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Edit: Literally after I glanced at the index and did a search, I posted this and then I saw the stickied intro post. Woops, sorry for the clutter. s:

I just wanted to say hello to everyone, introduce myself a little bit. I would like to get more involved in the community but I am not fully sure at the moment on where I would fit best, though I’m sure I’ll find a home somewhere.

I am a developer and a streamer. I mostly develop on web applications but would like to give a go at making a mod for Stonehearth someday, not sure what on but just for an experiment. I like to stream every few days and lately is has been straight Stonehearth - The people who have came in and said hello have all been lovely, so thanks for being so kind! ^-^
Whilst on the mod topic I will be looking for some streams and tutorials on the forums for the language and how to do the things, if you have any suggestions above others then let me know, and I will take a look. :smiley:

Hopefully after it has been years since I was last on a forum, that I can manage keeping up with the topics I watch a little better.
Anyway thanks for reading, have a nice day everyone.


hola, hi, hello from the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: might want to give a hi to froggy and Pandemic

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I will take a nose after work then ^-^ Thanks for the help

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Hello Stonehearthers,

Just wanted to say hello. I’ve been playing since last Wednesday and I’m really enjoying the game. These boards have been very helpful and it’s great to see such an active community contributing to development. The Twitch development streams have been quite fun to watch and I can’t wait until the next one so I can join in :slight_smile:

I have some suggestions and feedback I will be sharing. This is so exciting.

So yeah, Hi!

~ Glitter


Welcome to the discourse!


Thank you!! Nice to met ya.

Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy the site as much as the rest of us :slight_smile:


Hey there everyone! Hope all is going well with you!

I just wanted to introduce myself, as I’m new here! I stumbled across Stonehearth randomly just a few days ago. I actually have no recollection of how I came across it. I’m pretty sure I was on Steam… But after I saw it, I was gunning for buying it. It needed. To. Be. Mine.

Especially after I read the bit about how the creators of the game are so open to, and even requesting mods. This has inspired me (someone who has had a lot of fun doing pixel art) to not only buy the game, but also buy Qubicle, so I can make some of my own mods. I know how to do the art bits–just need to learn some more on animating and coding subsequently, and I shall be good. :heart_eyes_cat: I already have some concept art doodled out for some Penny Dreadful style Heartlings and lands, and some elfy/aztec people living in a jungle. Super excited!

I hope you guys end up enjoying what I make, and if you have any for me, feel free to throw them my way!

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If you are looking to create pixel art in the from of paintings and stuff it might be nice to team up if you would want to ^¢^. I currently have a mod that introduces a whole new job called the painter and am creating paintings myself as well ^¢^.

If not its also perfectly fine but i think i let you know ^¢^. I just started to team up with a few other people to be able to make more and better content.

Here is the link to my topic and since i am working in a team now i might change the title and stuff but that is a minor thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know what you think ^¢^


Haha, I maaaaayyyyy have peeked at that already xp I would love to make some art with you! It could be very fun!

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Welcome aboard! Glad to have you :slight_smile:

Welcome! If you need any help with animating, just ask me, i’m the animation guy around here (mainly because i’m the only guy),
implementing then isn’t my department though, so you’ll have to ask people that do coding for that

Alright then i added you to a group message with other people i work with. In there we can talk about how and what ^¢^

Hey there @MrsFizzes, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:! Moved your post over to our Community Intro topic - we try to avoid having too many “hello!” topics :wink:.

Ah, thank you so much! I’m super sorry I didn’t realize it was there! I looked through the tags, but not the discourse itself XD

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No need to apologize, that’s what we’re here for!


Hello world!

I am new to this discourse. I backed the StoneHearth kickstarter and have been following progress ever since, but I didn’t get around to installing the game until about six weeks ago. I am enjoying it immensely, even though most of my play-throughs have ended in disaster :worried:

I have spent some time today learning about modding. I have written a mod called “lucky_dice”, which rolls a 4, 5 or 6 for all of the Hearthlings’ attributes instead of the usual range of 1-6. I am aware that this will spoil the balance of the game, it was really just an exercise in learning how to make a mod.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. would it be ok with the developers for me to share a ‘cheaty’ mod like this?
  2. would anyone be interested in this mod either to play with or to give me advice on whether it is written correctly?

If there is interest I can start a thread in the modding topic to discuss further.

Best wishes to all,



Welcome @FiveoaksGreen and thanks for being a Kickstarter backer too. :slight_smile:

Oh yes. We ship debugtools which is the most cheaty mod ever XD. You could even include an “unlucky dice” mod for teh harcorz XD

Thanks for playing and making a mod too! :smiley:


Ah, and now time for the obligatory introduction post :grimacing:.

Hey all, I’m Addison, or you can call me by my self-assigned moniker, Dungeon Stone. It’s nice to meet you.
I always find these things so funny make, you know 98% of the active users on the board never check this post anyway lol. But regardless.

I’ve been following Stonehearth regularly since the early days of it’s Kickstarter, but unfortunately was never a backer… My mom wouldn’t let me use her card :///
ButI’mGroooownNow :love_you_gesture:t5:
After admiring in silence for 4 years or so I’ve decided I’m well overdue in joining the community lol. So here I am, I hope to be an active and helpful memeber.
I -like everyone and their grandma- have mods I’d love to make and add to the community, and they’re ideas I hope you all will enjoy playing along with me, but this is neither the time or place for that.
So I’ll leave it with a thank you for reading through my wall of text, and I’m looking forward to talking with you all soon!



Thanks for introducing yourself @DungeonStone :smiley: Thanks for following us for so many years and let us know if there’s anything you need!