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Alright i am working on the workbench of the painter. And i want you guys opinion.

So first of shall i make a easel with or without canvas.

  • With canvas
  • Without canvas

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And second any tips on improving this easel. I like it so far but i am not sure if it is good enough.

Preview of what i have made so far for the painter (paintings not included)

I had a real hard time with the icon but it is good enough for now.


I’d suggest you make the canvas vertical on the easel – it might not be totally realistic, but canvases are always thought of as being flat and the “stepped” effect basically breaks the immersion on that idea. The version without the canvas on it can keep its tilt, but I’d suggest adding a wide horizontal shelf along the bottom of the tilted part to hold the canvas up, and move the cross-bar in front. That way, when the canvas is sitting on the shelf it won’t look out of place, the top is leaning against the cross bar and the bottom is resting on the shelf with the lack of an angle being conveniently hidden by the shelf itself…

I did vote for having the easel without a WIP painting on it, because I love that model you’ve done and I think that the canvas will hide the best parts. However, you could do both options and see what turns out better… or ideally, find a way for the easel to gain a canvas when the painter is working at it. It may be possible to add an animation that plays when the workstation is in use (look at the weaver’s and potters’ workshops for an example), but instead of moving parts the animation would simply be that a canvas appears and maybe the painter moves a brush around… time the animation to last as long as a painting takes to create, and it should be very convincing. Of course, it’s probably also quite complicated, so if you’d prefer to go a simpler route then nobody would be upset hahah!

One final thought: those painters’ smocks are a cool idea, but they look a bit more like clown costumes. The paint splotches are very random; but painters will generally get paint all over specific places and rarely get paint in other areas. The same is true for house painters (a few of whom I know) to artists to model hobbyists who paint tiny figures with tinier brushes (I can attest to that last case from experience lol) – the paint doesn’t splatter around randomly, unless perhaps you’re creating an homage to Pollock; rather it tends to rub off onto elbows, knees, arms and the raised areas of the body which are more likely to come into contact with the painting. Also, the hands are the main area to get paint on them, so adding some “gloves” which are simply paint smduges layered over the hands might help to sell the effect.


Thanks for the feedback again! I will take it in my mind and start tweaking again ^¢^
But before that i am going to try and get the basics of the painter mod in game working. I am finishing up some last files and gonna give it a first test run. After the main structure works i will be fine tuning the models again :smiley:

And yes i have thought about costume animations but i am still a novice and that is a lot of work and espacialy to get it looking good. The canvas apearing when painting is a thing i certainly gonna give a try but a painting animation is above my might for the moment.

hmm perhaps i should convert a picture of mona lisa - change then the size ^^ mona lisa picture for the walls xD

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If paintings making for hearthstone would be that easy i would have a 100 paintings right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
but mona lisa is on the list tho ^¢^

And once the painter is ready people are free to make a mod that brings aditional paintings to the painter. Cause i can imagine that people would like the painter paint their own creation in game ^¢^

when the painter is ther i will give full list of item names and all the stuff you would need to make an own painting for the painter :smiley:

… hmmm i dont know if i shall say you now that its very easy xDDD

for example :wink:

a picture to change to an qbfile is the fastest part ^^ the longest part is to add it to your mod and find an cool name xDDD

fix render of the picture xD

was just a quick preview for you not the best picture xD and maked in 8mins xD

mona lisa.qb (356.0 KB)

if you scale it down to fit within a house then yes it is that easy. if you want to keep true to the pixel amount of stonehearth it is not that easy.

if you keep the same dimentions as the original but then in game it looks like this:

what is pretty decent dont get me wrong but it is not the quality i want.


the fox on the left is not bad. and it might even be close to the original since it is just sized down but it would totaly not fit into the stonehearth style in my opinion. And using the real resolution would also not be stonehearth.
While the fox on the right might also be more detail then an avarge stonehearth item, once placed in the world it fits in like every other object.
I might be a little bit bichy with wanting it in stonehearth style but for me that is an important part. I want to create a mod which feels the same as the original stonehearth. It must feel as more stonehearth.

And dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with detailed paintings but it is not what i am trying to create.

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thats correct because of this i dont scale it down ^^ the game can hold lots of high voxel entities ^^

And i know for sure that some will like the methode you use better then mine since it looks so much more detailed and real. But on the other hand i also know for sure that there are more people like me who would like the items being stonehearthified so to call ^¢^


thats right ^^ but because i will not do another mod (i have at the moment 7 active mods) - so they have no options xDDDDD

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You could make some references to other stuff! Like how Starbound does it! They have tons of easter-eggs


Well i could reference but i am actually not refering but just naming it literal xD. Same as the night watch. that is an orignal master piece made by the painter rembrandt van rijn :stuck_out_tongue:

I do though try to stonehearthify them.

And maybe making references to other games or so is a fun idea. I already was planning on doing an 8 bit mario painting in there xD.

Btw if any of you have anything they would love to see let me know! I can not promise anything but who knows. i have to make a lot of paintings :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT since i am not a developer and get no money for this i am free to use a lot more then the actual devs of the game.
EDIT2 speaking about references if you pay real good atention to some of the discriptions and flavor i sometims make references to other random things :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey Yang, how about a painting of a Hearthling King? I want something to hang in my royal hall that reminds the workers of who they work for :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds like a plan! I like it and that is certainly going on my to do list!

Painter first version is live!

You hear it right the painter works and is implanted in the mod. Today i will go to bed early but tomorrow ill be updating some models and adding some more paintings.
Tomorrow i will also add a list of file names if someone wpuld be intrested in using the painter as parent mod for their paintings.

I am really happy that it works and it went actually very smooth. Only had a few small errors but they where fixed real quick.

Let me know what you guys think!


Doing some testing now, Looking good :smiley:



Sorry i like whwn numbers get like that xD


I updated the decorations mod to v1.1
added 2 new paintings, fixed some material costs, reduced the amount of exp needed for the painter and removed the rare dye cost of the nightwatch until the trader works.


Comming back on scaling down i want to slightly scale down the easel cause i have seen it is too big and other stonehearth crafting places are scaled down as well so it wont stnad out if i scale it down to size 0.8 or so.

I take that you have to add some line of code in the .json

correct ^^

you must add in the ghost:

  "render_info": {
     "scale": 0.04
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Thank you ^¢^
i have been looking trough the stonehearth files and most decoration and stuff are around 0.1 and my paintings where already on 0.1 since i took the cutrains as base :P.


Well today i have update the the decoration mod with update on models and added a framed version of all the paintings. Both with and without frame are able to hang on the wall. I also changed some prices of the armoury and decorations mod. For exact details check the changelogs ^¢^

Here a sneak preview of the progress in the painting for the frostfeast :smiley:

It is far from finished but it is getting somewhere.
I hope you guys like it!

I also have been just playing a bit of stonehearth cause hey i like the game :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright so i am still working on the painting but in the meantime i have a preview of the next set of items that will be brought to the decorations mod. Making the models for this was quite easy but it is gonna take some work modding them all in to the game. I know for sure that some of you gonna like this.

Stuffed animals and monsters.

Still think about if they are drops or craftables and if so who crafts them.

Hope you like it guys!