Steffers Geodamo Siphoning Center For Painting And Stuff

a solar system map I pieced together in Gimp

My own personal emblem and flag

a quick sketch of a character for a DnD game that i hope to get around to playing eventually
the uniform of the Guides from the defunct secret map game
Flag rough copy made for said secret mapgame again.


thanks for all your continued interest in the center folks… we recently became ineligible for additional grant money, but @Geoffers747 has been looking into “alternative financing solutions”…


A quick check into the Siphoning Center’s balances [no, I didn’t steal all its money, why are you looking at me like that] has shown that it is ineligible for grants due to low attendence… Specifically, 0 people. This is a major concern, both for the Center and for the future of art itself. The Center’s buildings are outdated. We need new, modern buildings if the Center is to get back on its feet. I believe I have enough of a feel for modern architecture to get the job done. Do you want to see my portfolio?
This piece is called “Waveform Merged”, and it showcases my principle of engineering as art quite well. Its very shape is symbolic of the human experience, of having to choose new paths as lanes open and close, and staying out of the way as others make the same decision.

I don’t know why, but cities keep rejecting this model. They keep saying that it lowers traffic efficiency and doesn’t look able to hold weight. This last claim is completely false. Structural integrity tests with the completed version prove that it can hold almost 20 pounds before the glue becomes undone. Of course it’ll hold cars!

[please hire me]
[I promise to make sure both sides of future things line up without having to bend one]


i feel like a guy who just stumbled upon a party, that has long since been over, and is unsure whether to be sad or happy that he totally missed the party… :neutral_face:


The whole forum is like that to me. I’ve been around since pre-Alpha 2, but I still find things I missed…


Then bring it back!

My attempt failed, as I stated earlier somewhere on this Discourse The government had to get involved
but I do encourage you to try!


Portfolio Submissions for the Summer '15 season of the Siphoning Center are currently open! For each piece, please include a brief* written statement about your imminent influence on the future of human artistic endeavor.

*10 to 10,000,000 words welcome


My work, indeed, is paramount to understanding human culture as a whole. Of course, one must be able to understand a subject deeply before it can be understood as a whole. I spent years traveling to understand each small part of human culture. First I studied the intricacies of h. Then I reveled in the complexities of u. M was too big of a subject for even a greatly constructed mind such as mine to understand at once, so I continually looked at the form of n’s. I and a just clicked together, and I did not want to move on; but I had to study the form of n once again. I went on a cruise so I could fully understand the c. At that time I met a u guru, whose literature has been quite influential in my later works. It took me some time and deep reflection on the human subconscious pop-culture hivemind, but eventually, I went to L. I went to England to search for experts on t. Their work has cemented the foundation of my works. I am sure my works will form the foundations of many further literary deconstructions of human nature that may not just bring humanity to an even deeper understanding of our culture, but may also influence said culture. I searched again for the u master, and together we were able to undercover all there was to know about u. But we had to part ways, and I found myself alone again. R and e were especially easy, though still too difficult for the less artistically-minded; during my extended period of solitude, I was able to contemplate the meanings of language itself. I realized that our alphabet and words were completely arbitrary, and none of what I had done was necessary to understand human culture, although perhaps it was necessary to understand that it wasn’t necessary in order to get a deeper understanding of human culture and society as necessitated by society. But, as I have said before, language is completely arbitrary, and daslfjsdlkfhosdkfhlksdjflksdjfklsjdfkjsd dskljflksdjfksdjf hwfolkdfj sldkfjsdjlsd jwoiejfmd jiwefnkdsj woiwekldsj dsjflksdfkjwoiew jdskljfoiw wjioefjoisd woefjoksj weoirul aasdf woefj sdkjfoj jfoaje sdfjojw.


So… I was finally breathing some fresh air after long, crazy months of uninterrupted madness (no, I was not in jail) and thought, among other similar things, “omg, I must play Stonehearth again!”

