[MOD] Yangz Yings


Altho i doubt if i can create that i really like the idea. Since stonehearth walls are made of blocks and you can not just paint one side of the block, so it would be imposible to create seperate colours for the inside and the outside.

I have another idea tho how to solve this and that would be creating making crafable wallpapers. It would not be ideal but it is the only thing able to paint only 1 side of the wall. But this has several downsides as for instance windows and blocking view on the inside as well as not fitting every building.

For recolouring the blocks i think it should be makeable but not by me since i would have to implant ai. And as for now ai is not mod friendly at all.

I would love to make this but it is out of my reach.


You might be able to do it like wall tiles, but be careful not to overlap them. I’m sure there’d be z fighting.


Please add these decorative items if possible >>>>

  1. a corner rack …
  2. outside clothes dryer…
  3. target point (to make a place as archers practice ground…)
  4. Dog house…


Currently some personal life is taking quite some time of me. Sorry for not updating for a while i will see when i have time to make some more stuff for you guys :3
My apologies


I hope you continue to work and update this mod! I really wanted to give it a go but its a tad broken as you cant assign a person to the job!


I will continue with the mods once my personal life is up the running again. Atm i am burn out at home so first i have to get up and be able to work before i can work on side protjects like this ^^

Sorry for the inactivity


It’s fine, it happens to all of us :wink:

I don’t know how many posts I’ve seen on this forum of people saying they’re too busy or burnt out for Stonehearth or modding or the community - it would probably be easier to count the number of people that’s never happened to :stuck_out_tongue: - but I totally understand.

Also I completely forgot how awesome your stuff was, it’s been a while since I looked through this thread.


Quickly fixed the issue were you could not promote a hearthling to painter.
Everything should work fin right now for the alpha 22+

Still have not time to make new things but at least everything works fine again with the most recent version ^^

Edit: I can not edit my main post anymore since discourse changed the details section the way that if you put words directly infront or after the [/details] it does not recognize it anymore as the command. This caused my poll to disapear and everytime i try to edit my post it says i can not edit a poll after the first 5 minutes. I can not remove restore or do anything since this change caused my poll to disapear.
Could i get help of an @moderators


Hi @Yangzhoui, I’ve filed a report with the Discourse team to see what we can do. I too cannot edit the topic.

Edit: @sam_saffron from the Discourse team found a workaround I can use to fix the topic. Once the code change he made goes through, I’ll edit your post.


OK @Yangzhoui, I’ve fixed your first post. You should be all set now. I did have to remove the poll, unfortunately.


Thank you very much!

Its no problem that the poll is gone. It was a poll if i should make the painter and i used the results already and made the painter a reality so it only stood there for show xD


Alright so i have been away for quite some time again. I am still not able to fully work on this mod but i am able to moddel.

With that said i lost contact with my old members and am now searching for one or two people who would want to help me get the games from plane models to playable objects in the game.
Ill be honest this is not the most fun job to do but i am not able to do this mysels right now and i would love to give you guys some more content.

So send me an PM if you are intrested.

I currently already have a lot of stuff that can be implantent and am making more as we speak.

Updated the mods to alpha 23. They should now work fine at the latest build. Do not update yet if you play at A22.5
For the armoury nothing changed and can still be used on both version. The decorations needed a update in the painters file so it will not work with lower versions then A23.


Alright people i have got an awnser suprisingly fast and have now a partner to work together with. We will have to figure out if the teamwork goes well with the two of us but only time can tell. The first contact was a good experience and i have a good feeling about this ^^

Aside from that i need your guys help. I have an idea but i want your opinion about it. Its a preference choice and would like to know what people would like the best :smiley: . Additional description of the options below the poll. multiple awnsers are allowed!

  • All items separated crafted and caragorized under furniture and decoration
  • All items separated crafted and catagorized under the type of furniture/decoration
  • All items separated crafted and catagorized under the colour of the furniture/decoration
  • One base item crafted and able to paint the item with the painter

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Option 1:
All Items are crafted separate and are ordered in the default stonehearth catagories. This is how it is currently done but i fear that this option will make it very unorganized once i add more and more items.

Option 2
All items are crafted separate but are ordered under the type of fruntire it belongs to. This means that i will make sub catagories for Chiars/Couches, Beds, Tables etc. This will make it easier to find the item you need but will slightly increase the length of the crafting menu.

Option 3
All items are crafted separate but are ordered under the colour of the item. This means that i will make sub catagories for each colour. The non coloured items will be placed in the standart catagory as furniture or decoration. This will make it easier to find the item you need but will slightly increase the length of the crafting menu.

Option 4
Only the base version of each item is craftable at the carpenter/weaver. All other colour varations are craftable with the base version using the painter. I am still doupting if i need to make a certain paint specific for item colouring or that i just have it cost no paint at all. For certain i will not let it cost the current paint because that would be way to expencive. This option will make the painter more usefull as well as keeping the crafting menu of the other crafters cleaner. It also gives me the option to make more variation on other items.

I await your votes and if you have any idea of your own or feedback on these option be sure to tell me in a reply!

Aside from that i have craeted a few items you can expect in the next update including a wall mounted clock, a archer target, a comfy clay bed and some more but ill keep that secret.

There is also one more thing i am considering doing aside from this poll. Since fine items are getting removed frome the game with alpha 23 i am considering taking these items and make them craftable as a Fancy version of the item. These items will require a bit higher lvl of the crafter and do nothing more then look a bt different, give slighly more apeal and ofcourse look fancy! :smiley:

  • Yes i want Fancy versions craftable!
  • No i would not use them.

