Stonehearth Herald Pilot Episode | Performance Improvements, Windmills & Fan Fiction

Check out the episode on YouTube!

On this week’s show, Stonehearth gets performance updates, a mod that adds windmills into the game, and a great short story!

I apologise for the few technical difficulties in today’s pilot episode. They will be fixed for episode 1, next week!

The Stonehearth Herald is a weekly show that runs you through the latest news & updates from the Stonehearth development team, along with the latest and greatest mods, builds & fan art from the Stonehearth community.


I saw this originally on Reddit and subscribed as I like to keep up with development but don’t have time to watch more than just the desktop tuesdays. A few points of feedback:

  1. Fewer cuts. Cuts in general aren’t really that big of a deal (mkbhd has plenty of cuts in his videos), but when you cut it while starting to look down (at your script/notes?) it’s jarring. This and lighting which you’ve mentioned as well.
  2. I like the news presentation style with screenshots/info on the left. Incorporating a few video clips would be nice.
  3. The background is a little busy
  4. The question of the week graphic is too big

I’m super selective about my YouTube subscribes and I didn’t unsubscribe yet. :slight_smile: Nice work!

Also, this doesn’t relate to your channel in any way…I’m just putting this here: Stonehearth gameplay videos are incredibly boring to watch. There is literally nothing interesting in 99% of them. You just sit there and watch someone think about and design their settlement but it all happens at such a slow pace. The only few I’ve ever watched have had actually interesting/funny commentary.


Hey, thank you for the sub and your feedback!

I am going to leave more blank space around each cut so I don’t have that head bob happening.

The inclusion of video is a definite from the next episode onwards. I ran out of time for the pilot unfortunately.

I see what you mean about the background. I’ll have a look around for another “set” :slight_smile:

Yeah it is! I will shrink it down.

Thanks again for the feedback! I am looking forward to seeing how this show develops.