[MOD] Yangz Yings

Hello and welcome Yang & Co’s Mod Making!

I am Yangzhoui, a novice mod maker, and I am here to bring you guys my home made mods.
There are some replicas of real things as well as own designs, but I try to stay as close as possible to the default Stonehearth style.
I work together with @Johby since december 2017. He writes the code, I make the models and design new content.

Small history of this mod

I am a backer of stonehearth on Kickstarter way back in the day. At that tine i was real hyped and made all kinds of models in qubicle. I played the game from time to time and in end 2016 i came back to the game after a few months and started to make my models real mods. At first i did everything myself. After a few weeks of making i recruited some inexperinced modders to help me with the mod. List of former members on the bottom of this post.
In Jan 2017 i got some personal stuff in the way and in Dec 2017 i picked it up again but i knew i did not have the time and energy to do more then moddeling and exporting those. Because of this i searched for a partner who was experienced in modding. Did not take long before i found Johby. And that brings us to the here and now.

Suggestions and tips are welcome, and if you encounter any bugs, let me know!


  1. Go to the steam workshop
  2. Subscribe!
  3. Launch the game and go to mods
  4. Turn on the mod

All mods are compatible with already exisiting save files.

All mods are compatiable with most external mods. If you find any mod it has conflict with please let me know then ill try and make it compatible!

Special thanks to everyone who’ve helped me with getting my style right and finding errors! You guys are awesome!

Yangz Yings

Yangz Yings sas been released on steam and is the “new” mod from Yang & Co’s mod making. All previous mods have been combined and are now all in one place as one big mod called Yangz Yings!

Steam workshop link: Steam Workshop :: Yangz Yings

Mod full details are listed in the steam workshop and are kept up to date there!

For those without steam a manual download: yangz-yings.smod (2.6 MB)

If and of you have made beutifull things with my mod i would love to see some screenshots! Maybe i can even use them as promo images!


Yang & Co’s Essentials

Current mod version: 1.0.0
Compatible: A23+

  1. Base for all Yang & Co’s mods
  2. Nuggets of metal
  3. Gear System Rework
  4. Craftable coal

Link to the steam workshop: Yang & Co’s Essentials

Additional information (click to expand)

This mod is required for any of the other mods to work.
Essentials brings a bunch of features who are fundamental for the other mods and a few quality of life improvements.

Mod includes:

Coal is now craftable with 3 wood by the blacksmith.

New Nugget System:
Every type of ingot can be smelted into 3 nuggets. Nuggets can then be used in several recipes.
Some recipes that required ingots in the original stonehearth have been slightly tweaked to balance with the new nugget system.

Gear System rework:
Bronze gear is now called simple gear and is crafted with 2 bronze nuggets.
Iron gear is now called Intermidiate gear and keeps it normal recipe.
New gear added: Clockwork gear, its crafted with 1 gold nugget and 1 iron nugget.
Some recipes that required gear in the original Stonehearth have been slightly tweaked to fit within the new system.

New Items:

  • Copper Nugget
  • Tin Nugget
  • Bronze Nugget
  • Iron Nugget
  • Steel Nugget
  • Silver Nugget
  • Gold Nugget
  • Clockwork Gear

Yang & Co’s Decorations

Current mod version: 3.0.1
Compatible: A23+
Runs on Yang & Co’s Essentials version: 1.0.0

  1. Many decoration items
  2. Many furniture items
  3. New job the Painter
  4. Paintings

Link to the steam workshop: Yang & Co’s Decorations

What will happen when you have a savegame that used Yang & Co's Decorations v2 and you update it to v3

If you have any of the colourd furniture or paintings in your world the game will give an error once the game is loaded.
This error can be ignored and is only the first time you load an old save file.
All coloured furnirture and paintings will be gone from the world and can be crafted again by the painter.

Sorry for the incovinence! This will only happen once and will not happen again in future updates.

If you have none of these items in the game you dont have to worry about anything!

Additional info (click to expand)

This mod brings a whole new job to Stone Hearth called The Painter!

The painter will, as you’d excpect, make paintings to decorate your buildings with. But paintings will not come easy. A co-oparation of the weaver, herbalist, painter and sometimes even the carpenter and the farmer is needed to complete the paintings. But the result is well worth it!
Some of the paintings might even need a rare dye which can only be bought of a trader. (Trader is wip)

Aside from the painter this mod brings lots of new furniture and decoration items to decorate your town with.

