Finery Mod v5.6 Jul 22 [A24+] - On Steam Workshop


Thanks. I have a lot more planned for the mod. There are still more “trophies” with some being sillier than others that I am still designing and tweeking. I also still have to make all the cactus furniture and all the fine versions of all the furniture but those should come out fairly quickly once I get a chance.


Trophies are a great idea. I’ll see if there’s a place to work that concept into the core game. :smiley:


I can’t seem to make it work. It keeps saying ‘invalid manifest’.


Checking the .smod it still downloads and runs correctly. Please upload your stonehearth.log file if you could. It will be under the main stonehearth directory.


That would be awesome. I want to create an action type like admire decoration where a hearthling will stop and admire the tapestry or any decoration and gain happiness but haven’t gotten around to playing with any action types.


Another small (but big) update as I locked down the cactus look for furniture. I also fixed a slight bug in the dresser’s information.


“stone_chair_nice”: {
“description”: “Heavy stone chair of nice quality.”,
“display_name”: “Fine Stone Chair”,
“recipe_name”: “Fine Stone Chair”,
“flavor”: “A fine two person lift chair.”
“stone_chair_nice”: {
“description”: “Heavy stone chair of nice quality.”,
“display_name”: “Fine Stone Chair”,
“recipe_name”: “Fine Stone Chair”,
“flavor”: “A fine two person lift chair.”

SyntaxError: Duplicate key ‘stone_chair_nice’ on line 599


Thanks for the bug report! It has been corrected and an updated version posted.


missing items =)
stone_table_nice and step_stone


The step_stone is not yet implemented fully however the Fine Stone Table is in the latest .smod above. :slight_smile:


Another small update that brings pavers to Finery. You can use them over roads to create a different look. I will add smaller versions and possibly some curbs once I figure out how to make multiple items from a single recipe. Hope you enjoy.


I love the pavers! Now I’m going to have to actually install mods again :merry:


Ha! Sorry. I can’t wait for a Steam workshop so that we can keep these things updated and share building templates!


Assuming you place these over roads, do the Hearthlings actually use them or walk next to them thinking they’re an object?


They are like the rugs. Hearthlings run to the roads and right over the pavers.


This looks great! I’m mad at myself for not downloading it for my current town. I’ll have to do it for my next town :slight_smile:

The souvenirs would make my barracks feel a lot less empty…I had to resort to comfy beds as decoration :stuck_out_tongue:


The pavers looks so nice! Oh and i need to make myself some cactus furniture now :smile:

Great job and thank you.


I love the Stone Throne! :heart_eyes:


The pavers look awesome! Do you have any plans to add rugs and curtains to match different furniture sets for example green ones to match the cactus set?


I did but I have 3 different mods going with a fourth in the wings and was debating on if I should match the colors in the beds or with the banners from my Signery mod. Honestly they wouldn’t be very difficult to pump out but I don’t see them coming any time this month. :frowning: sorry.