[WIP] Mod to add new decorative objects to the game

Hey all,

I started working on a mod yesterday, my first mod for this game, and well any game. The idea of this mod is to add some decorative items and furniture. Currently I have fully implimented a bookshelf, and partly implimented a street lamp although there are about 5 other variations of the lamp which have been modeled so far. The lamps have taken some inspiration from the startermod_items mod created by @sdee.

If you have ideas for items you would like added please let me know, if you have modelled one already then that would be great (this is also my first time doing 3d modelling…). I have attached some images of the models so far. Please let me know your thoughts. I’m really enjoying playing this game and making mods for it so all feedback is welcome.

This is the bookshelf and can be used in-game and is the only complete item so far.

This is a single wooden lamp post

Hanging lamp post

Double hanging lamp post

Single but stone

Hanging but stone

Double hanging but stone

This is a new resource within the game, it is needed to craft the two hangining lamp posts it is a binding to join together multiple pieces of wood, the single hanging requires one where as the double requires two. These are crafted out of stone, I wanted to add some detail to crafting the objects, and so I am planning on creating resources which makes up the final item, taking into account other jobs available so that all of the hearthings can get involved.

This is another resource and is used as a hook for the lamp posts.

I’m hoping to introduce a lot of different decorative items and furniture, and also add additional detail to the game by making some more complex items a little bit more involved when crafting. Somethings I hope to add additional effects to in the future, such as getting a hearthling to read a book using the bookshelf could inspire them and speed up their crafting and make them more focused.

But its all plans at the moment, if you have any ideas then please let me know, never made a mod in the past so really open to suggestions.


For the lamp posts you can take a look at the ones inside GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_items: a sample mod showing how to create different types of items
for reference about positioning lights.

Good looks so far! :smiley:

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Thanks! Was planning on looking at them, if I remember rightly when I looked at the items in that mob the positioning of lights were complicated haha. But that’s a job for today :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking for this bud :+1:

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Hi Tom, I don’t know if you’ve seen the praisedb - http://praisedb.x10.bz but you may want to add you mod to the other listed Stonehearth mods there :slight_smile:

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this looks great! Who’s working on it, or is it just you?

Thanks, yep just me in my spare time, never really made a mod in the past but adding objects to this game is a lot easy than adding objects to other games which support modding.


do you use stonevox or something else to make the models?

I use zoxel the original got abandoned but a great guy who works on the web vixen editor trowel forked it and continues to update it fixing bugs and improving it. Here is the version I use GitHub - chrmoritz/zoxel: A cross-platform editor for small voxel models, forked from the now inactive grking/zoxel.

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