Mod includes:


  • Painter


  • Archery Target
  • Dog House
  • Wall Mounted Clock
  • Pretty Curtains Wide (for wide windows)
  • Pretty Curtains Tall (for tall windows)


  • I’m a fox (painting original made by kenket, deviant art)
  • Sunset (original painting)
  • Compositions in red, yellow and blue (Piet Mondriaan)
  • De Nachtwacht (The Nightwatch by Rembrandt van Rijn)
  • Frostfeast (Original art by radiant for stonehearth event frostfeast)


  • Countertop
  • Countertop Small
  • Dining Table Large
  • Coffee Table
  • Wardrobe
  • Comfy Clay Bed
  • Comfy Sofa (1.5 seat)
  • Comfy Sofa (2 seat)

Furniture set:

  • Red
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Brown
Futniture Set includes 11 items:
  • 1. Comfy Chair
  • 2,3. Comfy Sofa (1.5 and 2 seat version)
  • 4. Comfy bed
  • 5,6,7. Pretty Curtains (Normal, Tall and Wide)
  • 8,9. Wall-Mounted Banner (Small and Big)
  • 10. Decorative Throw Rug
  • 11. Comfy Clay Bed

Refined resources:


  • Canvas (sizes small, normal and extra large)
  • Frame (sizes small, normal and extra large)
  • Dye (black, colourful, exotic and rare)
  • Bucket of Paint

Colour Variants:
Dog House:


  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Flame

Current version: 3.0.1

Change log
v1.0 Painter Update

Job: Painter
refined resources: dye (black, colourful, exotic, rare), canvas (s,m,xl), frame (s,m,xl)
Decoration: I’m a fox


Composition in red, yellow and blue
Removed the wood cost of canvas.
Reduced the amount of exp need for the painter to lvl up.
Removed the rare dye cost of the nachtwacht until the trader works.
Fixed some descriptions who where not showing up.


Framed version of every painting.
Reduced the cost of canvas to 2/5/10 from 3/7/12
Reduced the lvl requirement of the nightwatch to 1 from 6 until there are more paintings.
Slightly changed the moddel of the frame of the nightwatch to better fit the stonehearth style
Fixed the exp of the painter cause i accedantly made it get less exp instead of more xD


Colour coded the sizes of the canvas
Changed the model of:
Iconic canvas (s,m,xl)
Iconic frame (s,m,xl)
Painters Easel and the iconic version
Painters outfit (male and female)
Changed the icons of:
Canvas (s,m,xl)
Frame (s,m,xl)
Menu icons (slightly)


raised the lvl requirement of the nightwatch to 2


Added a stockpile category for all painters materials.


Added a small YD in the top left corner of every image so it is easy to see what items are from the mod.
Made all images 600x600 as standart size.
Made the mod compatible with better stockpiles mod.
Slightly changed some descriptions.

v2.0.0 Furniture Set Update

Pretty curtains tall and wide
Comfy Sofa 1.5 seat and 2 seat
First furniture set: Yellow
Furniture sets include:
Comfy sofa 1.5 & 2, chair and bed all with fine versions.
Pretty curtains normal, wide and tall
Banner big and small
Thorw rug


Some icons had the YD missing
Fine items where buyable and that should not be. fixed it.
Fixed the lvl requirement for the sofa


Furniture set Brown.


Fixed a few placements of ietms who where slightly off.


Updated to alpha 23
Added apeal to all items

v3.0.0 Colour Variants Update


Mod now requires Yang & Co’s Essentials to function right.

All colour variants on items are now crafted by the painte with the base item and a bucket of paint.

All comfy models have been updated to fit the new standart of comfy items set in A23.

All comfy item recipes are update to fit the new standart of comfy items in A23



  • I’m a fox & framed version: painter lvl required increased to 2
  • Compoition in red, blue and yellow & framed version: painter lvl required increased to 2
  • Sunset & framed version: painter lvl required increased to 1
  • Frostfeast & framed verson: painter lvl required increased to 4
  • De Nachtwacht & framed version: painter lvl required increased to 6, recipe changed to x black dye, x colour dye, x exotic dye and 1 rare dye


Paintshop trader is now implanted. Giving the opertunity to buy dye and paintings.

