehearth A24+/1.0.


Small fix thanks to @Lostsouls46 for pointing it out and wall mounted items now have a proper adjacency so they can be placed. Also added a mixinto for the default goblins to allow them to drop the jagged cleaver to be used in the trophies.


Small update to fix edgers and pavers to allow them to be part of the new builder. Also updated the lamps to use the newer glow effects.


Another small fix to allow for the translation of the recipe categories.


Small fix to the Pine Table’s image.

v5.2 - Fancy update:

Just a few more items to build from the Carpenter. I plan to work on some love for either the Engineer or Mason.



Just a small modification to the recipes to help organize items.

A23 (v5):

Updated with appeal and new recipes for the fine items. Please leave comments as the tweaking of the appeal is fairly tedious and while I QC’d it for some time it may cause undesired effects.

Older Items Added

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New in v4.6 - Edgers and Single Pavers
Single pavers and now edges in the game.



New in v4.5 - Pavers
Can be placed over roads for an added effect.

New in v4 - Cactus update

Also a few more trophies in the form of lamps.

New in v3.6 - a couple of more trophies
Trophies can be “harvested” to get back the log and weapon or destroyed (not recommended) to get back the weapon. There are a still a number of more trophies that are in the works and should be out in a couple of days.


New in v3.5 - the DĂ©cor Update part Dux
Actually got to some of those trophies today!

New in v3.0 - the DĂ©cor Update
The stands can be used for pretty much anything as seen above. There is still the outstanding issue where you will need to place the item in the world FIRST and then MOVE it on top of the display stand.


Items added in v2.0

From v1:

Furniture (Acacia, Juniper, Oak, Palm, Pine and what was a fine version of the stone)


Containers (Acacia, Juniper, Oak, Palm and Pine versions of each)


Lamppost (Just the iron one for now)


Souvenirs (Show off your trophies)


Piles (Logpiles and ingot piles for all the types but the ingot piles will probably be removed due to them being in Piles Plus Mod)


DĂ©cor (Clocks I hope to animate as well as a training dummy that is strictly decoration for now)



Download the .smod and copy/save it into your Stonehearth\Mods directory.


Fine versions - somehow
More random décor


While I don’t anticipate any please post issues here and be sure to add the version you are running.


That is so cool!
Just a heads up. The palm log is not used in the game yet. So there is no way to get it, besides your idea of a merchant selling it.
Though, there are cactus logs! Maybe you can use that type for something too.

Wow… Just wow :astonished:. Great job! I really like your use of colors. Keep it up :smiley:!

I had cactus but the colors are almost identical to the juniper :frowning: but you can buy the furniture…for a price muahahahahah… and as you mentioned I need to add a vendor for the wood types. Maybe just add a triggered quest for the saplings. Thanks for the encouragement.

I’m not advid user of mods, but I do want to throw my 2 cents in on this. Even though another mod has this, either join forces with them or leave this one. It just feels better and can make things easier to have one mod doing something rather than two.

Otherwise these look absolutely amazing!

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These are some very good-looking models. I especially like the second container, the clocks and the souvenirs, but in the whole all your models look very good.

As the author of the Piles Plus mod, I am curious. Why did you choose three rows of ingots on your ingot piles?

The fine stone looks absolutely gorgeous except the red kinda contrasts with all the blue in the other stone stuff. Maybe some more stone items with red to make some sort of set ?

Looks great will try this soon

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nikosthefan - I chose 3 rows to because it matched the log pile (also 18) items. I flirted with the idea of making them stackable but they kind of looked odd as there was no limit to how many you could stack and for “reality sake” I decided to force you to place the heavy pile on the ground. I also at one time had it cost 18 ingots and a log to add a pallet under them (you got the log back when harvested) but undid that when I was messing with the stacking and never put them back in.

I chose 4 layers to make them stackable as a feature. I had this in mind:
I agree that 3 high would be weird, although I had no problems with two on top of one-another. Besides the hearthlings would need manually placed ladders to place the piles.

As far as not being able to stack 18 in one pile, I think you have a valid point. In my mod this is not such a problem, because I already failed to exactly match 18 with other piles.

How do you make sure though that you will get both 1 log and the 18 ingots back? How do you do that, codewise? I have pondered with it myself, but not figured out a way to do it.

For the log I had to write (poorly) a custom lua as with the vanilla resource node it simply performed the last resource and I couldn’t figure a way to nest them. That was quite a few alpha’s ago and so it could have changed but a quick look through the current lua doesn’t look like it would work either. I will try and recreate it and post it under modding.

Forget my last bit of senility. I found my old save and it does work in vanilla (and still works). All you do is add the loot_drops to your component area. In mine all I added is:

“stonehearth:loot_drops”: {
“entries”: {
“default”: {
“num_rolls”: {
“min”: 1,
“max”: 1
“items”: {
“ore”: {
“uri”: “stonehearth:resources:wood:oak_log”,
“weight”: 10

Update…now that I am actually looking at it though I end up with one less ingot which is most likely from the destruction. I don’t recall that occurring before.

Update #2. Nope senility restored. I just can’t count good. It works just fine.


As much of a problem it might be to purists (and I’m one, I admit :merry: ), maybe just show the stack how it looks best (at 12 or 15?) and still have the combined total be 18. I just dislike the strange stacks more than I dislike the numbers mismatched.

Updated to v2. - see the original post for pics. Currently it adds in about 85 furniture/decoration/container pieces.

Added almost all the original wood furniture back to the game in the updated wood types.
Added a vendor to bring you lumber (currently daily until I figure out how to properly mixin the shop type).

Beautiful a must try :smiley:

Updated to add some new décor and fix the lumber events. See top for updated content. Interesting note if you move the trophy stand it moves with whatever is on top of it. Not sure if this would be considered a bug or not.

Quick update to put some of the trophies / displays into the mod. Also stockpiling the trophy stand with something on it saves the item in the stockpile however this is not recommended as it could also be a bug.

Another small update with two more trophies.


Yay! More stuff :smile:.
Awesome work @stonemonkey, and I like your new avatar :wink:.

Thanks. I finally settled on an avatar.

Great work on this mod Rockingabe :jubilant:!

I love the souvenirs! Ever since i defeated the goblin chief the very first time, i wanted a way to display the boneweapons on my walls. I personally dont like to use them as weapons, but prefer my hearthlings to carry what my blacksmith crafts!

Do you have any future plans for this mod?

Even the mountain crumbles under the wind and inside every mountain sits a small statue of a monkey that waits to be carved out.
May the winds be at your back on this project!
Thank you :merry: