[MOD] Yangz Yings


I think the stuffed animals should be crafted by the weaver much like the plush rabbits are – the difference would be that each animal uses its appropriate pelt.

The carpenter could carve an entling from an oak log, and likewise the mason could carve the small stone golem from a piece of stone.

As for the monster heads, I reckon the simplest option is to use relevant existing drops to craft them – goblin honour tokens for the goblin head, kobold scout hats for the kobold and so on. I suspect that modifying the existing drop tables for those enemies (to add a trophy as a rare drop) would lead to compatability issues with any other mod that tried to modify the same monsters.

I love the mammoth head and hope we get to see something like it in a mod! The boar’s head has a good balance between cute and intimidating, however I think it’s a little too flat… almost like it’s squashed together. I think that lengthening the face and snout would make it look a bit more like a wild boar and less like a cartoon pig. I also think a small mohawk/mane would help it stand out as a wild boar rather than a domestic pig.


My only question is how do you stuff a rockling/rock golem? :wink: The heads are a really a nice touch. Can’t wait to see them in hunting lodges or museums.


Thanks again for the feedback!
For the methode of optaining i was thinking of exact that. Just using 1 wood in combination with a few of the material closest to the thing at self as kobalt hat or fox pelt. It would give the people the freedom to have mulitple without have to wait for luck to give you them. Also it would be hard to get the entling and rockling since they are not that much appearing late game.

Conserning the mammoth. it is actually a item in the official stonehearth files intended as a future pet to have in your town. There was also a mammoth in the monster files but i liked the moddel of this one more so i used the pet version. It will get in the official game eventually.

And for the boar i used the pig of the cookmod (cafe mod by froggy) as main moddel and tried to make it more like a wild boar. And yes i have permission of froggy to use the pig as base for the boar ^¢^. I really like the idea of the mohawk to give it mor the feel of a wild boar. I was already playing with the colour and gave it some tusks but i also felt like it was not perfect yet. I will definitly try it and give you guys an update in my stonehearth style am i doing it right? topic to further discuss the progress :smiley:

And to @Averest i think i make it an item crafted by the mason since it is made out of stone. Since the only thing they drop is stone or a ore i think that is the best solution.


So i have all models finished.

I also have a small bonus for all the sick people here.

It will be made with a gravestone of a died hearthling.


Happy frostfeast everybody!

I updated the decorations mod with a frostfeast painting.

I also added a YD in the top left corner of every image so you can easily see what is of the decorations mod.

I am currently modding in all the items i made and showed you in the last post. I release all those items at once and will upgrade the version to v2.

Here is a small preview i just finished moddeling.

The chair is an original stonehearth item and i found it annoying that there is a lack of real sofa’s in the game. There are those really small outdoor benches but i wanted real sofa’s so here are a 1.5 seat sofa and a 2 seat sofa with fine versions of both. I have no clue if i can get it so that 2 hearthlings can sit on it but at first it will be 1 heathling that sits right in the middle :3

Enjoy your holidays! (or of you have to work good luck!)


I am in need of an assistant!

This is one of the reasons:

i am even planning on more colours. xD


I’m spamming the like button but nothings happening!
Awesome job on the painting, it looks amazing :heart_eyes:!
Love the furniture and color variations too :smiley:.


I hope that you all had a nice christmass!

I have some updates to bring ^¢^

First off i can announce that i started to work with some nice people i met here on the forum :D. From now on this will be a project on which a team will be working to bring more and better content!
I am currently working on getting the team together and divide some tasks.

I have modeled a few new furniture items

A wardobe and a large table.

The table is the size of 2 dining tables and is a quite simple yet nice model. The wardrobe is a bit larger then a hearthling. Both have fine versions as you can see ^¢^

We have quite a team with more and less active people but every bit of help is nice since i am in a situation where i have reduced amount of energy to spend due to a chronicle disease.

I hope you guys like it ^¢^


First of Happy new Year everybody!

I updated the decorations mod to v2.0.0 and added a whole bunch of new items to decorrated your houses with.

I added new curtains for wide and tall windows. Made a sofa in the style of the comfy furniture style of stonehearth. Even made a 1.5 seat version and 2 seat version. The first real sofa’s in stonehearth cause those park benches are so small you cant take it serious xD.

The furniture sets include:

  • Comfy Chair + Fine version
  • Comfy Sofa (1.5 and 2 seat version) + Fine versions
  • Comfy Bed + Fine version
  • Pretty Curtains (Normal, Tall and Wide)
  • Wall-Mounted Banner (Small and Big)
  • Decorative Throw Rug

All in a new colour or patern ^¢^
It might not be very new or different i think it adds a lot to the game to have some colour variations for the basic furniture items. Everything blue gets boring after a while.

