Let's Update The Demo Reel

So here’s an idea I’m throwing out to the community at large- particularly those of us who are happy with the game: let’s update the demo reel.

If you go to the Stonehearth homepage, the video showing off the game is… a little out of date. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s things in it you won’t find in the current version, like the new building system. And there’s a lot that’s in the current version that you won’t find in the video- like different biomes, playable factions, and more.

Radiant’s currently hard at work getting 1.0 finished, and this would be a pretty minor thing, so I figured that we as a community could give a shot at putting together an updated demo reel. Show off what you enjoy the most or find particularly distinctive about Stonehearth in a few seconds, and then they can all be stitched together into a short video to show off what’s been accomplished with this great game.

What do you think? Anyone want to volunteer to handle the editing?

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im now imaging splash screens in big letters that shout things andthen some small part of footage showing it :stuck_out_tongue:

-cool building footage-

-medium sized tussle-

-comfy town of sleeping hearthlings during firelight-

-cool mods like the archipilago, and kingdom mods etc.-

the building demo reel segment should be 30 mins long where someone builds just a basic tiny house and uses the paintbrush to mesh the walls n such.

The amount of times i’ve told myself “fudge it, you’re gonna live in a tiny box with no windows” and then end up trying to make something pointlessly massive and detailed… note the trying part, i eventually give up and repeat the cycle all over.

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