Refined resourses:

  • Bucket of Paint (in ten colours)

Furniture sets:

  • Grey
  • Red

New items in every Furniture set:

  • Comfy Clay Bed

Furniture & Decorations:

  • Wallmounted Clock
  • Dog House
  • Wardrobe
  • Countertop
  • Small Countertop
  • Large Dining Table
  • Archery Target
  • Coffee Table

Colour Variants:

  • Dog House:
    ** Red
    ** Green
    ** Blue
    ** Pink
    ** Flame

Placement of all curtains corrected.
Replaced all png files with a new format png file to let everything feel like a whole.


Fixed the colourd 1.5 sofas to have a model

Download link of most recent version: Yang & co’s Decorations

Yang & Co’s Armoury

Current mod version: 0.5.0
Compatible: A23+
Runs on Yang & Co’s Essentials version: -

  1. New weapons
  2. New armour

Link to the steam workshop: Yang & Co’s Armoury

Additional info (click to expand)

The armoury mod brings a whole lot of new weapons to the fight. There are a lot of replicas as well as original designs.

Mod includes:


  • Gladiator light armour (The movie Gladiator)
  • Hylian Shield (Legend of Zelda)


  • De-Malevo-Lance (Fairy Tail - Erza)
  • Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)
  • Ice Bow (League of Legends - Ashe’s bow)
  • Gravis Sword (A speed paint of ProlificPen at deviant art)
  • Longbow (Own design)

Version: 0.5.0

Change Log

Hylian Shield
Master Sword
Female gladiator armor: changed the chest piece to fit better with the shoulder
fixed the description names


changed the model of hylian shield and master sword to better fit the stonehearth style


changed the model of the master sword


Ice Bow


Gravis Sword
fixed a few discription typos


Fixed the damage of the gravis sword cause it was acttualky less dps then the twohanded sword.


Fixed the discriptions of the iconic version of hylian shield, gladiator light armour and gravis sword.


Increased the cost of:
Gravis sword - from 6 steel to 8 steel
Master sword - added 2 silver ingots
Hylian shield - added 3 silver ingots
I chaned it to better fit the amount of stats it gives in comparisment to the cost


Longbow (unstable)
YA in the corner of the icon
Model of the melevo lance

Download link of most recent version: Yangzhoui’s Armoury

Former members of Yang & Co's Mod Making:



Welcome to the modding community :grin:
Judging by your nice little tapestry, you are no novice to modelling. Looks really cool! I am curious about what will come next…


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Thank you! i was here when it launched on kickstarters but have been gone for a long time :P.
Stonehearth is the first time with voxel or pixel art. Back in the day i made a dozen of creations and hope to implant them all ^¢^. I started with implanting the nightwatch cause it is the best of all the things i made in my opinion. It took a long time to make but i am very pleased with the result ^¢^.
And for modding this is the first time i ever made a mod so i am very pleased it went so well ^¢^.

Stay tuned for new stuff cause i have quite some to come rolling in :smiley:


Really? The model does look like you have quite some experience in pixel art - or at least are very talented :smiley:

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Really Nice, a series of these with some sculptures would allow us to build an art gallery.
This is the nicest piece I have seen for Stonehearth.

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Thank you!
More art will be comming in the future but i have a lot of weapons and armour already finished first that i am going to mod in there. The art is not yet created. I am thinking of challenging myself to make a new job called the painter when i make some more art but i have no clue how hard that will be xD.

The art takes quite a long time to make so i havent made that much yet. Other items take far less time so i made a lot more of those back in the day.

Added Second mod the armoury! and added a question if people would be intrested in the painter.

For the painter, if you want to add paint as ingredient crafted by existing jobs, maybe make the herbalist craft paint with the herbs.

But I think it would be ok if the painter himself crafted it (and the other things).


Oh my god you put in a Fairy Tail weapon! I love you!

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I was already planning on doing that. Its the most logical way in my eyes.

I have a few other pieces laying ready from fairy tail. I am slowly adding new things so stay tuned.

Also updated armoury to v0.2

I want the herbalist to craft the dyes but i am wondering what i should use to lvl up the painter then. Maybe i need to create a lot of small paintings.

Small update on the painter. I am trying some things with qubicle and this is the placeholder version of dye for now. Might be changed in future but i like it for now.

