Artistic Answers - Trivial Forum Game


Hello discourse, it is I, @PAE again, but hosting a trivial forum game (With @BoltzMan)!
We both have gotten into artwork here on the discourse, and are gonna use it in this forum game!

Be the first to answer the question to get a drawn image of yourself from @BoltzMan, and an animated model, by me!

This isn’t a google search speed run! :wink:
Link to our threads:

Good luck!


Question 1: What is it called when a star releases clouds of electrons, ions and atoms? And is seen as a bright flash?

  1. Super Nova
  2. Solar Flare
  3. Solar Flash
  4. Sun Flare


Honestly, without Googling, I have no idea. You might want to put in a few answer choices!


Sure thing! I shall do that now. :wink:

  1. solar flare


CORRECT! Good job, Steve! @BoltzMan shall get on the drawing, and I will get on the picture, check up on our topics listed above for the prize!

Next question will be coming soon!


I go inactive for 8 minutes… eight minutes! And then you steal the spotlight! Gah!


If it will make you happy, the next one will be out soon :wink:
But if you can’t wait(Because I have work to do) Check up on my topics, I might put hints for the next questions answer in my work!



Congrats, here is your pic


Ooh! Can you give me a question so I can answer it?


Oh guys, speaking of Artistic Talent . . .

Have you heard of @Goldmetal? She is amazing at art. Look at some of her Fanart of Stonehearth.


Ya I checked her out it seems she is drawing on the computer and I hand draw.


@SteveAdamo, here is your model!

It took ages to get the hair, so it might be imperfect <3


I know the answer of the next question!

its either Batman or “I’m Batman.”


Question 2:

What animal is able to compact itself to fit inside a flask to get it’s food?

A) A Lizard
B) A Jellyfish
C) A Squid
D) A Octopus


I’m going to guess it is D.


CORRECT! We shall get to your artwork tomorrow, @EpicDwarf Congratulations!


Actually, it’s @EpicDwarf, there is another guy named @dwarf.


Sorry 'bout that, I was In a rush posting my first animation topic on my thread <3


No problem. It’s ok.