Stonehearth - Mod Corner - Episode One

Hello everyone!

I started a new series on my channel today showcasing some of the community made mods to Stonehearth.

This is going to be an ongoing series featuring different mods that I find or people suggest I try. the first episode in the series features three different mods working in conjunction with one another.

Colors Mod : Chimeforest
Moveable : Onelaughingllama
Garden : Onelaughingllama

If you are interested in watching some of these great mods in action please consider giving the series a watch, the first video is linked in this post.



good work :thumbsup:

Hey thanks for the kind words!

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Cool! I’ve never had anything of mine reviewed on the internet before :smile:

If I might make a suggestion? Perhaps you could provide a link in the video description to the mod threads? or at least to the discourse or

Thanks for choosing my mod as one of the ones that you are reviewing :smile:


I think that is a wonderful suggestion, looking back I probably should have done that to begin with!

It has been a great deal of fun using the mod you made, I hope it’s something the developers are planning on implementing into the game.

Thanks for your work in the modding community, can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

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Thanks I’m glad that you enjoyed it! It’s always nice to hear feedback from people who use my mod(s) :smile:

I’m fairly certain that they will eventually be adding something similar into the game eventually. There are pics floating around of an advanced weaver class with a loom and buckets of dye. So someday it will probably be part of stonehearth official, but until then we’ve got the Colors Mod =D

As for what else I’ll come up with… lets just say that I’ve got a few things in the works :wink:

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know that episode two is now up, with episode three being released tomorrow.

If you want to see these wonderful mods in action during later stages of the game these episodes are for you!

I also just want to give a quick shout out to everyone who has asked questions, given feedback or liked the videos. Please feel free to do any of the above and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely fashion!


excellent work @iDuggles … love that you’re showcasing these modders work/efforts! :+1:


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Great project here. Supporting modders is always a great thing!