The Yellow furniture set is one of many colours to come ^¢^

I hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned in the new year for more aditions to the mods and maybe even a new mod :3

Have a nice new years eve!


first of all, thank you for such a wonderful mod.

I was wondering if someone like you (@Yangzhoui) could get interested in making more decorative items such as… kitchen cabinet set, refrigerator, washing machine, bathroom set (bathtub, basin, commode, mirror), decorative pipes, Air cooler (AC) and many other household things. Since you made a painter who will make paintings to decorate walls, so I thought way not add some more in to it…
We can have a new profession PLUMBER! (just kidding) …
Please add more decorative furniture (if you wish) … Looking forward to it.



Thank you ^¢^

I am not all that fan of modern stuff in stonehearth but more things as kitchen and bathroom things and stuff are on the list. Advanced items will probably be made by the engineer.

I am working on a range of decoration and furniture for all kinds of rooms like kitchen and bathroom for example.



Wow, I go away for a couple of weeks and come back to all this amazing furniture… you’ve really got the hang of your style now @Yangzhoui!

I can’t wait to try out these new items when I get my desktop set up and can play Stonehearth again.


Wow, good job on the furniture. Can’t wait for what’s next! :slight_smile:


Thank you guys!!!

I am getting quite some help right now so i can more easily create and upload new content! ^¢^


I am modeled a piano ^¢^

I am planning on making a grand piano as well later on ^¢^
The piano will be made by a high lvl crpenter


I think it would be better without the chair, let the player put his own chair there. :wink:


Good idea ^¢^
Ill make the chair craftable so people who want a piano chair can have it ^¢^


Please add a decorative wall clock.


I have more ideas…
Please add >>> (all are decorative items) rocking chair, dressing table, wall mirror, plates, jug, glass & spoons to place them over the table, shoes to place them on ground (any where) specially beside the door, calendar, small dust/waste bin, address plate, mailbox etc.


Thanks for the ideas!

There are some nice things in there that will surely find its way into the mod. ^¢^


You are most welcome.

… I have lots of other IDEAS such as,

  1. New profession: SINGER, who will sing if a hearthling comes nearby. the singing animation can be done by showing floating musical notes in the air. crafting a guitar by the carpenter will be his tool. This will increase the happiness of the hearthlings.

  2. More decorative items: old classic black and white TV (since you don’t like futuristic stuff), electric switchboard, calling bell switch (this can be placed beside the main door, outside), umbrella stand, coat hanger stand (with coat or without coat), books to place them over the reading table etc.

  3. I always wished that hearthlings will swim in the water in idle time like they do if they are forced to go underwater or build something in water.

  4. For Farmers: Farmers only digs the mud, plant the crops and after a while harvest the crop (3 step of work). I want if this was increased into 4 step work like this, farmers will dig the mud, plant the crops, add water (at least once for each field) and after a while harvest the crops. Now, this new step of adding water can be done by using a bucket (crafted by carpenter) to carry out the water from river or from stone well and watered the crops. I can imagine how cool the animation can be…

…I have more ideas but that’s it for now. bye.


Even tho i like your enthousiasm. Lots of those are outside of my capability. I can make modifications and things that are already in the game but i am not a programmer so i can not create new things.
This means that creating a singer is not posible for me. While the painter is a new job as well it is basicly a reskind carpenter that makes different items. While the singer on the other hand does something completely new.
Swimming is the same story. As well as creating a 4 step farming.

I can create any item as long as a similar item already excist in the game.

I have tried getting myself into creating conplete new stuff but it is just out of my capabilities.

So any new item idea is welcome. Its not garantied that i will make it but the ideas are always welcome!


Thanks for the reply … may be I should place them in the suggestion area …
by the way, Just want to know, can you create new options beside the “Remove” ( after a house is completely build) button?

Something like, “Paint” option after a house is completely build. Similar to the carpenter who crafts and also builds, the painter could craft and also paint wall/house/roof. Building ladders is a common talent and the painter can use it to go up and paint walls/ houses/ roofs. This will cause more crafting of paints and …basically make the painter busy. New textures and designs could be added as wall.

I don’t know whether it is in your capabilities but it sounds similar to the jobs of carpenter… I’m really looking forward to this so that the “Painter” is something really even more cool. If its too hard or not possible by you I request to take helps from others…(but only if you wish to do it).

if you approve this idea then I will tell you about my next idea about “wallpapers”…

The reason I came up with this idea, I want my walls/houses to look different even after its done…I want more colorful wall textures etc. But as the game limits this once a wall/house is built.

----Anyways, thanks for reading.