Stmpnk's Voxels 'n Stuff

I just decided to make this thread for some of the models that I altered, and also for the one’s I made myself :blush:.
Feel free to make opinions or suggestions on them :smile:!


Here are some cleric-inspired models from this thread:

To which, I got busy with…


More info of the models on the hyperlink above :slight_smile:.
Feel free to comment :blush:!


Some assassin-esque armor & helmets I did a few alphas back. I experimented these with @Aviex’s amazing assassin mod. (I just love the dual-wielding of that class :heart_eyes:)

I decided to pick it up again and do some more variations:

Here are some more images:


I’ve been thinking of a new symbol to replace the one above that could better fit the “assassin” job, much like how the herbalist and the cleric have symbols on their outfits.
This one looks too… Galia-ish. I’m looking at you Valkyria Chronicles.

Feel free to make suggestions :blush:!

EDIT: Is the image dropdown button not working/already showing the images? Please tell me if it does.
EDIT 2: Probably because of the browser.


A small cannon-turret… There’s not much to say :sweat_smile:.


A look at the cannon where it just fired.

Bullet shell ejection (open/close).

In the meantime, I’m trying to get it animated.
I just don’t seem to know how… hmmm…

I hope you guys like it :blush: !


Wow, those renders look good, it even has some reflections!
The canon looks super nice!

To animate it in-game or just for the screenshots? Either way, I think the most qualified to help you, if you want, is @Hyrule_Symbol. With his help I could get two new animals into my biome (not released yet)

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Thank you @BrunoSupremo :blush:!

The minecart and rails you just did are amazing :astonished:!

In-game actually :sweat_smile: . I’m looking into the code to make the cannon work.

If I am not mistaken, it it the seagull and the crab :crab: ?
They are so adorable :heart:! especially the seemingly flightless seagull[quote=“BrunoSupremo, post:5, topic:29120”]
Either way, I think the most qualified to help you, if you want, is @Hyrule_Symbol.

Yeah, Symbol’s animations are so awesome to look at. Is there a secret behind it? Hmmm…

Ah, thanks for Calling me in here @BrunoSupremo !

That is one Awesome looking Cannon!, i never manage to model more intricate machines, they just weird me out when i model them

the model (idealy) should be seperated by the Base(the lower platform) the Leg/stick, the Main body(the one directly connected to the leg) and the Moving parts(including bullets/arrows, Cogs and in your case, the moving barrel)
some can be skipped if deemed fitting(the main body and the leg could be one part if you want a more solid look)

i can teach you how the Blender add-on works and how to animate in general via PM or a call like Discord or Skype (if it’s a call, i’ll only be available in the weekends)
let me know your ID via PM if you want a call, or just let me know if you want to just do it via PM or just right here

my one suggestion would be to have a bullet part(if the loading is visible) and the empty shell(so you can make it fly out)

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Thanks for the reply :smiley:!

Actually the model is already separated into different parts in the images above, they are the following:

  • base
  • main
  • cannon_interior
  • cannon_exterior
  • gear_left
  • gear_right
  • bullet_1
  • bullet_2

The bullets are already there (there are 2 of them)
The empty shell was going to go next :smile:.

If its ok with you, I would like PM instead :slight_smile:.

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PM’s’ll have to do then!

You can’t use [ _ ]‘s in the matrix names, so you need the names to be something like

Glad i can help


This rule alone took me a few days… I had no idea of this rule, and I’m yet to find a reason for it…

Eh. Some programming languages use the _ symbol for a special function, and aren’t anything approaching intelligent enough to realize that an underscore as part of a user-defineable string isn’t meant to be doing said function.

The easy way to prevent the program for freaking out, is to just not allow the underscore as part of a user-defineable string.

Behaviors learned whilst working with said languages tend to stick around, and the restrictions end up programmed into programs that don’t really need the restrictions. (usually because the programmer thought they would need the characters available for functions, and then wound up not needed them.)


Wow :astonished: ! I didn’t know that :grin: .

Yay :smile:!

You need to make sure you have a blank line (not even spaces) above and below each [details] & [/details] block.

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Thanks for the reply :smiley:!

It seems it is not supported on the other browser that I am using. I changed to chrome and it seems to work fine now :slight_smile:.

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Introducing the *drum-roll *… *drum sticks fell *… *pick it up *… *continues to drum-roll *… *stops *

(A Borrand Firekeg patented-invention)

I’m a huge fan of huge bolts :nut_and_bolt:.

A fantasy-esque gun that has a fantasy mechanic to ignite gunpowder. The glowing orange thingy is a “Ember Crystal”, which is the one that fantastically ignites the gunpowder.

This gun is inspired by another fantasy game.

I wanted to somehow bring a gun into Stonehearth (known as “Boom-stick” in the universe), without being too modern or very high-tech. I will also have a lore behind it.

In the meantime, I am trying to think of better name for “gunpowder” to fit Stonehearth (Ex: “Blackpowder”), and making 3 more variants of the gun.

Feel free to make suggestions and opinions :blush:!


Erm,… ‘Explosives’? Seems to be pretty common it fantasy game to call it that

Also, how did animating the turret go? Or was there no time?

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Haha, just felt the need to :smile:.

I just finished my current term at school. So I haven’t started on it :sweat_smile:.


Second Boom-stick variant:

The Scattershot
It is a shotgun/blunderbuss sort of type.
(If you guys have a better name for it, please do tell me)

Two more variants are coming soon.

Feel free to comment :smiley:!


So we have a rifle and a shotgun… Sniper perhaps?

Maybe some sort of pirate-pistol-cannon thing!


“One day this one automaton approached little brother…”

(The automaton was joyfully shouting)

Little Brother::scream::interrobang:

“The End.”

So I went to my cute little brother, and randomly requested to draw an armor for me to voxel. He was so suprised and I was enjoying the sight :laughing:.

Anyways, here’s what came out of our conversation:

I am happy with it :smile:.

Oh, and the other boom-stick variants will be a little delayed. In the meantime, the armor is only for females but if you guys want to see a male variant do tell me :slight_smile:.

Hope you guys like it :blush:!