Colourful dye set & Exotic dye set

they are 9x9 big so the right size for a crafting item ^¢^

also i updated the mastersword and hylian shield to fit the stonehearth style better


Alright i am working on pushing the changes trough with the armoury mod including a new bow with arrow type it shoots.

On the painter note, i have been working on creating the files for the painter and i created 4 types of dye. Black, Colourful, Exotic and Rare dye sets. All sets will be craftable except for the rare dye. the rare dye is only available trough traveling merchants for 200 a piece and for this i created a new trader who sells all types of paint and paintings. the trade will always have 1 to 3 rare dye for sale.

For paintings the last 90 min i have been working on a small painting which is now finished and i am currently asking persmission of serveral artist if i may make pixel art of their real paintings.

Here is the small painting. It is 20x20 big fitting in the small paintings section.

orignial painting

stonehearth painting

[details=old iamages i was not satesfied with]

i am still now really setasfied about the colour so i might sweak it a bit to make it a bit more yellowish like the original.

EDIT, 15 min later tweaking it i am more satisfied now.
EDIT 2, reading back my post. still not satisfied so spend another 10 min to pollish it. might even spend some more xD
EDIT 3, 10 more minutes more made it better ^¢^ but still i dont completely like it xD
EDIT 4, 15 more minutes in the painting in the hope i like it now xD
EDIT 5, 5 more minutes did it. i just needed to get some more contrast :smiley:

i might be a perfectionist but those painings take quite some time to make x.x
i have spend 155 min on this one and this is only a 20x20 painting. you guys better like it xD

Let me know what you guys think!


I’m Yangzhoui
I’m an artist!

DERP! ʕʘ‿ʘʔ

this is an actual painting that is sold for 44 million o.O like who would pay that much for that thing xD


It all about the color! How smooth it is panited and the precision of the Human hand!

…i think…


It also has something to do with how “original” the idea was – postmodern art is everywhere now; but the first few artists to try breaking the rules just for the sake of breaking the rules were as seen as “brave trailblazers” in the art world.

Of course this is the supreme irony of postmodernism; because the whole point of the movement is that nothing is really new and that novelty alone isn’t creative (it’s all about the connections between things, and finding new connections rather than making things up on the spot…)

I only bring any of this up because @Yangzhoui is, funnily enough, creating some postmodern artworks which would be extremely interesting to critics who are interested in what games do to traditional art.

Anyway, I don’t mean to derail the thread with art criticism; any more of that should probably take place in the Steffers Geodamo Siphoning Center for Painting And Stuff

Getting back on topic, I love the fox painting and you’ve done an amazing job keeping detail like the lighting with such a low resolution. There’s definitely room for many cool paintings in a mod like this.

However, one thing I’ve always loved about paintings in Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound and other such games is when they depict scenes from within the game; and I think that would work great to add some extra live to the world of Hearth too. There are plenty of cool creatures to work with, and the dev team’s wallpapers provide some really awesome scenes which I’m sure would be a useful inspiration.


I like the idea of making some painting of in game things! I havent thought of that yet but i think i can make some nice things out of that!
Altho making pixel art of pixel/voxel models is quite hard xD

And thank you everyone for the likes and positive feedback! It really motivates me to make more with people liking what you make!

sneak peak on what i am working on right now ^¢^

it might take a while before its finished cause its a big painting


Alright updated the Armoury mod with 2 new items!
A low lvl bow crafted by the blacksmith. it costs 1 iron and 2 frostsnaps and is for lvl 1 archer altho i might lower it to no lvl requirement. it is crafted by a blacksmith of at least lvl 1.
And a end game 2 handed bad ass sword. it is crafted by the master blacksmith and cost 6 steel 2 bronze 1 gold and 3 wood. It is very slow with attacking but does devastating damage. it can only be used by lvl 6 footman.

Also if any of you that are testign and using my mods have any balance issues or tips on how to improve i would love to hear them!

for the painting i am still working on it but i mad some mistakes with my mod so to get those 2 items in took somewhat longer then expected. thanks to @Geokhan it is all fixed now.

if this frostfeast painting will be a succes i am exited to go and do more stonehearth concept art paintings!

Edit updated the gravis sword cause it might did more raw damage then two handed sword but it did less dps xD