More Decorative Items (To make the game Realistic)

I hope someone who knows how to create a mod will be interested in making such decorative items. It would be so realistic if these items are placed.

Decorative Items:

  1. Kitchen cabinet set.

  2. Bathroom set: Bathtub, Basin, Commode, Mirror, Decorative pipes and Tap.

  3. Electronic machine set: Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air cooler, TV, Oven and Electric Switchboard.

  4. Dinning set: Plates, Jugs, Glass & Spoons (all should be able to place over the table).

  5. Wall decoration set: Clock, Designed Mirror and Calendar.

  6. Furniture set: Rocking Chair, Dressing Table, Small dust/waste bin, Corner Rack, Coat Hanger Stand (with coat or without coat) and Writing table with books on top.

  7. Visitor’s set: Name Plate, Mailbox, Shoes (to place them on ground any where specially beside the door outside.), Dog House and Calling Bell Switch (should be placed beside the main door, outside).

  8. Military set: Target Point, Box to place Arrows and swords, Military Fences and Military Shed.

  9. Garden set: Outside Clothes Dryer, Buckets, Umbrella Stand, Different design and colored Fences, Sign Boards and Tea Table.

Since the team has already placed heart in hearthlings, so why not place some more stuffs to that the game so that it looks more realistic than it is now.


Maybe you want to play with these mods:

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what do you think? I never seen those?
I have tried all of those mods.
Who are you? a mod maker?
I was hoping a reply from a mod maker.
In future, don’t give a replay if you have nothing to say of your own, and don’t advertise other peoples mods, and don’t think that people are so stupid that they can’t seems to find what they want.
In my post I gave new items to be made as a mod. I didn’t ask for help. I didn’t ask for showing me is there any decorative item mods.
Use your head man! this is the “suggestions” forum, not a “need help” forum. I have doubt whether you read my whole post or not.

Great suggestions, but TV, Air cooler… maybe not the best idea for a medieval game :wink:

If you search Mod-Makers its really not the best way to attack members of the community. I think grom only wanted to help you. You don’t mentioned that you have tried these Mods already.


I know, I got a little bit of carried away seeing grom’s replies. anyways, I apologize if I have hurt grom’s feelings.

Your right, TVs do sound a little bit futuristic. Its that the game is so awesome and I just love to make different houses and most of my rooms looks kinda empty, specially the kitchen. I like to design a house having bedroom, leaving room, kitchen, bathroom, reading room, specific job room, dinning room, storage room, even an attic and this makes most of my houses big (I mean really big). So I need more and more furniture. Sometimes I wish I knew how to make mods.

Ahahahah no problems :wink:

I have the same “problem” in some of my Buildings. Creating a Voxel-Model is the smallest Problem unfortunately :frowning2:

Maybe if you create some Models and Upload them to this tread a Modder will add this in future to a Decoration-Set.

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Hi @Giliweed1 :slight_smile:
I Agree that it would be awesome with more decorative items in the main game and your suggestions is just what the developers have asked for the community to say out loud.

On the answer to @groms i agree that your presumption of his intentions is a bit on your own half of the playfield, he just wrote one line of words and nothing of what you read was in that line. Tag people with the @ if you want to right your wrongs and im sure the feelings wont get hurt?

Anyways i hope your suggestions will be noted by the devs and have a lovely weekend!

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True, a medieval game won’t have TVs and stuff