Well, I can’t play it right now, so the following thought was something like “Omg, does the center lives?” and then I came here… I read the whole topic again, from top to bottom… and with tears on my eyes I’ve witnessed its downfall, long ago, a while after I was gone… It happened over the last months but it felt so… actual and painful :frowning: I felt like Matthew Mcconaughey on Interstellar, when he sees all the videos from his kids growing up after the water planet and… ahem I digress.

Anyway… huh… here’s an old - really, really old. Seriously. Like… I don’t know. Somewhere between 2003-2005. It’s a… ermm… dachshund… parachuting. Whatever.

and… uhm… hopefully I’m back :smile:


The 4 months in which it’s taken to reply has been an incredibly difficult one for the center.

Following your moving depiction of a dachshund transcending his own mortal limitations and soaring above the troubles that are so debilitating for stretched dogs @SteveAdamo and I have entered a very long period of reflection.

I would like to be able to sit here and tell you that there were no tears, but that would be a lie. For two weeks we didn’t eat, sleep, we barely breathed. You could blame the bad sushi, but I personally believe that your work affected us on such a level that a great nihilism took hold within us, one that has proven exceptionally troublesome to shake.

You know I don’t like to exaggerate. So I won’t. But this work is likely to be one of the greatest contributions to humanity in the last 250 years. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well yours is worth one hundred thousand. One hundred thousand beautiful, poetic, transgressive words.

Naturally, any and all proceeds will be redistributed to my own personal bank account.

Thank you.


reminds me of Ninjai though without the hat ofc! :smiley:


Is the center once again alive?


it never died my friend… it never died


Sheep Afraid of Being A Cuboid


People are excited because Stonehearth has been on Steam for a year now.. There’s lots of celebration, but for us scientists such as me and, to some very minor extent, @Swift_Cube, the recent release of a previously confidential picture gives us even more reason to celebrate and, as I am sure, will change the world as we know.

Without any further ado, let me explain:

A cute picture, isn’t it? But what are those red things? Sparks from the fire? Evil eyes? Fireflies? Radioactive berry bushes?

Let’s have a closer look.

There is certainly something there, but we can’t be sure what it is. After applying various, very scientific filters with very, very complicated names, we get a better result:

Therefore, I am proud to announce that it appears we have found the Sheep-not-Bison particle! Physicists will have to analyse this data for years to come. We are sure that this discovery will allow us to greatly expand our knowledge of the universe. Together with the Hat-theory, it could explain why sheep are wooly, for example, or why berries are purple.

Truly, we are living in interesting times.


@RepeatPan I must give my hearty congratulations to you at your magnificent un-paralleled discovery. I will not try and hide my disappointment as me and my very scientific lab were using our very very scientific filters with very, very complicated names. We had attempted (by popular vote) to prove that those “red dots” were indeed Radioactive berry bushes. We failed to have enough evidence to support this. Of course we had to deal with some scientific setbacks so that is probably why your lab has succeeded where ours had failed.

Wonderful scientific work good sir, wonderful.

Has the fact that the heathling to the extreme right is reading a blank book been discussed at your scientific lab yet?

We have come up with a fascinating scientific discovery using some extra scientific filters. Behold after our scientific work we have uncovered that the book really resembles something that looks like partially eaten cheese cake!


A brilliant observation my dear friend! During my whole excitement, I completely overlooked this intriguing phenomena. Interesting indeed! Our intern, John, has done some research on this part of the picture and has actually found, through the use of extremely scientific filters, something quite astounding:

The page does not only look like cheese cake, it also contains writing, written in invisible ink. We might have encountered the first evidence of edible books in the Stonehearth universe.

Of course, now the question occurs: Are all books edible by default? Have we just not observed them being eaten yet? What does the book contain, and why was it written in invisible ink?

So many questions and so little funding.


That book is the book of fate and the one reading it… is the Dragonborn! Finally, dragons and heroes in Stonehearth were confirmed!!!

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Alas, if only we could siphon more.


Stonehearth has been on steam for a year now?!
Looks in mirror
Sees white beard covering face
Wait, how did a dinosaur grow a beard?
And my god… I’m bald!
Wait, I was always bald