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This making fancy items a thing cost some work so that would be something i would do in the furtue if there is enough intrest for :smiley:


is there maybe some room for a one more person to help u 2 make mods.


Alright a quick update.

First after i started up A23 to test my files i found that stonehearth has made an own improved version of fancy/fine items They have bigger changes then the old fine items but are the new baseline called Ornate items.
That said i will not make fancy items since it is already done by the original game. I will howevery add Ornate versions of my own created items as well to match the standarts of the game

Then second the teamwork goes really well with my new partner in crime. That said the next update will be a big one and there will be some changes to some crafting recipes as wel as an Yang & co’s Essentials that will be the base line for the mods and will be required to use any of the other mods.
I made the decision to do this because i am implanting items that i want to be use by multiple mods.

Thridly I have decided that i will make the painter paint items on a dedicated workbench. Along with that i am making the crafting catogories a thing as well for the carpenter, potter and mason.

A small preview of the new doghouse that will be in the upcoming update alone with its paint variations

Edit 1

Alright so i noticed the comfy models have changed so i need to update all my comfy items to the same format xD. Well on to work then

Edit 2

I have updated the comfy models to fit the new style. I still have to apply the new model on all colour variation. I have made all the nessessary models for the Essential pack. Currently the next update will include:

Yang & co’s Decorations:

  • 2 new furniture sets
  • 1 additinal item for each furniture set (5 sets currently)
  • Paint buckets and item painting mechanism and new workbench for the painter
  • 8 new furniture/decoration items

Yang & co’s Essentials:

  • Coal craftable from wood
  • Gears rework (more info later)
  • Metal Nuggets (1 ingot is 3 nuggets)

More might be added before the patch goes live.
I am also working on more weapons and armour cause that mod needs some love as well ^¢^

Props to @Johby for being my partner in crime! Thanks to him we now can get far more content even tho i can only make models atm! Cheers mate :clinking_glasses:


Alright everybody i need your vote again!

Since the painter is going to paint all the colour varations of items i need to think about how to organize the crafting menu. So what do you guys think is the best way to organize it?
Mulitple awnsers allowed.

  • Basic catagories as Furnitre and Decoration (This will give a few BIG lists of items)
  • Catagorized on colour (This will give a decent amount of sections)
  • Catagorized on Item (Every item has his own section with all its colour variants)
  • Catagorized on item type (Catagories like Beds, Sitting ware, Outdoors etc.)

0 voters

Let me know what you think!

Yang & Co’s Essentials is almost finished and will launch together with the v3.0 of the Yang & Co’s Decorations when its finished!

Edit 1

So here is a quick evening update. Today Joel have been rearanging our file sturcture and I have been busy make new models.

What will happen when you have a savegame that used Yang & Co's Decorations v2 and you update it to v3

If you have any of the colourd furniture or paintings in your world the game will give an error once the game is loaded.
This error can be ignored and is only the first time you load an old save file.
All coloured furnirture and paintings will be gone from the world and can be crafted again by the painter.

Sorry for the incovinence! This will only happen once and will not happen again in future updates.

If you have none of these items in the game you dont have to worry about anything!

This structure change allows us to better organize our files.

And thanks everyone who voted but we are not there yet. It is currently a tie so we still need more votes!

Tommorow I will post a view previews of models that will come soon!

Edit 2

So as promised here are some previews of what to come. Some will be there next patch and some in a later patch.

Included in next patch:

Upcoming later:

The normal wood version of the clock will be in the next patch. The light wood version is a preview of the new line of varations that i am planning on implanting. Every furniture that is made of wood can then be painted with clear varnish to create light wood furniture.
I plan on implanting new versions of the throw rug. Those versions will aslo all be availble in all colours of the furniture sets.

The painting is not completly finished yet but it is getting somewhere.

A requested fearute i had was house numbers. Once they go live it will start with the numers 1-10 and with every update I plan to implant more.

Blue (default), Brown, Grey, Red and Yellow will be available in the next patch with updated models to fit the new comfy style of A23. There will be working version of the patch for both A22.5 and A23 but the models will have the looks of A23.

The poll will stay open until right before the launch of the patch. We will implant the crafting menu order last. The votes seem to get to one side but do vote if you haven’t voted yet!



So i have been working on models as well as some simple animation. The clock that will be there next update will actually function! We got the animation working and we are now trying to get it so that all clocks show the right time ^^
This may take some time so for the next update the clock moves but has a wrong time shown.

Here are some previews of what i am moddeling right now:

We are fixing the last things to get the patch ready so expected it soon :smiley:

It seem like the Catagrization on item type is going to win!


Mayor Update

Version 3.0.0 of the Decorations mod and version 1.0.0 of the Essential mod are live!

Many new furnite as wel as colour variations have been added to the mod!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year!

(for those who have to work I wish you good luck in these busy times)

I will be enjoying my holday as well so ill probably be actively back after new years eve!

I would love to see some of the creations you guys made/make with the items from my mods!

Edit 1:

I added pictures to the main post for people to see what they will get with the mod :smiley:


I’m not sure if this is just me but I can’t make any of the other colours for the furniture - I can make the blue sofas and the wood tables, etc but I have to buy the other colours for furniture when the merchant arrives


Not sure how i missed this mod but something i really have to try out :smiley: is it stable for A23?