Steffers Geodamo Siphoning Center For Painting And Stuff

This was originally created in response to the news that Team Radiant were hiring a Concept Artist, evidently my skills fit the specification, but in an attempt to engage more with the community who will clearly seek inspiration from such incredible works I felt it was befitting to formally open the doors to the ‘Steffers Geodamo Center For Painting and Stuff’ - whatever your background, whatever your skill, if you have a message to send we will gladly receive.

This really is a concept piece, I’m sure that the meaning is quite visible though.

As you can see I have access to an extensive colour palette and I included the human in the bottom right to demonstrate my ability to capture the emotion of the human form.


dear lord, this again Robert?

quick, anyone under the age of 10, or with an aversion to sock monkeys, please leave the forums now …

you have been warned…

edit: well, my joke was ninja’d… :smile:

on a related note, @sdee, is there any stipulation to be local to CA? I know some exceptional artists, who are… not so close…


Aw, Geoffers! That is a very lovely…erm…Coffee Mug! Did I get it right, that doesn’t matter, what matters is that we need to put this on the refrigerator right now with all your other masterpieces!


This piece is obviously a dialectic on the often mutually-exclusive relationship between meaning and happiness. The representation of me, precariously positioned on the ledge of a tall building, is clearly contemplating the futility of meaning in a mechanistic universe; indeed, can he be said to be even contemplating at all, given a total lack of free will? Can an assemblage of atoms and photons obeying draconian physical law be anything other than thus?

The form of Geoffers represents that innate human instinct to rebel against determinism and the mechanical indifference of a disinterested universe and seek out pleasure and happiness in all its human forms. To him, meaning is irrelevant, so long as there exists the subjective feeling of being alive.

I do notice that the artist had difficult spelling his own name, though.

Geoffers, you’re shortlisted.


With this piece, @Geoffers747 and @not_owen_wilson get, in fact, rather close to the thesis of Stonehearth. Is it possible for our citizens to feel true joy at any point of their existence? I have a reasonably large body of proof demonstrating that they are in fact, at their most blissful when between the moments when the game has been closed, and when it is launched again; ie, when they do not, in actuality, exist except as a conceptual possibility. Extrapolation between this and the God-human relationship in the exterior-shell-world is left as an exercise for the reader/viewer.


nods, with a perfectly well timed “knowing” wink at @not_owen_wilson

mentally prepares for an intellectually adequate response


macaroni art… food? or a reflection on the youthful hunger within us all?

bows deeply

p.s. wicked art @DaniAngione!


@sdee @not_owen_wilson Brilliant, you’ve truly captured the essence of the piece.

I’ll get started on a think piece entitled: “When The Tree’s Have All Been Cut: Adiaphorization in Stonehearthian Modernity”.


I have some pretty boss ms paint skills developed through years of being young and having nothing better to do.


You did that in something as primitive as MS Paint? I applaud you.


… I could draw a crab if I wanted to …



please, allow me… i realize i’ve only had a few introductory lessons, but i feel as though your tutelage has really started to pay off…

bare witness to Crabby Crab!

mind you, im still learning the subtle nuances of shading and coloring that you have so diligently tried to impart… but i think this is a fair adaptation of Vincent van Gogh’s 1889 “Two Crabs”…


We should start an art school.


Sorry to barge myself in, however these works are really inspiring me and the idea of an art school is incredible. Would it be based on paint? We could give it some historical name to make it fancier like paintè-avant-garde or Paintau-Haus.

I decided to try the crab myself, on the amazing style of ‘pixel art’.

The size of 2x2 seems fitting for a crab. I’m specially proud of the shading:


Until we receive a rather large and very dubious donation from a wealthy donor, or until such time that we become a recognised artistic movement (or until someone thinks of a semi-decent name) the name will stand as the “Steffers Geodamo Center For Painting And Stuff”.

Your piece is fantastic though, the minimalism of it truly captures how for us humans the crab’s life is a simplistic one. The four squares truly depict the stages in a crabs life ending with the black finality of death.


I think I might need a moment to calm myself.


I made a tree… I’m satisfied with the shading… and I hope I match your level with this…

I feel the size of the image reflects how big trees are compared to the rest of the universe.


Here is a froggy. It’s an abstract piece… I think…


Van Gogh would be overwhelmed in flattered tears to see this. :slight_smile:

This just made my whole day. :slight_smile:


How about starting with a lesson in color choice and mouse-wrist-drawing movement exercises? Who knows what Picasso could have done with a mouse?!


Great idea - I think the SGCFPS Seminar Series will begin next week, admission is $50, but it is an invaluable tool for any budding artist.

I’ll make sure to cover these topics for the mouse is indeed the tool of the artistic gods.


I wish I had your drawing skills and endurance. Speaking of Picasso, however, I feel like we should step into the 21st century. Let the past be the past, the future is reserved for robots made by robots. Also, Amazon drones.

This is art, right? I used my mouse for some parts of it.

(I think this should officially fill out the “and stuff” part of this thread.)